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Dammit This Is Not A Good News Story


Dammit This Is Not A Good News Story

Heroine of the day is San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who ripped Trump officials a new one for determinedly inhabiting a self-serving alternative universe that views the island's apocalyptic conditions as "good news." Citing the daily horrors she sees - no water, power, baby food, dialysis - Yulín Cruz spat out a furious response: “Damn it, this is not a good news story. This is a people are dying story."


And to consider that this may be the first of many such disaster responses. It wears one down and breaks hearts.


A Marie Antoinette moment: That the statement of Elaine Duke is beyond the pale; that Trumps’s Bush-Katrina response to Puerto Rico is beyond the pale will fall on the empty conscience of such monsters. For the rest of us it is a clarion call to social justice action!


Yes, Giovanna. If anyone still doubts that we are in the middle of a Class War, then they have not been paying attention! This is part of what is probably the final struggle over what kind of society we will be. There is no neutral ground. All of us will inevitably be on one side or the other. It may take years, but we must turn this country around, or lose it.


The US is too important not to turn around. The unspeakable destructions and horror of imperialism must be halted, especially by people within. The world would surely be approaching a REAL apocalypse if we fail to do so.
Reminds me of Mark Fisher’s “it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”. Unfortunately, this is the state of our species and planet in year 2017.


I understand all the supplies are there but cant be delivered due to the roads being impassable and lack of drivers and trucks, so tell me how i anyone at fault for the roads being damaged? they cant work miracles. until the roads are fixed and there are trucks, the only way to deliver goods is by quad, lol or chopper. why also is all water municipal? then they need to have pump handle water wells on each property for cases of emergency. These areas need to plan better.and not spend so much money on homes that surely will be destroyed again. This is going to be the new norm. As for power, why on earth do islands depend on an electrical grid that will go down in a storm, and not individual solar power sources? sure solar panels can be destroyed, but not if each homeowner can taken down in a storm and protected. Or bury electrical lines where they can and have wind powered or water powered electric supplied. each town should have its own electrical generation system, so not everyone is out of electric when a storm hits. Thing is people continuously build in areas using on the same building styles they do in a mid Pa style house, and shouldn’t. hospitals dependent on fuel for generators instead of wind or solar generators? wow thats not thinking things through. fuel need delivered by truck, with no roads that’s impossible, but wind is free, and so is sun and so can water be if your close to a river. they need to change and use mother earth to their advantage . someone needs to help supply these islands with a better source of power.I also do not think people should be blamed for the deaths of elderly people in such times of disaster, elderly frail people who are moments from death to begin with are surely going to succumb to such situations, there’s no crime here, its a disaster, everyone was doing their best, no one dropped the ball. I think its ridiculous the amount of money made from keeping people with no quality of life , bed ridden on machines, alive when everyone knows no one wants to be a burden or live like that. truly sad. we have to stop letting guilt run our lives.


you told an untruth, to be polite…you understand Nothing!..


Somebody needs to tee up a driver to Trump’s head. Maybe it would knock some sense and compassion into him. A lost cause I’m sure, but what the hell.


I love the photo caption - “The Great Pretender” !


Imagination is a wonderful and cute thing in a five year old, in an obese president in his dotage not good not good. Fake president.


Yulin Cruz: " This is a people are dying story."

The heroine mayor hurt Trump’s ego because that statement is on tape and cannot be refuted as fake news. What Trump may mean by “good news” is he and his vulture capitalist friends have an opportunity to make millions in disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico.


PR has been a cash cow for the rich and wall street.

Those containers you see on the port are regular merchandise not moved because of the hurricane. They are not part of the relief aid----another lie by corporate media.

A medical ship is STILL en route and will not get their until Tues or Wed.

The deal struck with Obama,Clinton and republicans to fix the debt allows the minimum wage to be $4.00hr----