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'Damn Right': Sanders Calls for Stopping Dakota Access as Obama Waffles


'Damn Right': Sanders Calls for Stopping Dakota Access as Obama Waffles

Jon Queally, staff writer

While President Barack Obama said his administration is willing to let "things play out" for a few more weeks when it comes to the escalating effort by Native American tribes to stop a pipeline in North Dakota, Sen. Bernie Sanders offered a distinctly more urgent response on Tuesday by saying "Damn right" the project should be stopped immediately.

Though Sanders has made his opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) known for months, he reiterated his opposition during a campaign rally on behalf of Hillary Clinton at Plymouth State University on Tuesday.


Obama is just a coporate whore.


Bernie, if you are so against the Dakota Access Pipeline, then why are you shilling for Hillary who has only had weasel words about it?
Jill Stein is the only candidate who has taken a firm stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline (and even got arrested for it).
Bernie, you are backing the wrong horse.


Oh, waffles sound good.
Too bad we cannot make them because the Dakota Access Pipeline contaminated all of the water and killed all of the maple trees.


Bernie came to Monterey County early in the campaign for Measure Z- the only citizens' initiative to ban fracking and petroleum wastewater injection in the country. His appearance added momentum to this battle of David against Goliath on Steroids- we are being outspent 30 to 1 by Big Oil. It looks like we are heading for a win and Bernie deserves a piece of the credit. You can help by donating at http://www.protectmontereycounty.org/ or if you are in the region you can come down and help in the final get out the vote. It is campaigns like this that will breathe new life into our atrophied democracy. That is why Dennis Banks, co-founder of AIM came here to lend his support as well. Check out our Facebook page too.


Another misuse of the word "literally". If she said LITERALLY nothing, her statement would have been " ." What she actually said, I'm afraid--and what Obama said in different words was "We wish this ugly situation weren't being broadcast all over the world, but we intend to fold our hands until this is a done deal, and the election is past, and the oil is flowing through that pipeline. Then we'll wring our hands a bit, especially if anyone actually got killed, and move on to other issues.'


I don't see that Obama is waffling on this. He clearly supports the pipeline - but wants it to be rerouted so it meets the tribes formal requests to stay away from burial and cultural sites.


While ignoring the main issue of protection of the Missouri river basin from contamination which WILL happen when the pipeline breaks. And they always break.


If this is a horse race, then backing Stein would be the equivalent of backing a dog that got on the track. Sanders is not a fool.


OBAMA: " Both sides need to refrain from situations that might result in getting people hurt."

BOTH SIDES, OBAMA? Talk about waffling! The DAPL people have hired thugs with vicious dogs that have bitten people; they have had the police incarcerate the peaceful water protectors; AND TOO MANY OTHER ACTS OF VIOLENCE TO NAME THEM ALL HERE! The DAPL PEOPLE AND THEIR HIRED GOONS AND THUGS ARE THE ONES THAT NEED TO REFRAIN FROM VIOLENCE. They are the ones that need to refrain from situations that have hurt the Lakota Sioux protectors!



Hillary being elected next week will be just a formality, because HRC was selected as a stooge and a puppet for the MIC, no different than Obama, a long time ago, just like all of Obama's corrupt and pre-selected appointee's.

It will not do any good, in my view, to impeach HRC, because Kaine is not any better.

Protests Head Into Fourth Day as Sanders Urges Trump 'Heed the Views of Progressives'

"...it's a coward's way out."
Exactly. Obama knows this dirty crude is not needed for the U.S., that it will be exported to foreign markets.
And right to the end of his presidency, he accommodates the richest industry in the history of money.


Fortunately it is NOT a horse race, but an election for the highest office in our country.
Please repeat after me:
The lesser of two evils is still evil.
The lesser of two evils is still evil.
The lesser of two evils is still evil.
And the jury is still out on whether Hillary Clinton is less evil than Donald Trump. That verdict won't be in until after she starts a war with Putin in which case it won't matter to any of us anymore because we will all be dead.
No one should compromise their life or their principles based solely on the say-so of some dishonest politician.


Now, Mark, don't exaggerate--Lrx likes BWilliamson.


When will liberals face the reality that Obama is just another corporate shill. He has no intention of stopping this pipeline, and he's looking at a lucrative future as a member of all kinds of corporate boards, and of emulating Hill and Bill on the lecture circuit. He's not going to call off the thug cops and the National Guard, even as they fire potentially lethal beanbag projectiles from shotguns and rubber-coated bullets from guns at courageous young Native Americans, even killing a horse already, and injuring numbers of people. Even though the private security company hired by the pipeline company sent an undercover provocateur into the encampment with a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle,, quite likely with the intent of firing in the direction of police and Guardsmen in order to precipitate another "Wounded Knee" massacre.

Hillary Clinton has said nothing about demanding a halt to this atrocity either. She is struck dumb by the fact that the company confronting the Sioux Water Protectors is a wealthy oil company -- the kind of firm that has greased her political rise. She should rot in hell for the people whose deaths around the world she is responsible for, and if there is deadly violence perpetrated against the Standing Rock activists, it will be on both her and Obama's hands.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


As for Bernie Sanders, he is just embarrassing himself.
He should have chucked Hillary in the dustbin when the nomination was stolen from him.
The Brooklyn term for Sanders is schmuck.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of thiscantbehappening.net


Bernie's Hillary sign is a crass advert posted on top of an issue she won't touch.

I'm reminded of the social issue groups that send emails about the issue of the day to dun for contributions.

Why is Bernie campaigning for one of the death eaters?


Hey Obama, get a clue!

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy


Somehow I feel most of us understood Bill McKibbon's use of 'literally', in summation of HRC's circumlocution. Contrived political statements lacking substance are designed to be simultaneously effective and ineffective.


Good writing Mark, however, I don't see HRC being impeached. Not that she wouldn't be deserving. The GOP won't have the votes.