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"Damn Corrupt": Trump's Kids Attend Father's Meeting with Top Tech Execs


"Damn Corrupt": Trump's Kids Attend Father's Meeting with Top Tech Execs

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite consistent demands that Donald Trump create clear firewalls between the operation of his family, the operation of his business empire, and his new responsibility as a public servant, the president-elect on Wednesday invited three of his grown children—Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric—to attend a high-profile meeting with some of the nation's most wealthy and


The new Royal Family.


this president-elect has no intentions of following the protocols established since our first president served this nation and thus the electors should feel no obligation to award him the office. He is an insane demagogue who believes no rules or laws apply to him and he must be denied a vote by all electors! His arrogance and that of his family represent the greatest threat to our nation as one that supposedly stands for freedom, equality and justice for all. All the trumps seem to care about is power, control and lots of money.


Who is supposed to enforce the laws governing the President? Where the hell are they? This is blatantly ignoring the law to separate family and business from the position of the leader of the United States. This is too much shit to just let it pass. He now knows full well it is not allowed. Does he plan to ignore everything else and make this country his personal business? Who is supposed to enforce the law?
Silence from congress and the DOJ, president, and who ever else has the power to step into this mess and make him play by the rules. WTF are we going to set here and watch as he destroys our country?


Ivanka takes global warming seriously? If that's true, then she's obviously the most enlightened soul in the White House. May she and we all wake up in time.


The way things are going it will come down to whether Congress does its job and impeaches him or simply disregards the US Constitution which the members of Congress swore to uphold. People were stupid enough to elect Trump but Congress is supposed to act against presidents who commit impeachable actions. Trump cannot represent the United States with his children running his worldwide business. If Congress doesn't do its job then the question will be are people stupid enough to the re-elect them. Democracy depends on voters having a certain level of judgment when they vote. If voters are simply voting without regard to qualifications for office or whether a candidate supports democracy or not you get the mess that we now find ourselves in.


The answer is Congress. They have the power of impeachment.


Recently I made a comment suggesting The Great Looting is about to begin. Well listen to Bill Black in this piece. He's a heck of a lot smarter than me and he seems to concur.



Impeachment is off the table Pelosi isn't going to do anything. Trump can do as he pleases with spineless and corporate owned Dems,


Good thing we didn't elect THEM.


Doesn't Jeff Bezos also own the Washington Post? Everyone has conflict of interest written all over them-


As Michael Corleone told Senator Pat Geary in Godfather II: "You and I are part of the same hypocrisy".


False equivalency. Bezos is an asshole, but not the asshole that will soon lead what some still call the "free world".


While I have heard that there is no law preventing head ahole to use family members as "unpaid advisors", it' the very definition, seemingly, of conflict of interest. There is no way Drumpf can keep up such bullshit without slipping up seriously at some point.

Even if he does not, the mere appearance of conflict follows him.


Oh, for God's sake! He's not the President yet! Until 20 January, he's still a private citizen it subject to any conflict of interest problems. To be completely honest, he's not subject to inflict of interest laws even after he's sworn in. Add to that, any policy he implements that benefits business will inevitably benefit his businesses or his portfolio if he divests. There's no way he can satisfy the maniacs on the left, so to hell with them.


Maybe Trump put his kids there because kids today understand computers better and he needed them to help him understand.

I would rather Ivanka have his ear instead of Bolton and his ilk. His cowardly wildlife murdering sons should join the Army where they get to hunt wildlife that shoots back.


Welcome to the oligarchy! Attempts to legitimize the election with recounts are rejected by federal judges that are more comfortable saluting the chain of command, otherwise known as a corrupted judiciary. Welcome to the real world of privatized government power stolen from the people. "Democracy" has never existed in this country. The wisdom of the people has always been dismissed as "mob rule" and the oligarchs rule, the same elite crew that wrote the Constitution, the 1%. Welcome home!


Can anyone explain why NONE of these CEO's REFUSED to stay in this meeting as long as the sTrumpets were in the room ?


Sorry, while you are arguing the technical letter of the law, this is totally immoral and irresponsible behavior. It is an absolute avalanche of unethical behavior and once he's sworn in his foreign assets put him in a position where his actions will run afoul of the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. He is already putting the nation at risk because he appears to have dozens and perhaps hundreds of conflicts of interest--situations where what is best for the USA who elected him may be in direct conflict with what makes Donald Trump and his children richer. If you run to become the leader of the free world, that is a job where you are a PUBLIC SERVANT and are not there to enrich yourself. What we are seeing is the absolute epitome of the problem with big money corrupting the healthy functioning of government. If he wasn't ready to sell off his assets and then put the proceeds in a blind trust, then he shouldn't have run for president.

And if he doesn't do that, he will have created the biggest moral swamp ever seen in Washington D.C.


If all you say is true (which I doubt) why didn't this come up when he first threw his hat in the ring? By your argument, he is ineligible to be President. Oddly, the Constitution doesn't agree with you.