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Daddy Swore An Oath But He Forgot To Bring the Cheez-Its


Daddy Swore An Oath But He Forgot To Bring the Cheez-Its

The Citizens For Constitutional Freedom - the ragged handful of white, gun-toting, slow-witted, self-styled insurrectionist yahoos occupying a remote wildlife visitors' center to protest tyranny and free park maps - are having a rough time. They've sent out sad pleas for socks and snacks, residents want them gone, birdwatchers say they're thugs, and a gleeful social media - Good Times! - has moved on from Y'allQaeda and YokelHaram to DaddySworeAnOath parodies.


Talk about a sense of entitlement! Send them 4 acres and a mule.


These emotionally stunted boy/men are living in a movie. Lots of drama, emotive dialogue, hardship overcome by sheer determiation against insurmountable odds. One would suspect lots of TV time and movie theatre attendance early in life. Sadly, the delusional rarely wake up.


And then take it from them when they fail to pay their taxes.


AIM held out on Alcatraz and at Wounded Knee for a whole lot longer. And at Wounded Knee they actually were being shot at, and probably by these dudes' own fathers.... but NOW they complain about gubmint tyrany when there's a black man as president.... I wish these guys the realization of how much they are embarrassing themselves.


These are the same types who drove around in the 60's with bumper stickers on their pick-ups that proclaimed "America! Love it or leave it!" I think they should take their own advice.


I tell them to take their own advice every time I get hear them complain! Their ancestors came over here on a boat and they can leave the same damned way! Hell, we got all these CEOs threatening to do just that. I wonder what they're waiting for! Somalia doesn't tax corporations to death and doesn't even have a viable government! Go there if you want small government!


Also, they should "thank god for the air they breathe". The sense of entitlement they feel the government owes them is audacious!


What party led the call for mandatory minimums? Now Jeb and Carly are calling to destigmatize drug addiction, seeing as their party spent so many years building that boogieman.


Ridicule is the best weapon, it is unanswerable. It lives on, long after its targets leave the scene. Hillary is a perfect target, I still have images of her dodging fire running across the tarmac, Brian Williams in tow.


"Nothing is whiter than trying to 'take back' land that never belonged to you, and then asking for snacks."
Right but some who think themselves "white" will, no doubt object, and use the tired old "white" meme that First Nations, at least when it comes to buffalo, were not exactly good stewards of the land.In fact it was the "white" invaders that massacred millions of buffalo to starve out the natives they could not kill off with small pox. Never do they consider that if the practice by the Plains Indians of driving buffalo over the cliffs had continued the natives would no doubt have gone seriously hungry. Neither do they consider that even though, according to Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz in her compelling An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States, the First Nations did indeed use controlled burning to manage the forests and drive buffalo clear across Turtle Island, the raping, pillaging, polluting of Turtle Island simply did not occur to the natives. And yes, they did fight one another--which as it turned out was not very smart as least as in unifying to stop the "white" invaders' progress--did not come anywhere close to what the "white" man has done in terms of scale--AND, as these current occupiers, proclaim a Christian ethos! When as a child I was presented with a statute of a very blond, bleu eyed baby Jesus, well I knew I was in for a rocky ride.

I leave the "white" folks who resort to "We whites won, Red folks lost and besides everyone had done it everywhere" or those who compare natural migration with invasion clear across the ocean blue for countless miles to come to these shores with the following suggestion: in higher math two negatives might equal a positive but not in human affairs and certainly not when you make rationalizations while, simultaneously, invoking a "Christian" ethos. We need to reflect that "might makes right" will not bring any of us peace nor justice because it implies that we are all separate beings when, because we share existence, Life, we are in fact ONE. All my Relations say the First Nations. A reading of Lame Deer's works might help.


Best comment I've seen so far on- an Ole Miss website, no less. These guys are "Ammosexuals who want to give each other bro' jobs." Also on the same site " Y'allQueda, sworn to Yeehad".


"Nothing is whiter than trying to 'take back' land that never belonged to you, and then asking for snacks."

Ok I laughed. That is so funny. )


Sincerely, please tell me how this is any different from people protesting the killing of unarmed blacks by police officers? Tyranny is tyranny. I have tried hard to do my homework and the facts of the history here speaks volumes. This is what I find: the ranchers in Oregon have been fighting the federal government for decades - WAY before there was a black president. Do your homework. Would you feel the same if the federal government began a decades-long practice of throwing minorities out of their homes in the inner cities so they could build parks and preserves for tourists? Would you agree to flooding their apartments and shutting off their water supplies so they would be forced to vacate and beg the government to buy the property they might own? No? Then I think this entire article is biased and bigoted against some Americans because they don't have the same value system as YOU! If you cannot defend the rights of EVERYONE (including people you disagree with politically and ideologically) being tyrannized by government - state, local, or federal - then you are in favor of fascism. Don't whine when that is what you get.


I can see it all now: The Bundy Band of Brigands vs The Duck Dynasty with TV weekend marathons for the hopelessly mindless viewers armed to the teeth while sitting in their wife-beaters slugging down cheap beer and sniffing Sterno.... I would guess that the Mormon faithful are not too proud of the Bundy Bunch right now.


@CAt, you're asking that question as though it were hypothetical. How do you think bridges and roads in urban areas get built? The government does have a practice of building public projects on land taken from poor and minority neighborhoods. Out in the west, the government has always taken land from native americans. The question is, what do you do about it? One thing to do is to protest. But the Oregon militants have disdain for protest. One of them said "We're not a bunch of kids whining and making demands. We're here to work". Staging a nonviolent protest and making demands is what the Occupy movement did. What the Oregon jihadists did was to arm themselves with deadly weapons, take a small part of Oregon for their caliphate, and declare their willingness to die defending it. They took something that didn't belong to them, and they seem eager to kill officers of the law if those officers try to recapture the stolen property. Now do you see the difference?


Hi there--the one issue you are either deliberately ignoring or are not aware of is the fact that many of these individuals wouldn't give 5 hoots about the land if they weren't extracting wealth from it (read; cattle permits) at the expense of the public. They feel entitled to continue the practices put in place decades ago and object to its ending. Now imagine that every American wanted to run their cattle on public land, or cut the forests, or mine-- and if it was designated for other uses, threw a hissy fit and occupied public buildings? Your definition of tyranny is astonishing to say the least.


or that grueling 'combat lunch'at Tavern on the Green. She's an inspiration to hustlers everywhere.


Just so. I was around up close for the militia movement's rise to stardom in the 90s, and these jokers were literally only concerned with gaining access to public land so they could make money from it. They've been working for corporate power ever since. I think of them as the armed wing of the privatization movement.


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