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Dangerous Game in South China Sea as Sends Navy Destroyer on 'Provocative' Mission


Dangerous Game in South China Sea as Sends Navy Destroyer on 'Provocative' Mission

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Chinese government on Tuesday denounced as "provocative" and a threat to "regional peace and stability" the passage of a U.S. warship through disputed territorial waters in the South China Sea.


I think the Chinese are wrong on this one, which does not make America's position right, to be sure...


America's arrogance is astounding; we have a global military empire with bases in over 100 countries, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in an illegal war without any remorse, we continue to murder people in multiple countries by drone and covert agent without any declaration of war or concern for international law, we committed and publicly defended kidnapping, detention and torture of hundreds of other people, and we openly support brutal regimes in countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel and then we whine when China complains about us sending a warship practically onto their doorstep?

Forget the even more obscene irony that we have exported millions of jobs to China to exploit their people as cheap labor, and then we treat them as our greatest enemy in order to justify bankrupting ourselves to fund a military 17 times larger than any other country's.....


This must be part of our "Asia Pivot" strategy, making sure that the natives are aware of our "interests". By the way, look at that HUGE American flag. Very subtle, like the rest of our foreign policy. Here's a question - what would the U.S. do (especially its right-wing media) if the Chinese brought one of their new warships over here and cruised up and down the Pacific coast?


Expect Bernie Sanders, just like all the other Republicrats, to continue this kind of insanity.


"Ensuring that free flow of commerce … is critical to the global economy."

To paraphrase: Ensuring that the free flow of high-paying jobs and tax-free wealth to foreign shores... is critical to the 1%.


I imagine that in the background Cookie Nuland is saying something like, Well we tried to provoke the Russian Bear (growl) in Ukraine but that didn't work and now Ukraine is being flushed down the economic toilet, then Pooty Poot had the nerve to attack Our Qaeda (and associated forces) with great effect in Syria, how dare he fight a war on terror? Darn what do we do now? I know, let's threaten the second largest economy in the world! That's it by gum, somebody call the US navy right away!

Folks, these people are psychotic. I don't mean that as an exercise in name calling, I mean it in a clinical sense, as in a genuine break from reality.

Round and round they go, where this ends, nobody knows

I hope for peace


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Well China just recently sailed inside US waters near Alaska (can't post link - search for china alaska waters). I would guess that if you go a few miles further out on either coast you could find Russian ships too. These islands are going to require another UN convention on maritime law. If you look at where they are, they are closer to Vietnam than China. What gives China the right to go into international waters (very shallow waters) and dump a bunch of sand and say it's now their waters and other ships must stay out. I don't disagree that we (the US) are a very belligerent nation with a horrible history of destabilizing the world for its own interests, but in this case I don't see such a big deal yet. China and the US are not going to war anytime soon - it will get worked out.


"global military empire with bases in over 100 countries, killed hundreds
of thousands of civilians in an illegal war without any remorse"

You seem to have dropped the zeros off these figures. A thousand bases would be more like it as would millions killed. Given your comment's content, what's up the the low-balling?


If the U.S. doesn't challenge China's sea grab there'll be a sea "race for space" as other countries try to expand their territory via artificial constructs.

If the U.S. did the same thing by building an artificial island off the coast of Cuba and claiming sovereignty, the U.S. would probably call Cuba sending out ships and refusing to agree to our attempt to expand American territories "Dangerous and provocative."

This is about the expansion of territory. If the U.S. doesn't respond China will continue building until the S. China sea is impassable without their permission - and the concept of international waters worldwide will become a thing of the past as other nations follow suit.


There is a dangerous precedent being set by China with their outrageous BS, but the US has done similar and has other options to counter it rather than military. China is reckless and provocative trying to grab territory much closer to other nations than to China. US territorial expansionism has also been irresponsible and outrageous to many. The march to madness seems impossible to be stopped..... so many people to rob and kill, so much territory to dominate, so much profit to be made, so little time.......


Over 1000 bases in the 100+ countries I mentioned. :wink:


Honestly? My reaction here is:"I am sick and tired of these men posturing, pounding their chests and trying to out-macho each other. Sick of it!!! When will these sophomoric asses GROW UP? There are billions of lives at stake and they can't think of anything more intelligent to do with their time than this type of asinine brinkmanship?"


What's with this "we" shit? It's not like the US gov represents us or we have any control over it. Disassociate. Give your relationship to the US gov in the third person - "they."


I don't think that China objects to merchant ships sailing past a piece of land claimed by China. They object to foreign military ships. So sailing a foreign military ship past one of those pieces of land does not keep shipping lanes open for merchant ships as contended. The lanes are already open for merchant ships from all countries. If that U.S. Navy ship had been an American merchant ship, no protest would have been filed. This is not about keeping merchant shipping lanes open; it's just typical American bullying. The Chinese will lodge their formal protests and then ignore the provocations, letting the stupid U.S. Navy waste its fuel.


You are channeling Sioux Rose. She has made that point in hundreds of posts. And of course both of you are correct. We do not support the atrocities carried out in our name.