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'Dangerous, Destructive, and Divisive': Trump Ploy to Defund So-Called 'Anarchist Jurisdictions' Denounced as 'Illegal' Reelection Stunt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/dangerous-destructive-and-divisive-trump-ploy-defund-so-called-anarchist

"I can’t imagine what four more years of Trump-Barr would mean for our democracy."- Vanita Gupta

Similar comments from Bernie, Chomsky, West, Turner, AOC, Benjamin, street, scientists environmentalists, educators, republicans, medical professionals, First Peoples, Economists all by the freakin boatload, and we should heed a few voices that claim to know better? Rubbish!

Regardless what one thinks of the reality of “our democracy” the stark truth is whatever “we” have that is worth fighting for - or against - or reforming to actually live-up to the promise of the words in our great documents (albeit written by slave-owners) ALL of what went before will be destroyed and there will be nothing left to save if that creature gets another 4 years to “roll-back” everything As simple as that; and don’t give me the rubbish that is the only way to destroy the DP/DNC and then we will rebuild a better world" - THAT is delusional, divisive, fantasy, troll, bott, “Russian hacker”, right wing, neo-fascist - all of them under any guise - garbage!!
The basic reason is that this hideous cretin and the people he has placed into positions of policy and power, like barr, miller, devoid, dejoy, wheeler, zinke, every fuckin one chosen to destroy whatever those “regulatory” agencies had, will have been disappeared by the trump regime!
Yeah, yeah, I know Dems are blah, blah, Bernie has always been a sellout sheepdog", that’s either utter BS or true and we know that already, and it doesn’t matter whatever the supposed rationale or plan to re-take/rebuild the DP or whatever blather has been swallowed by the innocent or troll argument pushed is delusional! The only way forward it is explained- “is a trump win and that will push the people to revolution and force the clinton, obama, perez, hoyer sellouts (and oligarchs) from power” Really?

Chris Hedges writes “Only one thing matters to the oligarchs. It is not democracy. It is not truth. It is not the consent of the governed. It is not income inequality. It is not the surveillance state. It is not endless war. It is not jobs. It is not the climate. It is the primacy of corporate power—which has extinguished our democracy and left most of the working class in misery—and the continued increase and consolidation of their wealth.” all very true and the how to smash them and still retain the things worth saving is the question.

Nina Turner said: " Progressives have two dragons to slay. We Have the (trump) dragon of Neo-Fascism and the dragon of (DP/DNC) neoliberalism."
The corrupt influence of money - great wealth in few hands - in our politics and corrupting media - truth - is a third dragon!


Such desperation from a "winner’. Let’s finish him off politically on November third and let the State of New York stick a great big fork in him after that. Toxic pig roast that all should see but upon none should feast.


this is what happens when a political party becomes a criminal organization like the Republicans have morphed into since their first criminal traitor–Nixon- was allowed to walk away from his crimes–soon followed by the second of those Republican traitors Reagan–their crimes-making deals with the enemy(Vietnam and Iran respectively)to gain electoral advantage in their theft of the election by those acts–to be followed in short order by the theft of another election–this time by a judicial coup that stopped the legitimate counting of ALL the votes— sadly the Democrats sold their souls to the corporations and in every instance has FAILED to protect the American people–this to go with the abject failure to protect the vote for that same time frame–like they failed to listen to the science for those same years leaving us exposed to the collapse of our ecosystems–time for the Democrats to get a backbone and stop kowtowing to the right–oh yah–they are taking their money from the same people–which is exactly why we are where we are–incidentally Barr was a major actor in several of these crimes-along with the cover up of war crimes committed by Bush and company–that the Dems have also failed to address except by doubling down on that horror and spreading it to more countries and participating on their own war crimes-ones that left failed states, slave markets-famine -cholera-starvation and death of thousands of poor third world peoples in their wake-TIME to quit giving these criminals our support—since from my world view both parties are criminally liable for the state of our world-the wars -the climate collapse -the economic inequity-the deaths of thousands of Americans every year from the lack of health care(even before the pandemic) I will be joining the 1/2 of America that does not vote


To Emphyrio: Yes, you said it all!

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I do believe it was Bob Dylan, the lyrics of one of his songs, part of it is “Death to all those who whimper and cry”, the whining and crying, remind any one who the whiner and crier is?

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Your methodology is yours alone, but I would make one point and suggestion, and that is regardless which state you live in, not voting does little or nothing as a protest or anything else, IMO. You might consider voting Green Party (as I will) to help push their votes over the 5% threshold for inclusion in our political process and federal funding, etc - even given the charade our two-wing uni-party is.
A Green vote will also help the emerging People’s Party that has an allied platform with the Greens.

'A big victory would be 5%":- Green prez candidate, Howie Hawkins


Pigs are intelligent creatures, much more so than the dumpster, so please don’t insult them.

Poetic and accurate. I hope that’s exactly what we do.

I just wish the country would have heeded the advise to stay away from trump in the previous election. It’s redundant to whine now that the damage is done. But that’s what so many are doing.
But so many here won’t be helping to rid ourselves of him.


Couple of items I haven’t seen on CD yet:




unfortunately the evidence demonstrates that unless you are in the upper 10% of our population NOTHING you support will ever pass-I have voted Green before and will probably do so again-I was referring to voting for either of the criminal parties candidates–sometimes there just isn’t enough space to lay it all out


I agree, but Mr. Hawkins has been blacklisted in my state of Alaska.

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I will be copying and sending your post out to those that need to see it. Thanks

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That will show them

I sincerely hope Trump and Barr are put in the same cell.

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Don’t waste your vote on a third party candidate, you will end up not voting against the current perps in the White House. The only way is to vote for Biden to stop the fascism regime in our country. Be smart America ,every vote counts, you lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace

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This is nothing to be proud of. Apathy is killing our nation. Consider Emphyrio’s solution. Just look at the Green Party platform and tell us what about it isn’t good for us as a nation.



And then, join the "Movement For The People’s Party."

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Biden or trump. That’s it
No Rhetoric, No Endless Opinions. No BS.

Biden or trump. That’s the Vote
A Chance or a DOA

As I said before. Not real rocket science.

Biden is workable
The venom of the trump/rnc Criminals is an unmistakable
Despotic End to the American Experiment

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Why don’t you just check out now
And save us all the BS of

I won’t Vote

Remind me Again, why I served to protect your Ignorant ass

History is replete with fascism and dictators

Not Voting is NOT THE WAY to Fix It

Too many People died protecting that Right you so Foolishly trash