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Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Should Face the Music


Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcy Warren Should Face the Music

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

President Barack Obama foreshadowed more complications for the Dakota Access pipeline this week, as he told an interviewer that “right now the Army Corps is examining whether there are ways to reroute this pipeline.” With hundreds arrested in recent weeks at the Standoff at Standing Rock, North Dakota, the movement to halt construction of this 1,200-mile, $3.8 billion oil pipeline only builds. Musicians are increasingly joining the fray, striking an unexpected chord: pressuring oil billionaire Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, which owns the pipeline.


FINALLY! Its like the good old days when we brought the govt. to its knees and stopped the war. Its about time the musicians started remembering their power for good beyond making the morning go a little faster. Of course I wasn't too happy with them back then as they jetted about to the next money raking concert singing about peace and resistance while we in the trenches got our heads billy-clubbed in. No back-stage party for us...only jail and constant surveillance (although I did get laid a few times). But you take it where you can find it and just be thankful they're not working against you.


At this point jillionaire Kelcy Warren is aided by government and mercenary troops with tanks, helicopters, dogs, and assault rifles. Pitted against him are a few Native American protesters and some tree huggers. Sounds like a fair fight to me! Poor Kelcy! ......... Now the musicians he loves are snubbing him! Maybe he will give up the billions he stands to make on this pipeline so they'll stop writing all those hurtful letters!


I can't wait until other enlightened musicians join IndigoGirls and Jackson Browne.
I am sure Willie Nelson and others can't be far behind. It will be wonderful when Mark
Ruffalo, who has already been to Standing Rock w/solar panels, enrolls such luminaries
as Bill McKibben, Cornel West, Bernie Sanders, who has already written powerfully about this godawful LastGaspofFossilFuels; NinaTurner, Susan Sarandon, Tulsi Gabbard, et.al.
join together, along with the peace promoter Rev. John Dear--Obama, Hillary&their corrupt,greedy, warmongering selves can go straight to hell. BTW, I've voted absentee--for JILL STEIN.


Lissen up, we revolutionaires can make a powerful statement:VOTE JILL STEIN.IMO Shillery cannot be reformed nor transformed. Her history has involved too many ill-thought-out decisions-so many in support of murder & violence; i.e., her Iraq War vote; her implementing the destruction of Libya, well on its way under the brilliant leadership of
Gaddafi, turning it into a graveyard; her interventions into Honduras, the Ukraine, etc.; then there is her pursuit of all things corrupt on Wall Street; her non pro living wage; her miserable
mess on healthcare; her defense of Bill's philandering misogynistic capers; and on and on.
I long for the destruction of what the Democratic Party has become: as bad and worse as the Rethuglicans.

I cringe at Obama's and others' statements in "support of our troops," which is just another way of promoting the US' foreign policy of interventions in other countries, and promotion of more power to the MICC. Lockheed, Raytheon, GE, Westinghouse et.al. are the biggest CORPORATE WELFARE RECIPIENTS. They need customers for their products; hence, the alliance w/murderous Saudi Arabia and other despotic regimes. I am sick unto death of the US' militarism and lying "exceptionalism."

Students break under the yoke of debt; the ill suffrer and die;the middle class groans;
BigPharma reaps obscene profit;BigFossilFuels poison water, earth, LIFE.

I am a proud Progressive who supported financially and other ways the candidacy of Bernie. I am glad of what Bernie is now doing because Trump is a WALKING DISASTER, but Shillery is a War Waiting to Happen. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR JILL STEIN and promote her sane, people-empowered policies.


With you 100%, Englishperfesser.

It was such a relief when the Greens made it on the ballot in my state - not easy to do. So nice to be able to vote for something/someone, for a change.

I don't really follow polls, but I like to think the 5% goal is doable.