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'Dangerously Bad': Coalition Accused Adam Schiff of Throwing Dreamers Under the Bus to Ensure Trump Retains Unaccountable Spying Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/05/dangerously-bad-coalition-accused-adam-schiff-throwing-dreamers-under-bus-ensure


Democrats Good. Republicans Bad. Keep on telling that lie. Both parties are bad to the bone.


What else would we expect from this Russophobic, unhinged, serially dishonest, 20th-century Joseph McCarthy? He’s one of the Democratic Party’s prime examples of how much worse than Trump it gets in our polity.

And torture-condoning Nancy Pelosi isn’t far behind.


Jimmy Dore had this security state lapdog figured out 2 years ago. Elites like unchecked surveillance because they know the increasing wealth and income disparity will eventually lead to unrest. The advent of Homeland Security - a rousing bipartisan affair - wasn’t a bulwark against Muslim terrorists. It was meant for us. We’re seeing the vanguard of a latter-day Stasi with their military tactics and hardware in our streets right now.


Democracy dies in these Dems’ darkness


Congresscritters [a]Damn Schitt and Nanny Peloser, elected wh0res by any other name.

This comes as a complete surprise to me. Who would have thought that Schiff and Pelosi are scurrilous hypocrites? I never thought that the “congressman from Raytheon” would actually sell out people on the left. He is so scurrilous that he is now qualified to replace Kamala and become the “senator from Raytheon” once she becomes vice president.


Yeah Shitt and the rest of the Dems are horrible(mostly) and the R’s are unspeakably horrible(mostly) with a psycho-lunatic at the controls. It’s almost laughable how effed we are. If I could easily pack up and leave this mess I would. My vote is less than meaningless in my solidly blue state, but I lived in a battleground state I’d vote to boot the psycho-lunatic. To not do so is tantamount to retaining a modern day “mad king” with nukes. Everything else pales when weighed against that.


Especially disgusting from Adam Schiff who managed the IMPEACHMENT for
the House – making clear to the world why Trump doesn’t deserve the trust of
any American – huh?


There will only be growing FASCISM until Americans rise up to rein in our MIC/
Intelligence complex which is a threat worldwide to every other nation and their people.

The Patriot Act also has to go which is simply FASCISM on paper –

Like Trump, our MIC is beyond dangerous – insanely so.


simply another betrayal by the Democratic “leadership” to add to a long list of betrayals in support of the Republican agenda by the so called “opposition” party–wonder why our country is in such bad shape??with “friends” like these who needs enemies


The one thing that Trump has done that genuinely cracked me up was call this herb “little adam schitt” after calling for more “civility” in Washington. The “democratic” Party is DINO.

He managed not to impeach Trump really well, too. Kabuki-R-US stuff. That’s his power play: protection of the MIC & The Alphabets from scrutiny and real oversight. All that $$$ slouching around the DoD- Schiff has a protection racket for Defense Contractors and Trump loves the " skim ". And, military dictators with ribbons and parades, etc. What a pair of turds in the punch bowl!

The “founding fathers” openly stated that if they allowed the newly formed United States of America to become a Democracy , the masses might one day vote to take away all of their stuff. The protections of the Bill of Rights were really designed with the intent of protecting that 1 percent from the Government as the “mob” could not vote in any case. These rights were extended to the masses only because those masses demanded it as clearly outlined by Howard Zinn.

The concept of inherited wealth , where fortunes built through things like slavery, theft and corruption are handed down generation to generation have created a new “nobility”. Quite frankly I believe all wealth of all types over 1 million dollars should be taxed at 100 percent with the revenues used to make life better for all citizens of a given nation state. As it stands today the one percent with more wealth then the 99 percent are the root cause of 99 percent of all our social ills. Nothing good comes from having a billionaire class. Schiff is just making sure the system remains in place and that there can be no threat to his paymasters from the people.


Most of the commenters on CD don’t want leadership from the right, and it appears not from the left either. Good luck with the mini-mini revolution with nobody behind you except a few stalwart Green
Party cheerleaders.

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Schiff is no progressive and, by his actions illustrated in this case, no leader of progressive-populist reforms. He’s out of touch, basically.
He’s a Corporate Democrat with strong ties to AIPAC. And, we will have to see if that’s a automatic disqualification for leading the Democrats out of the mess he’s helped to put them in. Besides, no one likes tattle-tails or snitches.
Fundraising ability shouldn’t get you a free pass on violating citizens’ rights, either.

“Dead Men Tell No Tales” — just ask Jeffrey Epstein.  My dog tattles no tales, either – but he does wag his tail . . .

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Sorry, Adam Schiff has some admirable qualities, he just needs to learn to pick better friends.

Had enough of this yet? Because this is more of the SOS (Same Old *hit). We HAVE NO NEED of survelance of those who have kept their names off of the Crime Rolls – because even doing THAT these days requires constant attention, when we are faced with EVIL POLICE everywhere we go.

We aren’t gonna take this, and Pelosi and Schiff can take that “to the Bank.”