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'Dangerous' Merger Would Harm Climate, Choice, and Economy: Report


'Dangerous' Merger Would Harm Climate, Choice, and Economy: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The proposed merger between pipeline giants Enbridge and Spectra would have devastating consequences for consumers and the climate, and would significantly reduce competition in the marketplace, according to a new analysis released Wednesday by the advocacy group Food & Water Watch (FWW).


Protracted suicide (the owners exempted, though).


The bigger the corporation the bigger the lobbying and Political clout. As the pipelines continue to rupture and fail, the corporation itself will be deemed to big to fail by Government which will extend the use of oil and gas far into a future we may no longer have.

The Trudeau Government recently approved the expansion of Pipeline 3 into the USA which will more than double the capacity.

Pipeline three is replace an old pipeline which has basically reached end of life. Under the agreement Enbridge does not have to remove the old pipeline.

The costs once more are externalizer.



So much for “keeping it in the ground” if this merger succeeds-----all while the arctic and now antarctic are in free fall and the co2 readings are surpassing 407 ppm this month.

This pathological web of lawyers, big banks and big energy companies backed by corrupt, soulless politicians and supported by “shareholders” of Enbridge/Spectra who now see glimmers of hope for a comfortable retirement like “ben” who comments below after this article:

ben20 days ago
“I bought ENB in the early nineties for retirement this has been one of my top performers I would not be surprised if in a 3 years it be in the seventy dollars”

This house of oil soaked, gas infused cards WILL collapse and shareholders like good ole Ben who are propping up this blatant destruction of the biosphere will most likely end up struggling to survive in the not too distant future.


Why do we fight global warming? Not because we believe in it, we fight it because we can make jobs, health benefits, stop oil wars and best of all break the oil industry's grip on our daily lives.

Fighting global warming because its the right thing to do is the worst reason.
The righteous argument depends on a facts no one can understand. It requires blind faith.

Time to address the issue in an intelligent way.