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Dakota Access Blackout Continues on ABC, NBC News


Dakota Access Blackout Continues on ABC, NBC News

Jim Naureckas

The Sacred Stone Camp established by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota has brought together thousands of demonstrators in opposition to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a 1,172-mile conduit designed to carry some 200 million barrels of crude oil per year from fracking fields in North Dakota to Southern Illinois.


Quick search on YouTube:
ABC News (September 17th, 2016) - http://bit.ly/2cTIvlp
NBC News (September 21st, 2016) - http://bit.ly/2dqYYw8

There are many more, I just listed a couple here to refute the notion that nothing had been said on television. There are articles on both NBC and ABC too.

From what I can tell there's no media blackout.


The media are owned by the same Oligarchs that own this country. If they dont want something reported, it wont be reported. There were several Monsanto beet fields burned by local farmers in Eastern Washington state and a direct quote from a TV director said we were not to repeat this story to anyone - not even our wives. Too bad for him that I dont work for his or any TV/News organization but the fear was it would catch on nationwide and we all know how powerful Monsatan is. This is why I cringe when I hear the term "liberal media" when in fact its a corporate media.


You have a good cause, why LIE about the news coverage:

Visit nbcnews dot com and search on "dakota access"

Visit abcnews dot go dot com and search on "dakota access"

A multitude of news coverage from the two media outlets you cite specifically. SMH


Those look like local stations? Is the article is about national news?


One thing that is blacked out is any comments from the Clinton or Trump camps. Stein of course, is completely on this.