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'Damn Your Money!': Abbas Slams Trump for Weaponizing Refugee Aid

'Damn Your Money!': Abbas Slams Trump for Weaponizing Refugee Aid

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Shame on you," says leader of Palestinian Authority to U.S. president

A small village outside Jerusalem (Abu Dis) has been offered to the Palestinians as their capital. Israel has also been trying to give them space in Sinai in exchange for the West Bank. I dont know if this is true, but its being shared on Twitter.

For negotiations to work, BOTH parties must perceive some benefit from negotiation versus war. The party that can get everything it wants by force doesn’t want or need negotiation.

Israel’s monopoly on overwhelming force allows it to simply take what it wants. “Negotiations” become dictation, and its inevitable rejection resulting in even more expansion. US cover has created this Israeli mindset.

While this has led some to view violence as the only answer, others have decided that international pressure similar to that brought upon apartheid South Africa (BDS) might be more effective in changing Israel’s calculus towards good faith “negotiations.”

Want to save the two-state solution? Support BDS.


I try to avoid sports analogies whenever I can, but the phrase “moving the goal posts” describes Israel’s negotiating style perfectly. What Israel needs and wants is to be SEEN as always willing to negotiate, when it is it, not Palestine, who is the rejectionist.

BDS yes!


Israel should content itself to being a perpetual target of terrorists.

Terrorists who are guaranteed to one day secure one hell of a destructive weapon.

Israel cultivates antagonism. It shall always reap what it sows.

You misunderstand Palestinians. When you negotiate with them they interpret that as weakness and offer nothing…which is what they have done since Oslo. Oslo is dead as is the Palestinian cause. Terms will now be dictated to the Palestinians and they will accept them.

I’m no supporter of Donald Trump but his declaration on Jerusalem is notice to Palestinians that Time’s Up. There will be no two-state solution…not that there was ever any justice in that as a solution.

Cutting off funds simply means less money to be siphoned off into the PLO leadership’s foreign bank accounts.


The “Palestine Papers” has effectively dispelled the Zionist myth of the “irrational” Palestinian, and has instead documented that it is actually Israeli intransigence that is to blame for the lack of a peace agreement.

“This week, the first of hundreds of leaked confidential Palestinian documents confirmed the suspicions of a growing number of observers that the rejectionists in the peace process are to be found on the Israeli, not Palestinian, side.”

“The bottom line is … the Palestinian Authority accepted Israel’s position on every key point: borders, Jerusalem, settlements, refugees. On no major issue did the PA hold the line. None. The Palestinians offered Israel everything and Israel still said ‘no’ with the backing of the United States…

“We pretend that the Palestinians still need to make concessions for peace when there are none left to make. No matter what the provocation—the brutal attack on Gaza flotilla, the blockading of Gaza, Israel’s lies about the Goldstone Report, the land grabs in Jerusalem, the shootings of innocent Palestinians, the monstrous behavior of settlers—we are silent UNLESS we can enthusiastically endorse Israel’s position. We are not an honest broker. We are no broker at all. Worst of all, we know (the Al Jazeera papers show us) that we are endorsing Israeli positions that are lies.”

Spouting Zionists myths that paint an entire group as somehow incapable of rational negotiation is both shameful and counter-productive to finding a just and lasting peace.