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Damning UN Report Says Israel Killings in Gaza Last Year Amount to Possible 'War Crimes or Crimes Against Humanity'


The UN is a joke. Nothing will be done.

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Sanctions are a Weapon of Mass Destruction, (Use of which is a war crime), that indiscriminately kills innocent people in hopes of achieving a political end, or making a political statement, (Terrorism). These tactics are currently employed by the 2 clearly fascist /capitalist regimes of the world, (Israel and USA).

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China to confront Israel. Ya think? China doesnt get involved in conflicts. Thirty thousand !!! Chinese workers left Libya quietly before it was totally pulverized by Western forces.

Jewish people settled in China long long ago and among the traditional 200 name list of official Chinese heritage are quite a few Jewish names. Today the Jewish communities differ considerably regarding to what degree they practice their heritage, like with religious heritage everywhere. For some, it is the burial ritual.


War crimes is a misnomer, and quite a joke to me as well. All war and all elements of it are criminal.