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Dangerous and Delusional


Dangerous and Delusional

James Zogby

The performances by four of the five remaining presidential candidates at AIPAC’s policy conference made this a perfectly strange and unsettling week in Washington.


The author James Zogby, along with his brother John are great contributors to the cause of trying to make America sane. Here, James calls it right on the money. Bernie speaks the truth, doesn’t have to remember the lies that he told, and needs to let me buy him a beer and have the privilege of drinking with him. Bernie 2016!


Regarding the “neutral party” during “negotiations” comment by Trump. The US has always been a “neutral party” - they stand back let Israel do whatever they want to the Palestinians.

And anyone who does not maintain this “neutral” position is denounced as a racist “anti-Semite” - as the UC Regents did just a few days ago as a “Purim Gift”.


Zionist Israeli leaders and policy worked for years to “get America into our fight” - double-speak for the wholesale subversion of America and our sovereignty to support any Israeli act of terror, the Occupation and illegal colonization.
Use of quislings, Fifth Columnists, and a controlled press inside our nation and Congress is used to secure our compliance, support, hundreds of billions in funding, and complicity to racist Zionist goals in Palestine - the mythology of Eretz Israel - the complete colonization and de facto annexation of all that is left of Palestine and the destruction of Palestinian culture - a cultural and political genocide! Of course this has all been ruled illegal under International Human Rights Law in its many guises!

Even when American citizens protesting Israeli racism and occupation are murdered and maimed along with other International protesters the US does and says nothing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Solidarity_Movement

The USS Liberty attack was only one such false-flag op by Israeli forces and Mossad, the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut another. Many actions to generate outrage against Palestinians and Israeli opponents in general and support for any crime against humanity or war crime committed by the racist exceptionalism of the terrorist Israeli Zionist state! Early Zionists - Stern Gang, Hagana, Irgun - were terrorists and that MO continues today with the same goals!

Israeli sycophants and lap-dogs in Congress and all those who make craven obeisance to Israeli expansionism and hegemony are traitors - anyone that holds first loyalty to or bows to Israeli/AIPAC subversion is treasonous…


" Anyone that holds first loyalty to or bows to Israeli/AIPAC subversion is treasonous."

That statement applies to most of the Israeli/AIPAC acolytes in CON/GRESS!


Well, with Trump pandering to AIPAC and Sanders, the only potentially neutral party to this long lasting debacle (no progress on affecting a 2-state “solution”) … one wonders where that will put posters like “St. Jimmy” now that his hero has shown the same deference to the Israeli lobby that so many posters condemn.


There are a number of significant EVILS in this world and too many on C.D. ONLY focus on one: Israel and/or AIPAC.

I’d encourage posters to watch this documentary to understand the greatest threat to peace across the globe. It’s a facet of the MIC that has grown in gargantuan ways and its works remain largely beneath the radar.

JSOC makes Israel look like keystone cops. But so long as focus is placed primarily on “The Jewish State” the ubiquitous nature of unchecked violence that’s spreading like a global wildfire can remain unnoticed.

Here is the link:


Great to see another Sanders campaign resurrection, on Easter no less !


There is a fabulous format shell that at this point presents itself as content. Here is a project that exhibits similar visceral sampling of the sort of proportionality, historical veracity, compelling narrative and screen presentation so beloved of media.
The Centrifuge Brain Project


The JSOC is indeed a great threat, one of many as you write. …If there are any future CD articles on the JSOC, I’m sure many here will respond and comment on their activities. In this case the article dealt with one of the numerous threats to regional and world peace and justice, Zionism and subversion of sovereignty, and I did, as usual, put my positions forward.
Thanks for the informative link and your activism!. Here are some others to inform the CD community! As always, Peace…


Okay, that was a fair and honest response.

In the past few days I’ve been researching the war on citizens that took place in Argentina from l976-l983 (I have to double check those dates) only to find out that the Nazis who emigrated there after W.W. II had once again targeted Jews.

While it was not a mini-Holocaust, the proportion of Jews tortured, imprisoned, and disappeared was 10X the average.

I hardly agree with Israel’s ultra-militaristic approach; but at the same time, I am quite aware of the history of antisemitism and how brutal its advocates have been. That’s why when it appears to me that Israel–alone–is being held up as scapegoat for all the aggression executed by U.S. and NATO nations, I get deja vu feelings of immense threat.

Those who can only view the world–and events–through a bifurcated, “either-or” lens take from my commentary support for Israel, right or wrong. But that is NOT what I am saying.

I am against militarism, the arming of nations, the emphasis on machismo, force, and aggression WHEREVER it’s practiced; and whenever it’s practiced to the point it becomes the NORM of any land, then I use the phrase: Mars Rules… and consider it diabolical.

There is too much history around scapegoating specific groups on the basis of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, or nationality and this M.A.D.ness has got to stop, or it will put a stop to sentient life on this planet.


The absolute pandering to Israel on the part of the U.S. media and political establishment bears some similarity to the equally mindless obeisance to Stalinist Russia in the 1930s among many western and U.S. liberals. No matter what evidence was presented of Stalin’s purges and the man-made famine in Ukraine, leading thinkers refused to see that Stalin was a mass murderer. With the rise of Hitler, such people simply would not face the facts about their beloved Stalin. Of course, Netanyahu is not a mass killer on the level of Stalin, numbering his victims only in the thousands rather than millions, but there is still the same blind devotion to a foreign tyranny.


Given that SaintJimmy is no longer with us on CD, I will speak for him. I have read many of his posts, and you misrepresent him. He always said he would vote for Sanders. He has never supported Trump, but maintains that Clinton (who has an abysmal record) is worse than Trump.

I am almost tempted to agree with him. If Trumps words on reigning in the MIC and on being neutral on Palestine were, in fact, true, then I would have to agree with him. I say “almost”, only because I dont think Trump would keep his word. I think he would have the same catastrophic foreign policy as Clinton, and a bigoted domestic policy as a bonus. He has already broken his word by contradicting what he has previously said at the AIPAC conference.

P.S. As a non U.S. citizen I dont get to vote, but as a citizen of the U.S. empire I do have to suffer whoever becomes emperor.


You count only deaths, and even then it is very difficult to count. Would the invasion of Iraq have happened, if the Israel lobby had not pushed for it? I think not. AIPAC conferences are nothing if not a demonstration its power over the USA government and media. It does not show their privilege or influence within the alphabet agencies.


What happened to Saint Jimmy?


I also as a non voter but part of American empire - if Sanders does not win- I wish for Trump over Clinton.

Trump’s domestic policy does not concern me.

Clinton will provoke Iran and Russia. She is furious that Syria was not turned into a new ISIS headquarters.

Terrorists are the new enemy and if
endlesss war is to be maintained then the U.S. has to keep destroying countries - especially ones that own their central banks.

Hillary is with Wall Street as they are part of regime change and the destruction of any country that dares to control its currency.

The Donald doesn’t yet understand the reality. Hillary does and she is on board.

Donald might get on board with the US’s actual agenda but then again he might not.

So he is the better bet of 2 bad choices. That the establishment media - dislikes him - the same media that cheer leads endless war - makes it obvious he is currently not in the MIC’s back pocket.

He might end up there but Hillary is already there. St Jimmy was correct IMHO that Clinton is the greater evil.


Why is Saint Jimmy no longer with us?


I forget where I saw it, but another poster said he was banned from these threads.