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Damning UN Report Says Israel Killings in Gaza Last Year Amount to Possible 'War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity'


Damning UN Report Says Israel Killings in Gaza Last Year Amount to Possible 'War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Human rights groups demanded accountability and justice for victims on Thursday after United Nations investigators said Israeli troops may have committed war crimes during anti-occupation protests in Gaza last year.



The U.S. Congress ( because investigations do cost $$$ ) should send Israel another $38 Billion to get to the bottom of who ordered the shooting and killing of children, the disabled, women, medical personnel and journalists. For sure, for sure. That’s a lot " sures ", btw. Prioritize!!!
But, rubbing out an entire people isn’t cheap.

Another recommendation would be for Congress to form a Blue Ribbon Commission led by Sens. Ben Cardin and Lindsey Graham, co-funded by Sheldon Adelson ( every $ billion helps ), to make sure nothing of substance regarding this not to subtle form of Israeli-led Palestinian genocide, ever sees the light of day.
Ah, American Exceptionalism is a beautiful thing when combined with tons of cash, isn’t it?



Isn’t it time for the UN with international support force peace keepers in Israel-Palestine? Let them keep a permanent presence there and in a generation or two we might see one nation for two people.



“The government of Israel has consistently failed to meaningfully investigate and prosecute commanders and soldiers for crimes and violations committed against Palestinians “

When this is the case it provides grounds to bring the prosecution to the World Court in The Hague

How appropriate to try the Israeli Government at the same site as the other War Criminals of the 20th Century



"Possible War Crimes?"

Zionist Murderers Must Be Shot.

An Eye For An Eye.

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They better not transport those U.N. peacekeepers or their gear by ship, that’s for sure, for sure.
Maybe Special Envoy to The Royal Bank of Saudi Arabia, Jared Kushner, will straighten everything out. What do ya’ think?



Did Amnesty make any mention of just how they were planning to hold these criminals responsible?
Last i checked there has not been a single Israeli or American war criminal tried at the Hague, and there has never been a shortage of those in either country.
Several of which have committed atrocities that rival any nazi hung at the Hague.



If I call that these people who are shooting innocent civilians monsters, there are many who think I’m making an anti-Semitic remark. America and Israel are both poisoned by so much hypocrisy and corruption, much of the populace doesn’t even recognize how evil their governments have become.



"POSSIBLE War Crimes?? BS! The racist Israeli entity has been committing such atrocities in many forms for decades, killing and imprisoning with impunity, since declaring themselves a state in 1948 and via intentional pre-meditated wars ever since! The 1967 war was a planned operation as was their criminal attack on the USS Liberty, covered up by Israel and our own government ever since!!

The illegal colonization and theft of territory by annexation and force IS racism and ethnic cleansing to secure their supremacist domination over Palestine! The tens/hundreds of thousands of many nations killed/murdered, bear witness to their atrocities and racism!

The world has been buffaloed by a very effective propaganda campaign to mix religion and racist expansionism - to mask racist superiority by controlling media especially in the US and always claim “anti-Semitism” when attacking critics!

The trump regime has been their most rewarding subversion of American sovereignty!They have dominated the dialogue and are coercing nations and states to declare any criticism of the racist entity “illegal” for using the BDS Movement to fight the inherent and sustained refusal to make peace, end The Occupation, and end the racist muders committed by the IDF and the so-called “settlers”! OF COURSE the actions of Israel have been war crimes and crimes against humanity! Against the Palestinian people and culture!

No more wars for Israel! No war against Iran! End Israeli subversion!

ENOUGH!! BDS! Zionism IS Racism!



Hi mrsannhitts: this was very funny , so thank you as satire is always welcome. : )

If America lets the actions of Israel slide—again. Dispense with the UN in NYC, and return it all to Europe , where actual history is stored and revered. Perhaps a side by side comparison of the 20th century WW 2 war crimes against the Jews and Israel’s 20th and 21st century crimes against the Palestinians will open some tightly closed eyes.



The U.S. wants to destroy historical memories and replace them with constant reruns of Dancing With The Stars and America’s Funniest Home Videos.
So, your point is thoroughly on with me.



I know this history but somehow as I am reading your post it sounds exactly like the oosa history as we tried to kill all natives as we went about stealing land from them and from Mexico and others.
The only difference is that Israel is supported by outside forces in order to create chaos in the middle east. It is sad that the many Jews are extremely supportive of the killing and plunder of the original native population. I have never heard any Israelites condemning their government’s action of genocide. Rather I have seen videos of the Jews applauding the slaughter.
When will it take for the world powers to step in ???



Jews have been persecuted since ancient times. Chased out of many countries including England 2x. Now that Israel controls the most powerful military country in the history of the world ,it has all changed. The only country that can challenge world jewry is China. The elders have a long range plan and the USA will be the cudgel to subdue mankind.



The crimes of modern Israel are not the crimes of Jews, they are the crimes of elitism, and fascist rule. There is no difference between threatening the right of one peoples existence and another’s. The Palestinian refugee camp and Gaza are the modern day concentration camp. To acknowledge the crimes of the modern day fascist is the exact opposite of antisemitism. In fact opposition to apartheid, elitism, fascism, and rampant unfettered capitalism is the only chance for human survival, not just for Israeli’s or Palestinians, but for all humankind. One does not win a battle by becoming the very evil he sets out to destroy.



“Some of those violations may constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity, and must be immediately investigated by Israel

Uhhhh … yeah. I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

By the way, how much coverage of this report do you think will appear on the MSM in this country?
0% … or less?



Excellent post. One of the issues is the use of religious or ethnic identity instead of calling out the abuse of one group of humans against another group. In all of history “religious leaders” (or rather those in power who have used their identity as religious leader) have used their power to subjugate others and either use them as slaves or killed them outright. take that you damn heathen, die damn it so we can take your gold, minerals, land and rape a few women and children on our way to conquer the world.



Mary, there are several Israeli organizations including current and former military members who are opposed to Israel’s policies and actions against the Palestinians. Google that topic and you’ll find them. Also, it’s not just some Jews who support Israeli genocide; several Christian extremists and Christian Zionists do, too.

Needless to say, there are increasing numbers of Jews and supporters in many countries who are condemning Israel, ergo the BDS movement.

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Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, Israel is one of the worst Right Wing Radical countries supported by their Religious NUT JOBS assisted by Saudi Arabia and the US. A true criminal triumvirate! All three need to be brought to justice. For Israel I suggest holding the trialsl in Nuernberg, Germany where they were held after WWII. If it can’t be held there then the International Criminal Court in the Hague with all three defendants being tried! I would hope that the finding would be that all three are GUILTY of WAR CRIMES!!! It is unfortunate that the punishments passed out after WWII are not currently available! An alternative would be to send them to the blackest of black holes but that won’t happen either.All three countries fates are sealed. Now it is time to continue into the future in which Hell is both in front and behind behind us simultaneously!



The ‘empire’ and allies have murdered millions over the last 7+ decades. But it is good to see the progress being made: Amount to POSSIBLE ‘war crimes or crimes against humanity’. (emph. mine)

Beware the propaganda of the warmongers has changed. It is now called ‘humanitarian aid’ and ‘right to protect’. Starvation is a lot less messy than blowing little kids to bits …

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Once again, I call attention to the irony: To ensure the purity of their promised land, the Zionists resort to the same ethnic cleansing and property confiscation they were subjected to.

The words ‘never again’ are now poisoned.

To all Jewish people who are ashamed of the apartheid and murder being perpetrated in your name, I hope that you join me in promoting a just and peaceful road to sharing Israel.

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