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Damning Investigation Finds Trump's Philanthropy Largely a "Facade"


Damning Investigation Finds Trump's Philanthropy Largely a "Facade"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump continues to boast about his charitable giving, but those claims were cast into further doubt on Thursday after a damning Washington Post investigation into his philanthropy concluded that it is, for the most part, a "facade."


Wish the Post had showed this much interest in the Clinton's foundation. :confused:


Will this matter? The Electoral College electors had a chance to break from the script in order to save the country from what could be blows from which we may not recover. But predictably, they sleepwalked us right to the edge of the abyss.

"We would rather be ruined than changed."
-W.H. Auden (1939)


Anybody who hasn't been locked in a closet for three decades or isn't afflicted with terminal denial syndrome realizes that TRUMP IS LARGELY A FRAUD (actually its more like entirely a fraud).


Trumps supposed philanthropy is far more than a "facade", it is a fraud - very like his "university" and likely his "foundation", now under investigation, that he is also trying to make disappear!

Its no wonder trump refuses to release his tax returns - the smoking-gun spotlighting his lies/deceptions on numerous issues, including his "philanthropy", net worth, and social responsibility - ie evading fair taxation, possibly by illegal means!


Trump and Ms Clinton are both frauds. Look closely at both and you may recognize the voting public.


Not much to show interest in. Charity Navigator rates the Clinton Foundation as relatively well-run - somewhat better than the American Red Cross, but not as good as, say, Oxfam.


Wasn't most of this revealed by Fahrenthold during the election? The voters for Trump knew he sometimes didn't follow the law and apparently they could care less. If they read real newspapers instead of fake news on the Internet than they should have known that Trump hadn't donated money to his foundation for several years and he had used some of the money to buy a portrait and to pay a large fee for violating a local ordinance. However, I think they just wanted a strongman to shake up Washington and hope they come out on top or at least better off. Wishful thinking. For most of Trump's voters it will probably be worse then they had it before. When you vote for a scam artist one thing you will probably get is being scammed. And in the case of voting for Trump, probably far worse.


Democrats always get a pass.


Quit being so one sided and open your eyes. Democratic and Republican politicians goth get a pass for their dishonest despicable behavior because we don't put their feet to the fire.


Someone should tell the Haitians. My niece was down there on the day after the election, said people were thrilled she lost. They don't think much of the Clinton Foundation. Thanks for the info on Oxfam, I'm going to have to check them out. :slight_smile:


You never heard of Oxfam??


If I ever saw a supercilious expression, the one on Trump's face in the picture above... is it!


WaPo refuses to add disclosure about $600M CIA contract

Published on Dec 28, 2016
In 2013, Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million. Only 4 months later, he was awarded a $600 million contract with the CIA. So the CIA has a direct connection to the Washington Post, the paper of record in our nation's capital, but they refuse to add a disclosure to stories they write about the CIA.

No conflict of interest here.
No way.


I've heard of them, never looked into them.


Remember, pizzagate is real.


Remember when the media ignored Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? It was almost impossible to find any coverage of that. Democrats always get a pass.


Remember the Lolita Express and Trumps and Clinton's rides on his plane.


No argument there. I was referring to the way the country responds when Repugs do something bad and the whimper the nation offers when Dems do the same or worse. I'm aware they both get away with too much. Americans are the only ones that can stop that.


Hadn't seen this, thanks.