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Dangerous New Normal as 400 ppm Carbon Baseline Expected Within Days


Dangerous New Normal as 400 ppm Carbon Baseline Expected Within Days

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The planet is hurtling towards a disturbing milestone as researchers predict that the southern hemisphere "within days" will reach a new atmospheric baseline of 400 parts per million (ppm) of carbon, signifying that have entered a new phase in our climate impact.


The new normal in the Twilight Zone where all the proof of approaching disaster is irrefutable, nevertheless those in charge refuse to even look at the evidence. The present becomes science fiction and the future will overwhelm us.

To paraphrase an ancient quote of the blind leading the blind... In the Twilight Zone the blind lead the way for those who can see.

Trump doesn't believe global warming is real while Hillary wants incremental change that is pro Wall St.

If we lose Bernie... The truth is that we are going to be seriously fucked. It is kind of hard to avoid that reality.

More of the same has become insane when facing disaster. We need serious change fast. Yeah fast. This time if we let the status quo get away with stealing this election from the people's choice (independents are people too) then we step into the Twilight Zone for real.

It was never supposed to get this bad this fast. We have underestimated the danger and it will overwhelm us unless drastic action is taken now because it will take time for it to have any effect ... And we no longer have that time!

Science Fiction is no way to run a planet.


I don't know where you got that number from but it clearly doesn't include the cooling effect of aerosols. When you add that in the CO2equiv is probably a little less than 400 ppm. I think people find the CO2equiv so confusing that they have preferred to simply use the CO2 level which has been close to the CO2equiv although that could change in the future. My feeling is that it best to stick simply to CO2 so everybody is on the same page and let the scientists deal with CO2equiv. The one thing to keep in mind, however, is if coal burning were to be greatly reduced then the aerosol levels would drop rather quickly which rapidly raise the CO2equiv and therefore warming would increase. This is just another complication to deal with and there is probably no way around it if we want to reduce greenhouse gas levels. See the link below for Michael Mann's take on the aerosols.



No - the new phase happened many years ago, when we went over 300 ppm at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory.

The "Keeling Curve" has been around since the International Geophysical Year of 1957/58.

Over 300 ppm hadn't happened since the beginning of the Quaternary Period 2.58 million years ago, when our progenitor Homo Habilis was around.

"The Age of Stupid" is free on youtube.

Check it out and start learning to be "humble as dust" real soon.

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And Michael Mann originally published the article you reference under the title "False Hope".

Michael Mann's article is 2 years old. Understanding and facts on the ground keep changing and always for the worse.

Crop yields per acre have been dropping for decades due to the warming climate. Atlantic City and south Florida cities now flood almost monthly.

CO2 equivalents matter now and are understandable now.

The elites, like the Clintons, Bronfeins, Trumps, Kochs, Netanyahu, and king of Saudi Arabia think they will survive. The elites died during the plagues of the Middle Ages and they will die when the system collapses.


O'Bama and Business as Usual. As we break 400ppm to head to 450ppm, what has really changed in the US since" COP-out 21".
Car & Truck sales are up and gas prices are down..... Where are the efforts to mobilize the nation into conservation and efficiency projects?
Hillary will lead the charge to the Status Quo to maintain this business as usual.... Trump the same.... Bernie has made the climate issue one of his talking points, no details though.

But don't worry, there is no need to put plans in place because Mother Nature will respond and balance things out as a new normal is achieved with heavier storms and more damage.
Through the wrecking ball of climate extreme storms, infrastructure will be destroyed. Climate Justice will be achieved across all of humanity... To the 1% and ruling elite, this is what they want, as a way to do their bidding....Unfortunately, they think and believe that this will be in their best interest, until their dollars and walls come crashing down from the ragged, hungry and poor masses to absorb them into their masses.


I just pointed out the article by Mann because he mentioned what would happen if coal burning was reduced causing aerosols to decrease. I agree the situation is worse than when that article was published but the stuff about the aerosols is still relevant. Putting the Clintons and Kochs in the same sentence here is ridiculous as the Clintons are fighting climate change while the Koch brothers are opposing action, and of course they will survive climate change because they already quite old. Whether their grandchildren will make is the real concern. There are plenty of elites fighting climate change. You are just spouting more conspiracy theory nonsense. The last thing we need is more cynicism.


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Activists should shut down the coal supply lines. Much more effective than blocking KXL. Coal is the real polluter.


I am amazed at how you consistently present false data and confusion. It is truly like you hate humanity and just want to be malevolent! On the other hand maybe you simply have no idea of what you are talking about but want to pretend that you are an authority but without finding out the facts or perhaps unable to understand them. It would make sense if you worked for the fossil fuel industry which at least meant you were just a creep and simply stupid.

In short if you burn more coal you get carbon aerosols which are dark (black) and in fact absorb more heat from sunlight. Other aerosols such as sulphate particulates spewed from a volcano are light (white) aerosols which do reflect some of the sun's rays back into space.

Therefore you had it completely backwards which oddly seems par for the course with you and anything to do with the environment/fossil fuels problem.

The CO2E designation is for other gases like methane and nitrous oxide etc not for aerosols. Increasing or decreasing aerosol levels would have no effect on any CO2E for a specific gas or in the aggregate. Aerosols have nothing to do with CO2E levels. For example the CO2E # for methane is used because when first released methane is very potent (high CO2E #) but as the years go by its CO2E # would reduce since the methane is short lived in the atmosphere and over time it is turned into CO2 and water vapor (low CO2E#).

