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'Dangerous Path for Democracy' and Dire Threat to Press Freedom: Trump DOJ's Secret Charges Against Wikileaks' Julian Assange Revealed

'Dangerous Path for Democracy' and Dire Threat to Press Freedom: Trump DOJ's Secret Charges Against Wikileaks' Julian Assange Revealed

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Free speech advocates and civil libertarians are warning that fundamental press freedoms are under threat after the Trump Justice Department accidentally revealed in an unrelated court filing that secret charges have been filed against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


Now what can we all do about this?
Certainly requires some mass activism of some kind –
or some actual response to the DOJ’s Secret Charges against Assange which
would put at least a dent in their plans –
What might that be … ?


Gee, so Assange was telling the truth the whole time. Go figure.

Maybe people can go back to supporting him instead of throwing him under the bus.


truthfully, this one’s really in the UK court. If Corbyn can survive the Israeli propaganda onslaught and get to the office he should hold, there’s a chance that Assange will finally have his asylum case recognized by a Labor government. Although Ecuador will no longer be safe because of that pig Moreno, there are still other countries that would be willing to take him in. That’s likely the best case scenario. He has to go someplace that doesn’t have an extradition treaty. Personally, I think he should choose Russia, even though the Democratic lemmings will start caterwauling about how it proves “russian collusion!”, it’s the safest of his choices. They can protect him and they won’t extradite.


“Dangerous path for democracy”???

What democracy?

Assange is a hero, and now he will become a martyr. Indeed speaking the truth in a time of universal deception is a radical act, and in the land of the free and home of the brave, an illegal act.

The 4th Amendment was nullified by legislation, the 1st Amendment by traitorous prosecutors.


Right – Assange should be out and able to walk freely about London –
and my opinion is that when John Kerry visited he wasn’t only pressuring Equador Embassy
but likely telling British how much the US would appreciate them helping the US “get” Assange.

The brutal truth that Americans has to face head on now is that our government in the hands of
Elites from the beginning has been talking democracy while knocking over every democracy
they could find since the very beginning. And that includes us now.

We’re must deal now with the violence, secrecy, stealth of our government serving Elites and their
cruel, brutal violence – and nuclear threat – to all of humanity.


“Accidentally Revealed.” Yeah, right. And, Britain just “accidentally” ignored a UN Human Rights ruling that Assange was “being arbitrarily detained in violation of International Law.” And, he will be just “accidentally” tortured. And, (mistaken) Leaks will “accidentally” provide details of all his (False) confessions obtained through endless “enhanced interrogations.”

But, then again (and again, and again), these types of worldwide repercussions often happen with “simple copy-paste error[s].”


Truly frightening, but now is when we must stand up not give up.


“Whatever contempt one may have for him, …”
“Assange is a real [choose your insult here] …”
Gee, thanks a lot Hilbots for the non-defense of a real journalist that published the facts. Assange did nothing wrong whatsoever unless telling the truth is now wrong. Now as for you, your phoniness is beyond contempt.


UK would have to have a no confidence scenario leading to a general election for Corbyn to get in. Even though May hangs by a thread, a Tory leadership change is more likely. However, Ecuador is due for general election in Feb, 2021, sooner than UK. A need there for a progressive candidate to win and then we can look for asylum if Assange is still around.


In other News
George W. Bush and Laura Bush awarded Liberty Medals for work with veterans
Its Bizarro World


proving the utter corruption of all things american


We don’t have no Stinking First Amendment protection. We don’t have no Stinking Freedom of the Press. What we have is a Secretive third world government with no oversight.

Yes, lets bring Assange back to America and place him before a Firing Squad for telling us the Truth.

If the last 2 administrations had their way they would lock up Assange forever, because he had the audacity to reveal their lies and deception.

I thought we went through this type of cloak and dagger nonsense when Daniel Ellsberg had the courage to publish The Pentagon Papers.

I guess the First Amendment only applies when it is convenient for those in power. If someone reveals shameful government lies and secrets they are considered traitors instead of Heroes.


Truth in America has been murdered.


This is exactly why the world is working so hard to protect itself from US military aggression.


Agreed! Now look at the many comments here written by geniuses who don’t realize our Democracyis being diminished every day starting under Obama and much worse under moron Trump. I hope he burns like a marshmallow on a twig for his lies, attacks, collusion, and being a traitor to all of us.


Maybe the Saudis could smuggle Asange out of the embassy? They have teams at the ready.

From the New York Times:

The debate over whether to charge Mr. Assange continued under the Trump administration and was being accelerated by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to former government officials involved in the discussions, about whether Mr. Assange qualified as a journalist.

Question is, was Session ever fit to be the head of the DOJ given his racist proclivities?



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My take on this model of government by corporate mafia is the premise of profit gained in predatory capitalism by EXTERNALIZING - denying they exist - the costs at every stage of the way to “market” (the latter is worth considering as a misguiding term given the changes to the process and context in society - especially “planned obsolescence”)

Remember the spin from revolving doors and the current corporatization of government with Citizens United. The scope and degree of secrecy is centuries old and has been intensifying exponentially for decades. The criminal infusion cannot exist without it and now requires vast engagement by everyday Americans to oust the MFs. These are types that indeed will F()$# their ______ (fill in the blank) to get what want because the scale of externalization now extends to ALL aspects of life. That is to say, if you think of the externalization premise as a ‘null set’ (negation/zero) it is like a net strung together and tied to give the appearance of a ‘fabric’ of coherence - until it comes up against the consequences of its premise - which ALWAYS happens and attempts to hide those consequences are ALWAYS made.

Unless of course the courage of conscience cuts to the chase despite the threats represented by the aggregate consequence and the willingness of those attempting to benefit from it to negate/externalize, twist and distort functional societal norms. This is, IMO, the basic argument and fight we must engage now and for generations to come.