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"Dam's Not Breaking. It's Broken": Pelosi Reportedly Set to Announce Official Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/24/dams-not-breaking-its-broken-pelosi-reportedly-set-announce-official-trump

Well, throw you a fish Nancy. It’s about time.
Now, you’ve been obstructing this process for a very long time. Will THAT continue behind the curtain?

Pardon me if I’m a bit skeptical.


Two things:

  • The DNC hopes this juicy story and ensuing process will overwhelm the Biden / Ukraine scandal, hoping to keep Joe’s awful candidacy alive. This matter is the one that tipped Pelosi’s balance toward finally initiating proceedings toward impeachment of Trump, despite numerous Constitutional outrages that have been sitting there in plain sight for almost two years…

  • While finally making a first move, Pelosi can nonetheless be expected to continue to do everything in her power to slow and extend the process as long as she possibly can, including by appointing a separate new select committee to begin investigating whether or not to file articles of impeachment.

She may even convince herself that she sincerely believes that her main motivation to wait so long and to continue to impede the process, is simply political prudence and caution…


Well, just MAYBE, something really juicy will pop out of an investigation that even the Reich can’t ignore


Yep, she’s still in control of what ever is going on

and this…

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If only t were coarse, cruel, crude, ugly, mean-spirited and vicious–we could forgive him. But he imposes all that upon us all, all the time. We cannot even tolerate it and certainly not forgive it. He belongs nowhere but on the ash heap of history.


Let’s not forget this fact:

PENCE went to Ukraine to also add pressure at the request of Trump.

Impeach them both concurrently!


A helluva lot depends on the transcript of the call and whistleblower’s complaint and live testimony. Hopefully, they’ve got trump’s balls in a vise this time. Trump tripping all over himself with contradictory versions of events will help.

Still, he slithered out from under the Mueller Investigation, payouts to porn stars, obstructions, and “emoluments” issues…So I’m in a wait and see posture: Schiff, for one, has made lots of “guarantees” about “bombshells” that went nowhere.


I can’t be the only one who wonders just how the diehard (no pun intended) MAGA base will react to this, and what it portends for our society.


Undying support for their boy. FoxNews and the rest of the rightwing echo chamber calling this a witch hunt non-stop. ByeDone’s nepotism used an excuse, portrayed through a veil of misinformation and bullshit (not that I condone nepotism). Republican support for Trump strong and united unless the call transcript and whistleblower complaint are the real goods.


don’t start celebrating in the end zone just yet. this is Pelosi.

“Inquiry”. Not hearings, “inquiry”. This is like the “studies counterplan” in a debate. Need time to stall? “Study commission.” “Blue ribbon panel”. Time sucks, one and all.

Just keep up the pressure and she may buckle. At the very least, she’s feeling some heat. Which may be the first time in years for dear Nancy.


Given the courage of the damnocrats, they should be able to stretch this “INQUIRY” out until 2024 easily.


Add to the mix, a few more details:

A “witch hunt”? Right. The moron is destroying the country, the world, and the planet. I guess that isn’t fucking serious enough for them. Of course, if he were impeached, they would lose the asshat that has their greed capitalist financial asses.


good gawd man think about what you’re saying!
You want Pelosi as President? LOL

ok just kidding. Even Cruella de Vil would be better than Caligula…I guess


I imagine republicans will be calling this another witch hunt. What’s one to do when the witches are still at large?
All of a sudden dems and repugs have forgotten about all of the other crap trump has pulled. They are talking like without the dirt surrounding the quid pro quo from the contact with a foreign power nothing was in the works to impeach trump. Something is stinking up the place.


Once Nancy got the green light from her precious “problem solver” Blue Dogs, she made a move.

But not until. The placard on her desk reads: “Speakership Over Principles.”

And you’re right – if she can slow walk this, she will.


Thank you for articulating my exact expectation. Expect a floor vote when… on the other hand, just don’t. Don’t expect a floor vote. Ever. I don’t know why, entirely, other than continued paralysis. What have we seen up to now? What can we expect to see going forward? On this and everything else from background checks to the Climate Catastrophe, nothing ever happens. Consistently continued paralysis – A syndrome much larger than Nancy Pelosi.

It’s as if the tissue-paper thin pretense of democracy is too afraid to stretch, too afraid to crumple.


Can we get AOC on the committee? That’ll throw a monkey wrench in her ‘slow walkin’ dance


Even now, the republicans refuse to pull their heads out of their asses. This must be a Fox Noise association problem, because these law makers are not stupid in the way of intelligence. But they are devoid of honest adjudication.