No one could so consistently spread disinformation about environmental issues by accident. You are very strange even for a troll.


"Atlantic City and south Florida cities now flood almost monthly" I live in AC and I can confirm what your saying, although that's not exactly what is happening. In AC the back bays are indeed going under fast, flooding in storms is on the increase on the Island as well, but not monthly. Nevertheless, your observation in general is accurate for the larger East Coast. Sea rise is accelerating now just as Dr. Michael Mann's hockey stick graph would predict. I'm hoping to sell my home here before the last fools figure out that all the real estate in the coastal zones are basically going to be worthless in less then a generation. The wholesale abandonment of trillions of dollars of coastal real estate will dwarf the 2008 RE collapse by a huge factor. Not only will most of the existing coastal vacation and resort RE become worthless, but all the major coastal cities on all three coasts will be under siege from the RSL as well and sooner then anyone except Dr. Hansen and Dr. Mann have predicted. In the next century going to the beach will mean on the Great Lakes since all today's beaches will be underwater. By then the Great Lakes will probably be semi-tropical. Chicago will have palm trees and be America's premier beach resort.


I want it known that Matt Heins as well as everyone from Naomi Klein on down who is advocating for a "transition to renewables" is selling a phony vision of a sustainable future. The below article demonstrates the toxic planet we're looking at that these frauds want you to buy into.

The only genuinely green solution is the end of industrial civilization along with the end of the murderous capitalist economic system:



Ever heard of the EPA - whose new clean power regulations are continuing to force coal burning power plants to shut down everywhere? There are also numerous laws mandating the promulgation of energy efficiency standards for every kind of appliance, industrial equipment lighting, buildings and houses. There are numerous tax credits for renewable power generation at all scales, electric vehicles, and efficiency improvements to homes and buildings. Motor vehicle fuel economy standards were considerably tightened up by Obama.

Most states have mandated varying percentages of renewable generation by electric utilities.

This was all stuff that was started by Bill Clinton and a supportive US Congress, went through a 8-year hiatus of not action under bush, then some additional progres was made under the Obama Administration - mostly at the agency-regulation level during the period the republicans were in congress.

Sure, it is absolutely not nearly enough. Yet it is an infinite percentage greater than what will happen under a global warming denying Republican president and Republican congress. In fact everything I listed above will be abolished within a few months of Trump becoming president with a probable Republican congress supporting him.


Nope. A return to hunter-gathering and subsistence agriculture around the world (accompanied by a mass-starvation decimation of the earths population) is not a practical solution. Why not think of some more realistic solutions?

Notice this story takes place in China - where there are virtually zero pollution laws. Making the materials involved does not have to pollute nearly that much.

Wind has its place. I buy 100% Pennsylvania wind electricity - at a pretty stiff price though - for my home. But it does have its problems. New nuclear is cleaner and safer. I wish my utility's "electric choice" would offer a "100% new nuclear" package and I would probably buy that instead of wind.


The ideas and opinions of promoters of nuclear power are worth less than nothing. And I realize you think you're cute and a maverick for championing nuclear power on a left-wing comment board, but to the degree you actually believe what you're saying, you're merely demonstrating the degree to which you're just a hubristic idiot.

People who think as you do are amoral, and need and deserve to be stripped of the ability to continue to wreck the planet. Further, as an advocate for the continued decimation of the biosphere by the industrial economy, you assume responsibility for the mass die-off that is looming as a result of the pervasive degradation of land, sea and air. You also take responsibility for terminal nuclear war, widespread and growing industrial accidents, pervasive pollution, and all the rest of the fruits of the modernity you cling to so dearly.

You want this crap, you take responsibility for the results.

Your misplaced faith in technology, technology that has brought about the 6th mass extinction less than a mere 300 years after the beginning of the industrial revolution, is all the evidence required to demonstrate that you possess no real intelligence at all, but merely sustain a hubristic faith in the demonstrably omnicidal "rational thinking" that is leading you. and most who think like you, to blithely murder the planet while pretending, not only that there is no alternative, but that your murderous activities are "good".

In short, you're a deluded idiot. I assure you, the civilization you defend is going to kill you no matter how many nice things you say about it before it does so.


The Clintons did nothing during in the 90s when it really might have made a difference. Hillary now is only mouthing doing stuff if elected under pressure from Sanders. Conclusion, she talks the talk but does not walk the walk. And that is why Kochs came out in support of her. No difference between deniers and do nothings.


Dmitry Orlov has some ideas about post-collapse living:


350ppm is a wake up call. 400ppm is a high decibel fire alarm.


Your polemicizing worse that your "foe". Most grade schoolers are aware we cannot all become natural foragers again. (anthropoloogists replaced the term hunter-gatheres years ago)
Subsistence type agriculture has been determined by the united nations environmental program as the only way to feed billions of people in the future, specifically small scale ecology based farms. Thousands of scientists and researchers around the world contribute to these findings. Their other findings based on SCIENCE AND COMMONSENSE AND BASIC MATH are a switch to a vegan diet or switch to eating mainly bugs for protein. AS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL FEED BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE.

Your espousing the apologist and futurist rhetoric of millions who believe and have "faith" in the religion of civilization as capable of getting us out of all this mess it created.
Einstein said you cannot solve problems by doing the same thing that made them.


And the only way to do it is individually deciding on living hand to mouth. Not by large scale "revolution" and petitioning or fighting the rulers. But by personal decison and small group decision to live with it.