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Dakota Pipeline Construction Halted Amid Ongoing 'Defiance of Black Snake'


Dakota Pipeline Construction Halted Amid Ongoing 'Defiance of Black Snake'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline has been temporarily halted as protests against the $3.8 billion, 1,172-mile project continued this week at the North Dakota state capitol building as well as at a "spirit camp" at the confluence of the Cannonball and Missouri rivers.


We must all be prepared to protect our land, our families and our communities from the onslaught of neoliberalism. We could learn from the Indigenous people all over this continent who are being forced to stand against fossil fuel pollution, global warming and the destruction of their land. All over the planet investors and resource extractors line their pockets with the wealth brutally torn from the Earth. Forests are clearcut, rivers are dammed, mountains are flattened for their minerals and coal. Native cultures are obliterated. None of it is really for the benefit of the people, only the 1%.

We are not separate from the Earth.


We also are trying to stop the gas pipeline in Texas, the Trans Pecos Pipeline, which would ship gas down to Mexico for export. A Japanese company, and a Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, and La Grange Acquisitions, owned by Kelcy Warren. He also owns Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline company.
In Texas the right of eminent domain is given to private companies, which seems unconstitutional to me.
A rancher Mr. Boerschig filed an injunction against the pipeline, which would cross his ranch. It was denied, and he is filing an appeal. The Far West of Texas includes wild antelope and delicate environment, near the Big Bend State Park. go to www.bigbendconservationalliance.org
I support the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight to save their drinking water, and their land from damage from leaking oil pipeline too close to their river.


Time for a national outcry to ban fossil fuels and nukes.


Could this be called "Black Snake Moan?"


The Ho-Chunks are supporting the Sioux. Will they make a difference? Treaties don't matter.


These goop oil pipelines on Canada's First Nation land, or here on Native American First Nation land are a danger in so many ways. I have been looking into aquifers, and I find that one of the worlds largest aquifers of fresh water is the Ogallala located in the Great Plains covering 8 states. Once these shoddy weld job constructed pipelines burst under ground game over, aquifer dead. To add insult to injury, nobody gets punished for killing fresh water aquifers with goop oil pipelines no matter if it is the Ogallala; however, go steal a steak at the supermarket you will find yourself in a jail cell.quick. What a country!


Check out who owns the pipelines running through Lake Superior (Enbridge); over 60 yrs. old. These pipelines are already running through WI and IL. The Great Lakes will be destroyed!


"We are not protesters. We are protectors," wrote Iyuskin American Horse, a Sicangu/Oglala Lakota who has been fighting alongside the Standing Rock Sioux tribe since the spring.

Love that.


Any guesses as to which side of this issue our President Bernie would be on? Too bad the spineless "Democrats" wouldn't stand up and DEMAND fair primaries in those eleven states or so that had obvious cases of election fraud. There is still time, by the way, for concerned Democrats (if there are any) to grow some spine and demand election justice. Today, it's the Native Tribes being abused. Tomorrow, via the TPP and sweetheart deals, it will be everybody. Solidarity is where we all protect one another from the leeches.


"If candidate Clinton does nothing to address this issue yet continues into November promising Native Americans that she is our champion, then her words will be nothing but false promises—just more bombast, more white lies to Indians."

Expect empty words from the "progressive" Clinton or silence - another ignorant environmental/animal protection politician, like Obama - Obama delayed and delayed the Keystone XL pipeline "opposition" (a bloody deception!) - delayed to allow plans for a replacement to be completed - The replacement is the Bakken Pipeline "only seven miles shorter than Keystone's proposed length." Is there ANY doubt of the Great Progressive Fraud's complicity?!

HRC must step-up to protect people and our priceless water, not oil & gas profits - sadly we know what the answer will be.......

This pipeline is yet another betrayal of any real "action" by bought-and-paid-for corrupt government liars/shills to halt and reverse global Warming, ending dependence on fossil-fuels - they will instead protect oil & gas profits, and commit yet another betrayal of First Peoples/Native Americans................

Clinton will continue to speak with a forked-tongue and nuanced lawyer's words of deceit - or just remain silent - like most all issues she will evade the issue one way or another........



" We are protectors".
Yep, they have been fighting terrorism and trying to protect the Mother Earth since 1492.


There armed only with prayers? In other words, they are totally unarmed! What has to be performed here are the tactics of the once "Monkey Wrench Gang."
Waiting for justice in an unjust nation is a lost cause.


Clinton doesn't give a rats ass about Indigenous People. She just panders to everyone it's disgusting. We can not let her get away with the crap she has pulled, it sets a terrible precedence for our future leaders.


Excellent. Whatever hampers the development of fossil fuel infrastructures gets my approval.


It's simple. Vote for Clinton, vote for a progressive congress, and keep progressive pressure on Clinton.


we must protect mother earth
what is wrong with the people
are land is sacred
medicine turtle Cherokee