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'Dangerous Man With Messianic Vision': Scuffle, Lawmakers Ejected for Protesting During Pence Speech to Knesset


'Dangerous Man With Messianic Vision': Scuffle, Lawmakers Ejected for Protesting During Pence Speech to Knesset

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"Our protest today in the plenum is in honor of all who oppose the occupation and dream of peace."
protest of pence


Between the “religious” fanatics and psychopath extremists dominating Israeli and US politics, and their power to affect domestic and foreign policy including for-profit and racist wars, the entire world is in danger!


Organized religion is the scourge of humanity and will be our downfall.


January 12, 2018
Between the Null and the Void

by Jeffrey St. Clair


What a coincidence. Yesterday I went to the library and checked out Ascension and My Favorite Things by John Coltrane. I agree with St. Clair; in times of chaos it’s best to listen to Coltrane and listen deeply. He was a true Jazz mystic.



Hello LazarusLong, What about disorganized religion? lol


Finally, some good news out of Israel.


I don’t have a problem with peoples’ individual beliefs as long as they don’t try to foist them on me (or others). When they become “organized”, they become dangerous.


So, let me get this straight. The elected representatives of a significant part of Israel’s population were ejected from their own parliamentary body, so that Pence would not be
uncomfortable there? This is upside down and inside out. Pence is the one who should
have been ejected!


Standard Operating Procedure for reich-wing governments everywhere.


This US/Israeli action has nothing to do with “organized religion”, it has to to with anti-Arab racism, murder, ethnic cleansing, white supremacy, and US militarism and imperialism. Get it?


Pence also said this:

"America stands with Israel," Pence said, undeterred by the disruption. "We stand with Israel because your cause is our cause. Your values are our values, and your fight is our fight.

“We stand with Israel because we believe in right over wrong, and good over evil, and in liberty over tyranny,” Pence said to loud applause.

– Al Jazeera report

“Values”? “Right over wrong”? “Good over evil”? “liberty over tyranny”? Good god! Even Orwell could not have imagined this!


A major problem with this is Jordan. If we loose Jordan we loose the Arab world complete and the King isn’t having any of Pence or Trump. The match has been lit.


Oh you are so right. There needs to be a frequency that helps block out the ‘trumpeting’. For that seems to be the strategy. ThisTrump newscycle madness is like a type of psychic noise that infects global consciousness. We need counter frequencies. Coltrane’s My Favorite Things is one of my fav things. It is perfect. A human-postive frequency-anthem that not only helps block out the political madness, but in comparison reveals its ridiculousness. Music that reminds us that our common dreams and futures are linked.


Actually “anti-Arab racism, murder, ethnic cleansing, white supremacy, and US militarism and imperialism” all stem from organized religion. Get it?


Thanks for the link. St. Clair’s 1st paragraph tells you most of what you need to know about America’s mental illness in 2018.


I would say that organized religion is merely the guise under which these things occur. I give Netanyahu and his fellow Zionists zero credit for believing in anything greater than themselves, whether of Moses, Abraham or Meyer Lansky. Ditto with the self-proclaimed “Christians” who hide behind the words of the prophet to justify murderous acts that have nothing to do with anything he ever did or said. Just my opinion.


I agree with you except that, besides being a guise for ill-behaved individuals, it is also the source and motivation for many.


Instead of calling it American, organized religion, I prefer what Mr. Hedges calls it: ORGANIZED, CHRISTIAN, FASCISM!


pence has always been the more dangerous of the two at the top. ugly fundamentalist religiosity once again rears its ugly head! I speak as a Jewish elder in support of the demonstration in the Knesset yesterday. We should be having those kinds of demonstrations in our congress but the damn dems have no chutzpah - only their mouths keep on talking but they do little to change amerika because many of them profit from this bullshit we live with daily.