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Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Ignored Obama Admin Request to Halt Construction


Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Ignored Obama Admin Request to Halt Construction

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has confirmed to DeSmog that Energy Transfer Partners, the owner of the proposed Dakota Access pipeline, has ignored the Obama administration's September 9 request to


So the "most" powerful military force in the world cannot militarily halt construction of the pipeline.
What does the Commander and Chief say now? More waffling and delay? As I understand it, there is plenty of military personnel and hardware on site to physically stop further construction.... As the veil is lifted.....Maybe Obama should just go shopping as GW Bush said.


Obama "Requests them to voluntarily halt construction".
Sounds like Hillary telling Wall Street to "Knock it off".


Yes, these corporations look on our government as hired help to facilitate their making more money. They are ignoring our president. And Obama as Commander in Chief does nothing. It's all talk, like about Hope and Change.


Thank you, Easy, for a well written post.

It is really just a preview of what will happen legally, after TTP and TTIP have bestowed on international corporation the right to sue democratically elected governments whenever rules and regulations infringe on their "right" to profits.

After these international agreements have been ratified, corporations can behave with impunity in the manner we see by these Energy Transfer Partners.


Corporations are not people. Never accept that; never.


" I feel I'm looking at Honduras ". Winona Laduke So, when the families of dead Indigenous People and other human rights activists, environmental and labor unions, etc.; see America flexing their Neo-Fascist muscle in the Hemisphere; what pray tell, nightmarish visions of the future do they see? I can't imagine but I could venture a pretty depressing guess. For a more accurate depiction of all progressive movements' futures, I'd ask for a seance with George Orwell, Winona. And, explain to him the status regarding what gov't stingrays, drones, mass data collection, military policing, the extralegal end runs on the 4th Amendment and all the undisclosed $$$ in our national elections is doing to our world. His words of wisdom from beyond would surely confirm, I'd bet, that Winona Laduke is a dewy-eyed optimist :wink: concerning defeating this enormous and ghoulish beast.


Our big problem is the former fair weather supporter of Bernie, who gave up as soon as he lost the nomination, called him "a sell out", when he changed his tactic, and started to pout, worse, agitate against him out of ignorance of his strategy.
Also, there will have to be some coming together of all the groups, which are pulling left for the 2018 congressional elections. As much as I like Jill a vote for the Greens in 2018 is a vote wasted, as there is at this time no traction for them in either the Senate ore the House.


Ever notice how absolutely impotent Obama is at everything related to hope and change, but how effectively he works for the financial security oil and war industries? He can't even make folks obey the law where ordinary people would benefit.


I hear people say that the pipeline just North of Standing Rock won't listen to Obama to halt construction but Obama said to voluntarily halt and the reason why I think he said it that way is because he doesn't want the construction to stop and because if he did he wouldn't of asked them to voluntarily halt construction he would of told them to halt construction because he's the President or like everything else with most of, if not all the government, it's money but that's just what I think and I could be wrong


Bernie on the road to hell?

Bernie is with her corruption; Bernie is with her long,record of war mongering; Bernie is with her Wall STREET quid pro quo; Bernie is with her throwing him under the bus at the fixed convention; Bernie is with her mendacious record of lies; Bernie is with her instead of Jill.

Yeah, I agree, Bernie is on the highway to hell!


The blatant corruption pretty much gives away the "establishment's"
scheme. More fracking, more bombs, more coup d'états, and more US
government lawlessness. I take bitter comfort that Bernie Sanders won't
go the way MLK, JFK, RFK and probably hundreds more that will perish
without notice.

This DAPL destruction, as outrageously criminal
as it is, will get its way under either Trump or Killery. Obama
participated in deceitfully renaming the Tar Sands pipeline and end any
MSM discussion on the matter. The concentration of American media has
become all the things we all knew it would. Americans are unlikely to
mount any widespread revolt. Rail derailments and oil pipeline breaks
will continue to pollute precious water and the levers of our crooked
government will continue to cover for their financial benefactors.

The NSA and hundreds of other domestic enemies of the republic will
continue to cull out potential leaders that might, otherwise, lead a
modern revolt against our corporate controlled government.


Had Sanders continued the obvious "establishment"/DNC corrupt control of democratic levers he would be as impotent as Nader, Hedges, Chomsky, and dozens more. Keeping his Senate seat is the only way to maintain influence. The reality is that tweeting, etc. might be fun to get one's own yay yay's soothed, but if you can't connect on the ground, face-to-face, the effort is meaningless.

Trump or Killery...neither will abide by the Constitutional Republic, Sanders will, which will offer the best opportunity to over-throw our disgustingly lawless federal government and state lawlessness.

The real fight will begin with the establishment crowning another super puppet.


I appreciate your perspective, even though I happen not to agree with your opinion, I would hope you are correct.


That "concrete fortress" actually reminds me of how the white invaders would establish a series of fortresses along the Oregon Trail in order to provide protection to settler convoys against native protectors during the westward expansion.

White Man's "Manifest Destiny" was to "tame" and "subdue" the "savage" native peoples by any means necessary. Never mind that they are working to protect all of us by protecting our water and our planet. The White Man believes that God has granted him dominion over the Earth and if that means murdering those who are trying to protect it, then so be it.


What I'm saying is that if we, the people, could influence elections government would outlaw voting (or just rig the voting system.)

What we did during the DNC's crooked primary season was to force Killery to adopt some of our interests. The strategy, after today, is to hold fast and come together to compel the establishment to pass policies that benefit "We, the People...".

Maybe a little extreme, but if Trump were to win I have no doubt civic minded Americans would be more motivated to reject his policies. Hillery won't drive the strategy as powerfully. Just my opinion.