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'Dangerous': Trump Administration Unveils Proposal to Hit Pipeline Protesters With Up to 20 Years in Prison

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/dangerous-trump-administration-unveils-proposal-hit-pipeline-protesters-20-years

Sent by God, Trump vows to keep the veins of the nation filled and flowing with the Devil’s diarrhea.

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And it seems we have come to a point where it takes guns and jails to keep it flowing.

Are we back to Raygun’s mandatory minimum sentences?
Yet, rump granted executive clemency to the Hammonds.
Oil protesters don’t use guns, the Hammonds did.
That’s republican political correctness for you…
Consider this White Hose statement:https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-executive-clemency-dwight-steven-hammond/

…rights?, RIGHTS?, you don’t need no stinking rights…

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So, for those in power, protest is a felony, yet corruption in the highest circles of government and the corporate world is legitimate, or legal??? And, uniformly un-punished! I would say only in America but, sadly it seems to be almost everywhere.

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One can see a progression starting. As precedents for stifling even criminalizing protests concerning pipelines and fossil fuel related anti-environment projects (will protesting war be next on the list.) are being set now, just imagine what those precedents will reap as the effects of global warming worsen. As the SHTF with a long past triggering points wallop, the powers that be want to ensure that they can control and intimidate the massive protests that will be seen. They may be greedy and uncaring but they know what is coming as well as we do and they will want to preserve their business as usual no matter what.

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If the pipeline opposition protesters have access to an artillery piece now is the time to get it ready.
If the tribes call on John Q. Public to help save the water we should be ready to respond.
Our oil producers have put slicks in our gulf, our Alaskan waters, and pipeline leaks and spills galore.
Dead fish, birds, and mammals of all sizes, and polluting our air and water. What can go wrong?

Corruption is legal, theft of taxpayer money is legal, and as we recently learned, according to Trump, the murder of captured combatants AND innocents by our armed forces is A-Okay. Go on ahead and murder away, Trump will pardon you!