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Damning Flint Emails Show Snyder Could Have Called Emergency 'at Any Time'



Snyder, who declared a state of emergency in Flint and Genesee County on January 5—months after acknowledging there was lead in the region's public water supply—has repeatedly said he could not take action until local officials made a request, which Genesee County did on January 4

Now, why is that? He didn't wait for local officials' requests before he overthrew their governments and poisoned their citizens.

Perp-walk time.


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So what's the deal
Hypothetically if Snyder committed armed robbery on the local bank. Shot a guard fatally in the process pictures witnesses smoking gun the works. Would we still need to have him resign or could we just arrest him. Request a bench warrant.

Cause this guy needs to be arrested

Because he robbed the Flint infrastructure budget.
He has mortally wounded so so many, that child they would have been is dead.
And the evidence is overwhelming that he committed the criminal act.

This guy needs to be arrested.


If a "terrorist" intentionally poisoned the people's water supply to any major city I wonder how many years in prison they would do?


Firing squad. Let him die from lead poisoning.


Reading these internal e-mails:
Their decision-making process and paradigm are rooted in the entire construct of "limited liability" that has been developed over the past few centuries to protect and enable capital.

"If we acknowledge that we understand what is happening, we expose ourselves and our institution to the potential for future liability. If we acknowledge that we know the water is contaminated, or if we acknowledge that we have the power and authority to step in and take action, then we expose ourselves and our institution to the potential for future liability."

This dehumanizing institutional paradigm deeply infects pretty much every institution in the US political economy, including not just capital itself but metastasizing through the public sector, the nonprofit sector and the cooperative sector.

Some of the basic institutional foundations of the transmission and development of this "limited liability" paradigm include obviously law, the legal profession and the court system, but also academia on multiple levels, and the pernicious professions of "public relations" and "human resources management."


Too bad Snyder wasn't a Muslim because then he could be tried for having " terrorist affiliations" and sent to Gitmo where he belongs!


Make him drink the water.


Without a doubt, the water poisoning crisis in Flint, MI is a shameful, harmful and ultimately lethal example of how dangerous draconian and willfully negligent austerity can be.

I have a question though. Why don't we see similar outrage concerning the decades old (since the 1950s) water poisoning in the Native American communities?

Outrage erupted earlier this year as we learned that local, state and federal officials knew about Flint, Michigan’s lead-contaminated water supply for nearly a year, but they did nothing to address the deadly problem.

But few took note when people converged in Washington to protest radioactive pollution affecting the water of Native American communities. Even though the level of contamination is far higher and persisted longer than the crisis in Flint, there was barely a peep from the mainstream media.

Since the 1950s, waste from active and inactive uranium mines has seeped into the Navajo Nation’s water supplies, which has led to increased rates of cancer, genetic defects, Navajo neurohepatopathy, and increases in mortality.

(More examples are presented in the linked article.)

Source: http://www.mintpressnews.com/214351-2/214351/


This is not a "bungled" act by the Snyder Administration, it's a deliberate criminal act that brought irreparable harm to the citizens of Flint Michigan. I for one grow tired and increasingly impatient with the two sets of books the government keeps; one that would put me or anyone else not connected to government behind bars if we committed even the slightest crime, like slapping a puppy [and I'm not even joking], and another that protects a government official who commits a crime by classifying it as a "misstep,"

What's even more alarming is watching people vote for the party of destruction over and over again, as if they actually enjoy human suffering. This is apparently the same crowd, or mob who like to beat people at Trump rallies while being cheered on by the their new kingpin, Donald Trump. Times reporter, Chris Morris was just recently slammed to the ground by Trumps security agents, aka the U.S. Secret Service. However, the secret service will provide further details, "as warranted," once additional facts surrounding the "situation" are known. Another example of government; sorry, but for lack of a better word, privilege.

Rick Snyder is [in my opinion] the leader of a criminal syndicate who acted with malice and forethought, better known as RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970]. But, if we use the Chris Christie playbook, it's just a lot of noise that will eventually become softer and softer over time as the people are distracted to some other incident that will also have little or no impact on society, something we used to call consequences, which has been replaced with something we now call apathy.


All of this, and still no special prosecutor named by the Obama administration. Hell, I'm not even sure that the justice debt is doing anything at all concerning Flint.
If I know my Obama, he's going to let this slide by until next January. This whole thing could end up far too sticky for the ice prince to give two shits about it. Sorry people of Flint. You are just a little too black, and a little too poor.
Next time if you want help from the federal govenment, I suggest you march out a few lead poisoned blonde kids.


Sorry, that would be a criminal act if we the citizens deliberately forced him to drink the water. But, if you're an elected official; well then, by all means, please offer him a glass of water.


i've posted links in these threads a couple times from Indian Country Today and Intercontinental Cry about the radioactive and other poisoning of water and people on Diné / Navajo land.


Very well stated.

Also, BTW, the premise of The Divide, by Matt Taibbi. I started it recently but haven't gotten that far yet. He's one of the best investigative journalists around, IMO.


Sounds to me like you do indeed know your Obama. I just posted a response to meltdown mentioning Matt Taibbi's latest book, The Divide. Its first chapter examines how Obama's Justice Dept., under Eric Holder, essentially just stopped prosecuting Wall Street crimes.

There's probably no reason to expect any greater prosecutorial zeal for Flint, even if the "episode" happens to be a mass poisoning. (And like you said, they're not blonde...)


The fact that Michigan Governor Rick Schneider didn't address the water situation in Flint, much less call it an emergency (which it is!), is absolutely and totally beyond disgraceful! Rick Syder should either pick up the slack....right now, and get going on Flint's horrible water sensation, or risk being tossed out of offie.


…capitalism is devoid of any sense of social responsibility and is driven by an unchecked desire to accumulate capital at all costs. As power becomes global and politics remains local, ruling elites no longer make political concessions to workers or any other group that they either exploit or consider disposable.

Source: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/02/19/the-mad-violence-of-casino-capitalism/


Right you are.


The same reason that the patriots from CheneyCo aren't.