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'Dangerous' Decline in Biodiversity Threatening Humanity's Wellbeing Worldwide


'Dangerous' Decline in Biodiversity Threatening Humanity's Wellbeing Worldwide

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

From failures to combat global warming to pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, human activity is significantly contributing to a worldwide and "dangerous" decline in biodiversity, jeopardizing nature's ability to benefit to people's wellbeing, according to a major study published Friday.


The headline should read: Humanity is causing a dangerous decline in biodiversity and threatening flora and fauna’s wellbeing.


To long…

How about: Humans destroy the earth.


We must act to halt and reverse the unsustainable “misuse” of nature.



How about, Subhumans destroy the Earth for profits.


“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” – Joni Mitchell, “Big Yellow Taxi”

Every 24 hour period, roughly 200 more species go extinct right now. The numbers will add up over the decades.

My mother had Alzheimer’s. She didn’t miss a few brain cells at first, but toward the end she had no idea why she was cooped up in a strange room with strangers, and she’d scream for help.

When species diversity goes extinct, your great-grandkids will understand in spades someday. Don’t go there!

You’re on that moving train right now.


We are already living in the 6th great mass extinction. There is alot mass die off going on everyday. Between climate change , global warming and you need to add to the equation climate engineering whichis helping to accelerate the problem.


– go here it shows mass die off and what happened not a pretty picture


It’s too bad that our country steals from those here at home and kills others elsewhere. We will consume the planet at all costs. Sorry.


Stabilize population growth. The way human population is expanding, the basic consumption/needs of the crush of humanity is pushing our planet to the brink. There must be some truth to “Carrying capacity”,and I believe we must start paying heed to it, and right now.


Close but not quite.

How about: Evil Humans destroy the earth for profits as world population watches, does nothing.



How about: Evil Subhumans destroy the Earth for profits whilst everybody goes shopping.


Earth Destroys Greedy Ignorant Ingrates


I’m afraid Humanity is sealing it’s own Death Warrant. People are just realizing this a bit too late.


Yes, the Earth and habitat will be here long after the last human perishes. It just won’t be a livable habitat for most life forms. As the Donald would say, “very sad!”


Oh, by the way, the gal/guy that replied to me above seems to be from a fossil fuel troll farm. They’re pushing gratuitous “geoengineering” made out of whole cloth from the troll farm. You will never find any bit or factoid whatsoever that’s either specific or the least bit useful for solving climate change if you go to their funny site.

Know that small-scale Arctic remediation is a real possibility.


With “leaders”–Drumpf being the prime example–who are ideology-driven, our species will soon be joining the many other species now going extinct.


MUST but WON’t!!


IT WON’T HAPPEN!! Stabilization WILL occur–once our species makes its GRAND EXIT!!


Paul you have it all wrong … You have no idea what geoengineering is and what it is doing to the planet We are against climate engineering which as been going on for over 70 years … You should do some research.
the person that runs that site does great work. The fact is most people are ignorant on this subject

Do your self a favor and listen to tommorrow’s show which he posts every Saturday – he cuts thru alot of b.s. including the politics.


Well, who knows. But I hope you’re wrong, and somehow people begin to see the need to slow population growth. But You may indeed be right and we’re on our way out the door. Mother Nature can only tolerate so much…