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Damning Probe Finds EPA 'Turning Blind Eye' to Toxic Chemical Cocktails


Damning Probe Finds EPA 'Turning Blind Eye' to Toxic Chemical Cocktails

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While the use of one toxic chemical—on our foods, lawns, and elsewhere—has its inherent risks, scientists warn that the combination of two or more such ingredients in common pesticides could have an even more noxious impact, one which is commonly overlooked.


Big Corporate Governance run amok.


"The problem" goes way beyond just synergy of toxic chemicals in specific "cocktail" products.

There are thousands of chemicals with varying forms of toxicity that have been "approved" and released into the market and the ecology without rigorous testing requirements for the individual chemicals, let alone analysis of synergies among multiple chemicals.

Endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens, all of us and all of nature are exposed to cocktails of these chemicals every day and throughout our lives.

The ubiquitous endocrine-disrupting chemicals are in every living thing on Earth. Not just agricultural chemicals like pesticides, but hundreds of chemicals used in manufacturing and production of commercial and consumer goods including many plastics, are or include endocrine disruptors.

Pay no attention to cancer clusters, nor to degraded ecosystems. The massive power and momentum of the corporations, industries, and captive governments that profit from this liberal system of corporate "freedom" make it very difficult to even consider, or discuss, let alone do anything about, this toxic corruption of politics and ecology.


Why do we even bother having an EPA? After all, that money could pay for more bombs or to bail out the banks when they collapse again...


The Donald may just validate your sarcasm.


One only needs look at the number of former EPA and FDA executives who take board positions on the corporations that they are supposed to be regulating, and the former corporate execs who are now in managerial positions with those governmental agencies, to know that the fix is in. Face it, this country has the finest system of government that money can buy.


I say yeah to that!


If you want to know the politics around the regulation and use of chemicals, I suggest you read this article from the "Nation Magazine."


The "free market" lie will take care of all of our problems. We need to deregulate more so corporations will not be accountable for anything that they do. Sarcasm.


Yes i remember when that article came out. And when i got rid of several years worth of back issues of The Nation, i kept that issue. Hugely important for people to understand the depth and the horror of the corruption in the political economy.


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In the Great Heartland, if you're an ostensible farmer, all you need to spray this junk all over your fields is a 'private applicator's license'. Very difficult to come by, one essentially attends a coffee clutch, endure some odd PowerPoint presentations and a couple of lectures, survive the refreshments and after x number of business days the paper arrives in the mail.
One intriguing point of the lectures deals with the importance of complying with on label use---it is supposed to be a felony to use these chemicals in a manor contrary to label specifications. If the label says mixing this with that is not acceptable, then mixing this with that is illegal. Now comes the part that only a lawyer can fully appreciate. If, on the other hand, the label says nothing about mixing this with that---having no explicit prohibition, then you're free to cook up, in effect, whatever pesticidal/herbicidal concoctions you can dream up just so long as no label prohibitions have been breached. And guess what? A frighteningly large number of farmers do just that. Some out of stubborn hubris, others out of willful ignorance, and even more due to actual ignorance compounded by near functional illiteracy.*

*The average pesticide label is written at or above a twelfth grade level. In some of the largest farming communities, children are educated outside the public school system, many to only the eighth grade, at which point they leave school to practice various trades still anchored in a nineteenth century tradition.


As a farmer, I use a lot of chemicals and chemical combinations. Am I happy doing this? Of course not. Weeds, insects, Mother Nature, they all seek to evolve and outdo all our efforts for control. This year, instead of my normal last application of weed killer, I decided that was simply a poor choice. Instead I used my tractor and old cultivator. However, since I try to save my soil from washing away, I no-til. This makes cultivation very difficult. I did manage to get through a lot of it with several cultivator modifications. Now I am trying to finish up with my HAND OPERATED "hula-hoe." It is in places a LOT of work. When it is hot and humid it is NO fun. I will never get it all done, but I will make a good effort. BTW, I am 67 years old. Another issue I have is at my cabin (Yes, I am one of the lucky duckies of the world to have a vacation place). Our cabin has an infestation of chiggers in the area around it. They are one mighty miserable little insect. They are un-noticeable until days after they bite you. They itch to one degree or another for months. They love to bite in one's groin area. I truly hate them. I am spraying the f*ck out of the area around the cabin. Bifen is quite safe for mammals, but toxic to most all insects. Too bad for the good bugs. Rant over.


EPA is only doing its job -- protecting the rights of industrial corporations to contaminate and destroy ecosystems and human communities. Think about it -- EPA allows ("permits") industries to poison and otherwise harm ecosystems, thereby rendering said corporations not responsible for cleaning up and/or restoring said ecosystems, and preventing impacted communities from suing said corporations for the damages inflicted on said ecosystems and communities. And it's all perfectly legal -- Isn't that special?!