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Dance on the Grave of the TPP


Dance on the Grave of the TPP

Jake Johnson

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was effectively dead before Donald Trump's inauguration but, somehow, it always seemed poised to emerge from the grave and walk among the living once more.


Whether or not the TPP is dead or not, Trump will do something worse.


(Inviting severe flaming, I know...)

I had no good choices to vote for President. Trump got my vote largely because he was against TPP, TTIP, and TISA. Those were the biggest existential threats to my countrymen and my country. Hilary wouldn't commit to killing those trade deals, and I do care about whether my neighbor is able to eat dinner tonight and ten years from now, because not everyone is in a position to hunt, fish, and forage. These trade deals needed to die.

The rest of what he's up to, e.g. the pipelines, is going to be a continuing uphill battle. But Hillary supported those too, so it was a wash for me.

Let's all keep working the domestic causes we believe in with everything we've got. Maybe we can win full GMO labeling. Full decriminalization of all plants. Full legalization of raw milk. Dismantling the neocon surveillance state, piece by piece. Stop the provoking of foreign wars. We can win these, if we can work together on the things we do agree on.


??? Why vote for a sociopath?


Just as they always have, most of the media and most politicians continue to characterize TPP and other regulatory capture schemes as trade deals and demonize those of us who oppose them as being against trade. These serial mischaracterizations are no different than Trump's alternative facts. Trump just has more alternative facts than anybody else.


Dan, If we had only had the Democrat or the Republican to chose from in November, I couldn't in good conscience, vote for either one. Why, I suppose mainly because they have for the past 30 years or more, lacked the empathy to represent the masses, choosing instead to give their time and energy and our country's treasures to the Corporations, the Banks, and the Wealthiest segment of our society. Until you and the other 120 million Americans who voted on November 8th for the Two-party Duopoly evolve in the way you believe government should represent only a very tiny fraction of America, this country of ours will continue engaging in endless wars, income inequality, welfare only for the rich and wealthy, and Corporations and Banks will continue to write our policies and laws.


Johnson sez: "(T)he secrecy is understandable, given who played the most important role in shaping the agreement: Namely, representatives of private industry."

Hey, it was worth a try. It proved a winning formula for "Obamacare".


We will soon be longing for the days when all we had to worry about were some trade deals.

What state did you vote in? If you were in any state except Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin, your selfish vote meant nothing anyway.


There have been two actions by Donald P Orange that have raised him in my estimation and made me decide to cut him a little slack.
The first is his stated commitment to dial back on the anti-Russian racism of US pols & their media enablers, which was really just proof that the original cold war had little to do with so-called 'anti communism' and everything to do with millennia old phobias Saxons held towards the unknown Slavs. Antipathy towards the mid and eastern european slavic peoples has been around since long before the Bolshevik revolution. England fought the Russians in the Crimean War during the 1850's.
England - which had sought and received the support of Russia to defeat Napoleon, purported the reason for invading Crimea (interestingly back then 150+ years ago, englanders believed Crimea was a part of Russia) was, incredibly,, even weaker than the ClintonInc 'evidence' Russia interfered in prez '16.
The Ottoman empire was allegedly making life tough for christian Palestinians, so France & England cut a deal with Turkey that left the majority of Palestinian xtians,i those of the orthodox brand out.of protection.
When Russia objected, england & france turned on Russia and went to war. It was really about attempting to keep a nation who shared boundaries with then obviously failing Ottoman state out of the carve up agreed between england & france - not so much changes eh!
Anyway by putting a stop to the insane vilificatioin of Russia and also pulling the plug on the TPP, D Trump, as sleazy as he may be, has earned the rihjt tp a bit of love in my book - these two acts have undoubtedly saved the lives of millions of human beings who would otherwise have been bombed, shot, raped and/or starved outta existence.

I don't hate the ugly shit the likes of trump talk, nearly as much as I loathe the ugly shit the likes of Oblamblam & ClintonInc do. as they mouth their neoliberal shibboleths..


So you consider criticism of a dictator hated by all Russian leftists to be "anti-Russian Racism"? Have you asked any Russian leftist brothers what they think of Putin?

Tell the rest of your crap to the people who are going to die when the ACA/Medicaid is ended - and the people who see their working conditions and wages decline - and NO hope of a union - at the hands of their emboldened capitalist bosses.

And the people tortured in the newly reopened black sites and the expanded Guantanamo bay.

And the people throughout the middle east that will perish under savage indiscriminate attacks - like Putin did in Aleppo.

Then then there are the planetary impact - mostly on the poor - of runaway global warming.

How pathetic! You name yourself after Eugene Debs yet you are actually a fascist - but don't even know it!


Any articles about the TPP really should explain that it is very much not dead at all. The USA will certainly not be a party to it now, which is good, but it is very much still alive. Writers who write about international trade agreements would do well to read some international media instead of only American media.


Who cares? We don't care about Russia or Russian Leftists. That's their problem. Truth be known, the Deep State probably put Putin in power, since they have a massive tool box for toppling people they don't like.

Don't waste my tax dollars on your global-cop insanity. If you want to topple Putin, go join the rebels in Siberia or Syria, but leave us out of it. Your insane Red Queen and her evil twin Obama almost got us in a nuke war with this kind of Red Scare 2.0 horsechit.

We aren't buying it, Mr. government man.


I was against the TPP two years ago but at this point I will not support any position taken by the dictator Trump. Everything he touches is poisoned and no decent person should support his infrastructure plans, trade deals, or foreign policies. To do so is to admit that you would have approved of Hitler's jobs plans in 1934 or occupation of the Rhineland in 1935. In his every action, and most of all in his rush to destroy all climate change efforts, this Trump is an enemy to mankind. Anyone who thinks otherwise has simply not read (i.e. read, not seen youtube videos) the serious literature on the lives of Hitler and Stalin.

And when the day comes that Trump proclaims that all Muslims must be registered, be ready to step forward and identify yourself as a Muslim - just as the King of Denmark rode out wearing a yellow star on the morning after the Nazis demanded that all Danish Jews do the same.


Putin wasn't even in Aleppo, until NATO started bombing the hell out of it. That outfit is noting but an expensive magnet for terrorists and war.

So you're the guy worried about people getting bombed all of a sudden. Where was your outrage the last eight years, when the Democrats dropped an average of 72 bombs every single day?

I never heard you say one word about that.


Selfish vote? Who are you to judge?