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'Dangerous' and 'Dumb': Trump Signs Executive Order Torching Regulations


'Dangerous' and 'Dumb': Trump Signs Executive Order Torching Regulations

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday that aims to slash regulations—an action, advocacy groups say, that puts lives at risk.


This gives new meaning to the phrase, 'Taxation Without Representation'. Why should anyone be required to pay taxes under these rules, or lack of? Does anyone else hear that giant sucking sound? That's the sound of our rights and protections afforded us under the Constitution going into the bank accounts of the rich and unethical.


Absolutely. Why is there virtually no mention of a tax revolt?


...yet. Patience my friend.


When any government decides to no longer safeguard the well-being of its citizens, or to remove what protections the people already have, it no longer has any authority to govern those citizens.

Protecting corporations from the law is not what government is about.


I doubt this will pass muster with the courts. The act of passing or repealing regulations is subject to the Administrative Procedures Act which forbids arbitrary and capricious actions when adopting or repealing regulations -- ordinarily a tough standard of proof to meet. But, if occasioned by this Executive Order, it will most likely be met, as the very notion of having to repeal two regulations to adopt one is, by its very nature, arbitrary and capricious.

In addition, in most cases, agencies are required by the statutes they are administering to adopt rules and regulations, so repealing them would violate the acts of Congress they are charged with upholding.

Dumb and Dumber strike again!


Need to get the threat started early.


Business has actually been fairly happy with the regs as they are now. Companies will suffer under this confusion and much more to come. Too bad they could not sell Hillary, who was the most pro-business candidate in a generation.


Agree and it needs to be in conjunction with total, rolling, non cooperation starting in the cities, perhaps D.C. L.A. or NYC while we organize for a new and decent country.


Perhaps you haven't been following the recent murmurs coming from Sacramento, Ca?


On the other hand those criminals have already shown, that they have no intention to pay attention to the court decisions in matters of refugee bans. I understand, that as we speak, people from selected countries, even with valid visas are still being sent back, despite court decisions to the contrary.

The question is: who controls the immigration officials, the White House or the constitutional law?


Such as?


I have but that is at the State level and I'm more interested in the personal level.



Congress passes an intentionally weak regulation with no teeth, and they remove 2 regulations which actually protect the citizenry? They could, in short-order gut everything with just a handful of meaningless "new" regulations.

Progressive House Members IMPEACH NOW Get rid of President Bannon and his sock puppet trumpet.


The order calls for the repeal of two regulations to offset the cost of any new regulations issued (Section 2). More important, unless required by law, the "total incremental cost of all new regulations, including repealed regulations, to be finalized this year shall be no greater than zero" (Section 2(b)). What that last part means in practice is anyone's guess, but subsection 2(d) says agencies will be getting further guidance. To add, it appears each agency will get an "incremental cost allowance" for issuing and repealing regulations (Section 3(d)). I'm betting it won't be huge.

More interesting, is the definition of "regulation" (Section 4). It "means an agency statement of general or particular applicability and future defect designed to implement, interpret, or prescribe law or policy or to describe the procedure or practice requirements of an agency" with a few exceptions. If I'm reading that correctly, this EO goes beyond regulations issued through the normal process via the Fedeeal Register, but can encompass nearly any "rule" an agency issues. This is pretty broad if I'm reading it right.

Republicans also pushed for a change to the Administrative Procedures Act in the House. See HR 5. If that gets enrolled in the budget, this order and that change to the law could be a huge 1-2 punch.


I don't believe they care. A tax revolt by the great unwashed, which is how ordinary people are viewed, will hasten the dismantling of societies organized so as to provide needed safety nets and public safeguards. They already want to control everything with no regard to the public, referred to as "human resource". They won't care whether we pay taxes. We'll still have to work, but there will be no worker protections at all and no safety nets or public safeguards, so workers will be utterly desperate and dependent upon employers. Welcome to Medieval America. We need to dump these (blood)suckers now. Forget the tax strategy.


Has anyone here actually run a business and tried to comply with the avalanche of govt regulations? I have, and it is no picnic. Just the regs for the sign I could hang up ran to three pages. I had a friend that built shipping boxes in his business. The regulations regarding size meant that govt contracts were guaranteed to cost him 5X more for re- tooling and wastage,,,which he passed along to the govt.. Unelected beaurocrats churn out thousands of regulations a year. Many are needed, but a remarkable number seem to be targeted at one goal...to justify the job of the beaurocrat. . Al Gore talked about this extensively on the ride up to the 1992 Presidential Election. It's ridiculous.


In the absence of some sort of organized protest/rebellion, how would you
propose to dump them?


If corporations were at all ever inclined to self-regulation, then gov't regulations never would have been instituted in the first place. Trusting corporations to self-regulate is like trusting the fox to guard the henhouse. There's only one outcome that will result from "torching regulations" and it will be abuse by the corporations.

I hope the white house chef feeds this fat asshole some unregulated food.


Just the slogan, "Dump Trump" is a good start.