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Dakota Access Construction Will Continue, Pipeline Corp CEO Vows


Dakota Access Construction Will Continue, Pipeline Corp CEO Vows

Nika Knight, staff writer

The heated, ongoing battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline continued Tuesday as the billionaire CEO of the pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners issued a memo to employees and outside media promising to "reiterate our commitment" to the pipeline's construction.


Wealthy white people will die in climate and overpopulation chaos as well.


"It is unfortunate that the corporate world chooses to ignore the millions of people and hundreds of tribal nations who stand in opposition to the destruction of our lands, resources, waters and sacred sites," Archambault added in a press statement. (emphasis added)
This is a statement that applies to all such situations. Corporations have greater standing than individual citizens, even though the people within those corporations are, when not at work, ALSO individual citizens. Note too that even with the Citizens United ruling that corporations are people, those "people" still have greater power. In my view, as long as the corporation as separate entity exists, humanity will continue to suffer these assaults.


I hope I live to see it


The fact that 'they' always win tells you all you need to know about our 'justice' system


The pipeline company Proved just how "Fair" they intend to be when they used the documents provided to the Court as a road map to send their bulldozer to Destroy the burial sites that the lawsuit was about.

They acted in the wost sort of Bad Faith.
The Judge should have slapped their attorneys in Jail for contempt of court for their part in those actions.


When law and order breaks down, they will be the first ones invited to a necktie party.


This just a clear example that what the Ron Paul type libertarians offer as a solution, which includes some few voices that speak in favor of letting the market decide advocate here, is a load of swill.

Without the power of Government to check these bastards, there are no checks.

That a Government may be co-opted by the monied interests is not proof governments can play no role here, it proof this one percent will do anything for a buck.

This means they can never be trusted.


May the Lakota and their supporters prevail leaving the "CEO" to suffer the consequence of exercising total disregard for people, wildlife, water resources, habitat, and the environment as a whole while shoring up the corporate "bottom line" for himself, stockholders, and BoD. There is no punishment severe enough for the likes of him and so many other dollar demons.


What we have here folks: is a man with no conscience and has absolutely no feelings for the indigenous people like the Sioux at Standing Rock. An Amerikan terrorist that needs to be taught a lesson! Just like Custers last stand, it is time for this pipelines greedy, CEO and his cohorts last stand! The last stand at Standing Rock. Has a nice ring to it!


the time to stand up to Big Oil is NOW.....


mmm... I don't like "the last stand at Standing Rock". Rather, I prefer "the Ever Standing Rock of Opposition!"


They don't always win. Sometimes they try to go against the grain and get bumped out. Sometimes they voluntarily leave. And sometimes they die. Think of all the people around the Clintons who died.