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Dakota Access Opponents Stage Dramatic Protest Against U.S. Bank


Dakota Access Opponents Stage Dramatic Protest Against U.S. Bank

Jon Queally, staff writer

Continuing a strategy to target the project's financial backers, a small team of Dakota Access Pipeline opponents on Sunday pulled off a dramatic banner-drop from the rafters of the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis as the Minnesota Vikings played the Chicago Bears.


The shame of this is that, despite this battle going on for months, this single act of civil disobedience received more attention than all the combined coverage given to the Standing Rock situation on the main stream media.
Mark my words. In the next six months, this pipeline will be completed, and the Keystone XL will be resurrected and completed as well. The new republican run government is going to cheer on the drilling for every last drop of oil left in North America, by any and all methods.


Right on target. #NoDAPL. Stop the Black Snakes - Dakota Access and elsewhere. We have one we plan to stop in North Carolina/



Go team!


Any action that spotlights big-money/political/banker/corporate corruption or political prisoner imprisonment is positive, especially that our critical Fourth Estate is sold-out to the highest bidder and will not report/expose the truth - media is now used to cover-up and divert attention from truth!
Keeping truth from the people has become the goal of government!

“Possibly, probably, Leonard Peltier’s last hope to avoid dying in prison lies with Barack Obama. Obama must grant clemency to him before Trump is sworn in! Please call the White House at 202-456-0111 or go to website and spread the word widely. Peltier’s release, on top of the Standing Rock uprising, will be a very big deal, particularly but not only for Indigenous people.”

Pardon Leonard, Chelsea, Snowden, and all the WOD victims!



Karl Zimmerman and Sen Holiday: thank you for your service.


The CEO of Exxon and the pistol, packin, Mama from Alaska are close friends of the Trump Administration and Sarah Palins mantra: “DRILL! BABY DRILL”! Corroborates your post that: " the government is going to cheer on the drilling of every last drop of oil left in North America, by any and all methods".


Woke up this morning and NPR had a story on the Pipeline protesters. They neatly avoided saying the words Divest or US Bank. Funny that. Just one more reminder why we should never, ever, listen to National Petroleum Radio. They have to help corporate America keep up appearances and they do it well in their own smug style. But I’m not listening anymore.


Amerikan Imperialism requires fossil fuels. Until the day that someone can figure out how to make Amerikan bomber aircraft, fighter jets and attack helicopters work without fossil fuels, Amerika’s owner class, politicians and military will make sure that the US and every country in the world that sits atop a reserve of oil will squeeze every drop of oil from the land.Or until the people of the world stand up and join our native brothers and sisters in defending our mother earth and all living creratures that she gives shelter and sustenance to!


If you haven’t already, write both NPR and your local station that carries their programming and tell them you are quitting listening to them and your reasons. If you write the ombudsman, that person may answer your mail…


KPFA is the place to go to for info. If you are in CA, it’s within range otherwise, on line.

NPR has compromised itself out of usefulness.


I unfortunately agree with you. We are now entering the souless age of greed and “stomp your neighbor down the ladder as long as you’re above him.” We humans are a failed experiment. We are done. Such a waste of potential as there are SO many beautiful young people out there with creativity and skills. We just could not overcome Capitalism. The dollar will triumph as our dead carcasses litter the terrain…


Every article about this Pipeline should always include the LIST of PHONE NUMBERS for each and every one of the BANKS involved in the money in the project. Let it be made easy for people to continue to call the banks, telling them they want them to divest from this project. Over and over again, calls need to go out weekly.


NPR has become a corporate lackey, sad!