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Damning New Study Helps Explain Why Pentagon Will No Longer Release Afghan War Updates


Damning New Study Helps Explain Why Pentagon Will No Longer Release Afghan War Updates

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the Pentagon is rebuked for withholding from the public information about the U.S. military's activities in Afghanistan, new reporting reveals that—more 16 years after the U.S. began its occupation—the Taliban has open and active presence in about 70 percent of Afghanistan, and ISIS has gained more ground in the country than ever before.


But But But…Trump says we are doing great.
By far, Best Job ever.

Surely we have to be doing better in other places, Syria perhaps.
I mean that Great Guy Putin is there, aren’t we working together,
we’re best Friends, Right

Yeah but Yemen is cool…Right?

Okay, so it will all be better for those Palestinians once we move the embassy to Jerusalem

The Frickin Joint Chiefs of Staff should all be Court Martialed for the depth of their Incompetence and their Endless Propaganda directed towards the US Public.

These jack-asses should be told to stand down immediately and our troops brought home, cause right now they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper sack.

They have no strategic or tactical plans in place.
Just more of the same pathetic bullshit.
FUBAR is the word commonly used in the ranks.

And I don’t give a flying leap about all the patriotic servicemen and women.

If you don’t know by now that you are serving AmeriKan Empire, then you need to get a clue.

We did in Vietnam, and it stopped when we all decided to stop serving the LIES.

Yours Truly a Veteran.


There’s a strange arrangement between the US and Pakistani governments with respect to Afghan war. Pakistan is a close “ally” of the US government yet they have been openly arming, training and sending across the border to not only kill the Afghan people but also kill American soldiers. ISIS shows up in Afghanistan after it’s driven out if Syria and Iraq Really weird that the US military supplies go through Pakistan to kill the Taliban that Pakistan is arming, supporting and training.


It’s all about American taxpaying voter’s dough. The military contractors are addicted to the easy money pumping up Americans with high doses of fox news patriotism, outright lies repeated around the clock. The bastards are all criminal looters murderers and thieves who really ought to be jailed till the day they die, no parole.


I wonder if any Afghanis hate the US.

Or did we win all their hearts in minds over the last 16 years?


The military contractors have literally turned into Murder Inc.
ala Eric Prince and such.

And you are right, there is no amount of Ethics to quench their Bloodlust for Money.

If you are a military contractor, you should have to be a non-Profit 501c3.

Otherwise call it for what it is, War Profiteering.

And the Joint Chiefs…well see the above.

And the State Department, see Eric Prince reference above.
He’s your favorite boy.


You certainly have a short memory. Pakistan has helped the US for far too long and gotten nothing of value out of it. From allowing their territory to be used as a staging post for spying (Gary Powers flying his U2 spy plane from Peshawar) to arming the terrorists to bring down the Soviets who were propping up the Afghan government. As soon as the Soviets left, sanctions were slapped on Pakistan in the 80s. I guess Pakistan is aware of the duplicity of its “ally”. Even now, all it takes is for Pakistan to stop the NATO supply lines and the US will realize the importance of a “cordial” relationship. Both countries use each other and thats about all and both are allowed to have their own national interests. The US got their man after having missed him in the early days of the invasion and their work should be done I suppose. But the lithium…ahhh (read batteries, solar panels, hybrid cars etc etc).

And yes, those same “terrorists” were jointly created at the behest of the US to bomb/ fight the Soviets. Why were they ok then? Pakistan cant wish them away and has to deal with them carefully - it is a dangerous neighborhood and the beardo weirdos have NO means to threaten the US/ West in any way. They can only turn on their own people or those who fostered them and you are seeing that.


All war is a complete waste of lives, human potential, and resources.


We just repeat endlessly. I thought after Nam that this would stop, but at best it was simply a short lull between storms giving the bloody hawks a chance to refine their game and learn from their mistakes - not mistakes in going to war, but in how to present it to the American public. Now here we are again and if anything it is ten times worse than Nam since the media is now controlled by corporate war loving pigs, there is no draft so the only ones dying are our “hero” volunteer warriors, there are no special war taxes, both parties simply love spending insane amounts of money on killing machines and we are involved in unknown numbers of countries. There is no political opposition to this and those of us who do oppose it are marginalized and without a voice.


Afghanistan is the best place of " the eternal war zones " for the DoD/MIC to launder money and, literally, to lose track of money. $$$ Billions of our tax dollars, every year.


Where is Bernie Sanders? He voted for this war. I don’t expect him to have easy answers but he has sort of become the leader of the progressive movement yet he never mentions Afghanistan. An interesting moment in the primary debates is when the moderator asked Sanders what he would do about Afghanistan if he was elected president. You would have expected him to be prepared with an answer but instead he quickly pivoted to domestic issues and started talking about income equality. The moderator did not him get away with it and asked again about Afghanistan and this time Sanders came up with some kind of general statement. There doesn’t seem to be any Democrat who wants to talk about Afghanistan. Is just seems to go on as if is now part of normal life and deserves no attention except for the occasional large scale attack such as the one that recently occurred in Kabul.


We are in Afghanistan at the behest of two Jewish billionaires, Michael Silver and Stephan Feinberg, solely to extract the mineral wealth.


Why didn’t you just say billionaires? What does their religion have to do with it. That’s like saying Christian president of the US Donald J. Trump… Jewish, billionaires, and mineral wealth in the same sentence raises concerns about the intention of the statement.


Yes, too bad that narrative is very seldom ever mentioned by the media’s presstitutes, whorespondents, and government, war mongers!


Hey, lets call A spade A spade- Two Jewish Billionaires that are profiting off of all of this misery!
Good question about Jewish Mr. Sanders though…


Things are very complex in Pakistan. Pakistan has a region between itself and Afghanistan called the Tribal Regions. This region is controlled by a group of fiercely independent tribes who really maintain their own autonomy. It is through here that things are easily moved back and forth between the two countries.


Without us in Afghanistan there would be less poppies, can’t have that. The world rotates around oil, guns and drugs. The control of oil, guns and drugs is the reason for everything governments do. Oil, guns and drugs; repeat and rinse.

No more updates? Just another secret war. How many are there now, these secret wars? How many countries are we on now? Where are we going to next, to control the flow of oil, guns and drugs?


Hammer meets nail. Well said.


Study: Iraq, Afghan war costs to top $4 trillion

War profiteering? Yes, the military industrial complex is getting rich on war again while no one can give us an answer as to why we are there and have been there for years. Other than the corporations that equip the military with weapons, vehicles, etc… are making huge profits. Then the flip side of their huge profits is the American national debt is now over $20 trillion. No one is pressing the government for an answer to why we are spending so much money for a war we invented on the other side of the planet. The profits are exactly why the congressional buildings are flooded with war lobbyists swarming all over congress with bribe money for legislation allocating more funding for the war. Which means more profits for contractors.


What jumped out at me was this (from the article):

“…the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) criticized the Department of Defense for refusing to release data on several Afghan districts, after the Pentagon determined it was ‘not releasable to the public’”

The public is best served when it has access to all relevant data, not just the happy news; who is served by bad news being withheld? And by what right is bad news withheld from the citizens in a true democracy?