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Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Protesters With Dogs and Mace


Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Protesters With Dogs and Mace

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


You knew it was only a matter of time before the oligarchy issued the order to get rid of the Indian trouble makers, commies and dirty hippies.
By any means necessary.
The time has come for anyone who can to go to this area and support those already protesting.
With your body.


Folks need to understand:

This is the ongoing story of the society and culture and economy that we inhabit.

“The economy” is built on precisely stealing land and “resources” and doing whatever is necessary to remove any “obstacles” to “progress.”

This is not some rare outrage or anomaly. This is how the world we live in was built and this is what it runs on.


The manipulation of economies on the premise (false) of ‘scarcity’ by an entire construct based on the very basic forms of instilling fear from which it manufactures “desires”, now fetishized into “national security” - a ‘doctrine’ forced on both north and south continents is systematically undermining virtually everything.

One of the most tragic consequences, aside from the destruction, utterly sociopathic claims that repair, reparation and honest clarity about the entire methodology are neither necessary nor of value that have planted a sea of red flags, is the cynical distortion of lives and hearts of people who would protect the well being of communities. In healthy ages they are not single-job professionals, but people whose lives are lived in diverse community and respond on behalf of the communities of which they are part, not failed, extractive parasitic interests.

The very notion of ‘cost effectiveness’ in the oil industry was thrown out the window long ago and had to start engaging highly parasitic practices and manipulation of any environment it set its sights on. It is, like any parasitic dynamic that survives by killing its host, begun the steep consumptive plummet into ‘post petroleum’ insanity.

The tragic cannibalism of entire interlocking distorted notions of ‘economy’ really must be named for what they are - forms of mental illness being forced on societies in full denial that they now constitute peak parasitism.


You notice that these bulldozers were allowed to destroy sacred sites without any government interference. The thugs were allowed to terrorize the protesters without any government interference.

  • Had one protester from the Red Warrior Camp actively defended him/herself by perhaps killing an attacking dog, or had felled a company thug, you would have seen police and national guard coming down on the Red Warriors like Custer at the Little Big Horn. It is a pity that the end would not have been the same.
  • The courts will play and delay until all the sacred sites have been destroyed and the Red Warriors have been dispersed or arrested. Then they will find the pipeline legal and the protest illegal.
  • I hope the Red Warriors will continue their non-violent protest and perhaps the public support will reinforce their stance, but unfortunately, we are all learning what life in the US Fourth Reich is becoming, day by day. The whole world is learning, but will the whole world finally curb it or stop it?
  • Or will the billionaires be allowed to dance on our graves?


What is so sad, is this is not surprising at all and wait for it: the MSM, which are nothing but fawning parasites for the oligarchs; next headline:


My heart breaks for these people and the planet.
In solidarity!


I believe, actually, the crawl I saw on MSNBC said more like ‘pepper spray and dogs used against ND protesters.’ I know it’s all too often represented the wrong way, but let’s not charge until something has happened.


Or support them financially and with supplies. There are groups collecting water, food, money for fuel. Every little bit helps.


“Pepper spray and dogs used against ND protesters.”



Indeed, but let’s also note these were private contractors, not police (at least).


Why is this not assault & battery? The CEO and the oil pipeline goons should be arrested and sued.


they usually have local cops in their company pockets. Lawsuit, however, might work. Failing that, this qualifies as grounds for self-defense. I feel terrible for the dogs, because that was just flat out abuse of animals I saw right there.


Seldom does an article make me cry; tears sometimes, but not full out crying. This article did. It touched something in my gut that resonated with the Spirit of Life. Your comment, Easyabcd, struck a chord. In the end, will it be the Native Americans who finally get to teach the “White Guy” that “sitting” for peace is the only way to protect our lands?

The “White Guy” has been destroying sacred lands all around the globe. The Corporate evil that has globally infested our planet, has gotten away with raping, pillaging, ravaging the land and peoples of this planet–all in the name of profit. The “White Guy” has done this since they set foot on land…everywhere! Someone, something, needs to teach the “White Guy” respect!


I do too. And I wondered about documenting the bites and making the owners prove the dogs were vaccinated. I had a tiny nick taken out of my thumb by a half-blind old guy, and because I was working (research interview), I had to identify the dog and get the owners to prove it was clean of rabies.


This article reminded me of when the Egyptian dictator sent club wielding thugs on camels stampeding among the people.

US oligarchs appear as inbred and unimaginative as any other police state in service of corporations.

All governments that separate themselves from distributed human intelligence become too stupid to exist.


These Coporations use the same tactics against peoples all over South America and Africa. Private security firms are hired to use force against protestors, often deadly force , and complicit Governments look the other way.

As another suggested the Governments Police forces will only come in when violence used by the protestors.


" The “White Guy” has done this since they set foot on the land."

The Native Americans have been fighting terrorism since 1492.

In 1857 Chief Seattle in response to a U.S. Government inquiry about buying his tribal lands.

" But how can you buy or sell the sky? The land? If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water. How can you sell them? "

In more ways than one, the Native Americans are the only real Americans.


Bury my heart in a pipeline cesspool …

… the “Manifest Destiny” of the oligarchs …

… "I’m doing ‘God’s Work.’ – Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs


I would urge everyone to sign the WhiteHouse.gov petition at

They are currently around 12,000 signatures shy of the 100,000 required to get a White House response on this issue (deadline Sept 14).