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Daily Kos Founder Gleefully Celebrates Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance


Daily Kos Founder Gleefully Celebrates Coal Miners Losing Health Insurance

Adam Johnson

Daily Kos publisher and Vox Media co-founder Markos “Kos” Moulitsas, an influential voice in liberal politics, published a blog post (Daily Kos, 12/12/16) that captures just how terribly leading Democratic pundits are taking Hillary Clinton’s unexpected defeat.


I haven't read Daily Kos since they began their gung-ho for Hillary routine even before the primaries. That publication has a position and they are sticking to it - evidence be damned. Any thoughts I had about checking Daily Kos out again have been completely flattened by this article. Very ugly. Establishment politics in progressive clothing.


No matter what our profession is, we are all human, and we all deserve human rights. Anyone who feels that a group of people don't deserve these rights is a selfish sociopath. In this sense Daily Kos are no better than the bigoted politicians they claim to rally against.


Ignorant garbage like this from Moulitkas is why I don't read Daily Kos. What's more, it would have been enough to make even me consider voting for Trump. It's the worst example I've seen of the implicit "blame the voter" mentality among people who are marching lockstep against Trump without considering how badly we need at the same time to be reaching out to and listening to those who voted for him not because of his ugly personality, but because they felt they had no better choice.


I dropped Kos during the primaries and this makes me even more glad I did. He's an ass. Maybe he should reflect on the privilege of being born with good health, intelligence, and the wherewithal to go to college and never work at a job where you get your hands dirty. Sometimes I try to imagine how desperate one would have to be to want a coal mining job. It must be sheer misery to be underground in the dark with the dust and gas and knowing the roof could cave in on you any second. Some of those guys don't even have a high school education, let alone a college education. I can't wish them ill. A guy like Podesta who plotted to promote a "pied-piper candidate" their terrible candidate could beat. I could wish him ill.


Interesting comments to this piece. Maybe one day the CD commentariat will be as sympathetic to Clinton voters.


From this we see a bit of the truth revealed as to how Party Politics work.

The party that lost power , and it does not matter if it Republican, Democrat , Liberal or Conservative, works to see that the party in power fails and counts on these failures to regain power come next election.

It hard to have progress if half a population wants the other half to fail suffer.


"Missing from this equation is that US democracy, and working people’s relationship to it, are not pristine and incorruptible. The influence of money in politics, especially post–Citizens United, is tremendous. As The Intercept’s Lee Fang warned nine months before the election, the billionaire Koch brothers have spent years working from the grassroots up to turn the Rust Belt red.

Billionaire-backed Rust Belt Republican governors, as The Atlantic notes, worked for decades to undermine the Democratic Party’s primary voter turnout mechanism—unions. In addition to their evergreen exploitation of white racism, billionaire-backed Fox News fed voters misleading stories about Clinton wanting to “put coal miners out of work." "

Missing from this article's perspective is the fact of the nasty little son-of-jim-crow anti-people of color voter suppression schemes successfully developed by shabby politician Kansas secretary of state kris kobach, and executed by several moral midget republican secretaries of state in other red states. Greg Palast, as good an investigator as any, has determined upwards of several million people of color were denied their right to vote through fraudulent-pretext voter ID laws, removal from voter rolls under absurd circumstances, etc, etc.

Also missing from the article was a more thorough recitation of just how well-orchestrated the plutocrat evisceration of our electoral system, suppression of democracy, and manipulation of working class/middle class sensibilities has been for the past 40 years, not to mention the concerted, coordinated corporate-funded conspiracy to load congress with millionaires and staff all branches of government with corporate/capitalist toadies. And then there are the two cheney-baker led "bloodless" coups d'etat of 2000 and 2004.... Set against this backdrop, and given her woeful immorality and obvious disregard for the real interests of the American people, it's amazing how well the self-anointed duchess did against the dismaying baron von chump campaign.

We are facing the gravest challenge yet to our constitutional republic and its democratic political process. An instinctive strongman has stepped into the vacuum created by the two wings of the failed corporate Uniparty, our election system is a shambles, our democracy is a hollow shell, an 'invert totalitarian' "deep government" (none dare call it the M-I-C/intelligence matrix/plutocracy run amok) is manipulating everything, the corporate media is an absurd joke, and the russian vultures are joining the US, European, Arab and Asian vultures in picking the bones of what's left to us, the economic chattel classes. Our work for the next generation: organize, resist, reduce, dismantle and replace the plutocratic/authoritarian/militarized/corporatist cabal behind the preposterous trump-gop-oligarch alliance against life.


Yes, unfit for the human race.


Great post! It's kind of a "nobody wins" scenario.


I heard that the starting wage for a coal miner is 28.00 an hour- not exactly poverty wages. Some teachers with a college education do not make that. Nevertheless, I cannot imagine either the dangers that are inherent in this type of work- . I did hear that some of them are retraining as programmers. To feel that there is a victory because of someone else's misery shows a lack of compassion, morality and maturity to say the least. It's said that people become real adults when they can empathize with another person.


Of course. We are humans not born as "workers."


Yes, someone definitely looking for attention also.


Who here has seen a show called "Newsroom"? On Youtube there's a bit called "The most honest moment in Television". At the start of it, theres a point where the guy in the middle is talking to the person playing the Liberal. He said, in part, "You know why people don't like Liberals? Because they (always) lose...."

In this case it's not so much that they always lose, but that their arrogant & condescending attitude remains, in spite of the heaping pounds of humble pie showed their way.


I think you are misleading people. This isnt glee by any means. This is anger. And I agree 100% with what he is saying. These people have historically voted against their best interest. It is time for poor Republicans to understand what they have been supporting. Its time to end the farce. They also deserve it because racism drove Trump's campaign and they agree with it. Even if they say are not. It wasnt a deal breaker and that is actually worse than being a racist. Reminds me of the stories my father told me about Nazi Germany. It wasnt so much about who Hitler was and what he stood for. Like Trump, he was mentally ill. It was the people who were complacent and knew better and selfishly carried on. That is what these "non racist" Trump voters did. And I am tired of listening about the poor rural white voter. They literally sold us out to Russia because they felt ignored. Meanwhile they did nothing to be heard.


Well, now they are blaming the coal workers, but as always, never their candidate. The woman candidate is among the most disliked, distrusted people in the county. A total flawed candidate they were adamant to send to the White House. But as always, is the whole planet's fault but never the candidate of her party.


This isn't about how commenters comment. This is about the articles which each indie news outlet runs. The Kos lost many readers when they refused to entertain possibilities that Clinton was not perfect, nor the perfect candidate. They wouldn't even allow much discussion of her merits. That's a red flag. We who were reading the Kos began to wonder just what they were leaving out.

And went elsewhere for our news . . .


As opposed to the "Honest Democrats" who favored Clinton over Bernie Sanders knowing quite well what a flawed candidate she was? Please, stop blaming the whole world. Is about time for some Democrats and Clinton to engage in some introspection and accept responsibility for losing such a winnable election.


There is a plague of fake liberals. It is how the PTB control the message. There is a whole network of fake liberals—MSNBC.


After all these years, I'm still puzzled about why Daily Kos has been considered "liberal." I haven't read it in some time, but by 2000, they were preaching the neoliberal Clinton agenda.