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'Dangerous and Appalling': US Defenders of Venezuelan Embassy Demand Secret Service End Illegal Water and Power Shutoff

'Dangerous and Appalling': US Defenders of Venezuelan Embassy Demand Secret Service End Illegal Water and Power Shutoff

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Police in Washington, D.C. and Secret Service agents cut water and electricity to the Venezuelan embassy on Wednesday, the latest attempt by the U.S. government to oust supporters of President Nicolas Maduro who are defending the building with his government's blessing.

In response to the move, the activists inside—who for weeks have fended off anti-Maduro protesters outside—are demanding the water and electricity be turned back on.

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The congressional budget office should keep track of any war spending toward Vz.
Then congress should subtract those amounts from any kind of military budget that comes along.


We now have a totally lawless government. At this point, there is no reason for the citizens to believe or act otherwise. Nor is there any reason for the citizens to follow the rule of law, when their government ignores it. Rally Point? Anyone?

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We’ve had a totally lawless government since 1947, the year both I and the CIA were born. What’s new is that Pwesident Twump doesn’t bother to try to hide the fact, but rather seems to revel in it.

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Guaido is a loser in Venezuela. Let’s make sure his violent criminal element in DC lose too.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the deliberate destruction of a country’s infrastructure (i.e., water, sewage, electrical and telecommunication systems) considered a war crime? I ask because the Venezuelan embassy, like all the other embassies in DC, is legally considered that country’s sovereign soil by the host country. By that standard, attacking its infrastructure should constitute a war crime.


U.S. committing war crimes with no recompense? Sounds like a typical weekday in the “land of the free”.


Is there a “grassy knoll” close by?

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Hi Gandolf: good idea and in a wicked way, maybe someone will send in balloons . Since the water is shut off, that means the toilets aren’t working either. Maybe the protestors can get some balloons and pee into them and launch them from inside the embassy onto the awful D=Guaido below. : ) The fact that the government is allowing Guaido supporters to attack the Americans who have Venezuela’s permission to be there is weird enough---- Hmm I guess the secret of the secret service is that they work for Guaido. : (

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If the press had any balls, someone would ask Pompus-Ass-EIEIO how the U.S. would view the blockade and denial of essential services (electricity and water) to their embassy in Venezuela, and how that would be any different from what is happening at the Venezuelan embassy in D.C.