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Dangers of Military Confrontation Between the United States and China Around Taiwan and in the South China Sea

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/14/dangers-military-confrontation-between-united-states-and-china-around-taiwan-and

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The US would get its ass kicked for one thing. It hasn’t actually won a genuine conflict in decades and is incapable of doing so.

Obama announced the “Pivot to Asia” as one of his parties most important strategic initiatives. He in fact promoted more conflict with China. The “war on terror” was running its course. Much of Europe was getting tired of ever more sanctions on Russia which was costing their economies billions of dollars even as Russia just shrugged off the sanctions as they got stronger internally. Obama needed an new enemy to keep those arms makers rolling in the dough.

Ann- you would be best advised to really consider your life’s contribution to war and destruction, you have quite an impressive military record, proud?

Preventing Collapse and the Wars of Desperation
…a passage from:…
"Here war becomes unthinkable because it garners no real advantage. War was always a fool’s pursuit except in rare cases where one had to defend one’s nation against invading armies. But war for conquest of resources now will produce consequences that are far more costly than any benefits that can be achieved for any group or nation. This is a practical matter now as well as a moral and ethical issue.

People will have to use less and become more self-reliant. Overconsumption here is the engine of war, requiring your nation now to seek resources beyond its own lands, resources that it must acquire at any cost—generating intervention and deception and manipulation of other peoples and nations.

This is the great risk. This is the risk of war beyond the assertions of power by one nation over another, or by historical or religious differences or longstanding grievances between nations and groups. That will be a war of utter desperation, a war of terrible consequences, a war that would be very difficult to extinguish.

It is in this new world you are entering, a world in decline, that wars of desperation will become increasingly possible and can only be thwarted and prevented by the wise and ethical maintenance of resources and distribution of resources."…from the Teaching of the New Message: “…Preventing Collapse and the Wars of Desperation”

This article clearly illustrates that the US is moving towards war with China: between two powers of this size a world war. But there is so little alarm or even awareness about what is coming. Among leaders in the West there is too much hubris that this crisis will end like the Cold War – a very dangerous miscalculation.

There needs to be an honest debate – before it is too late – listen to the warning of history. The pattern is quite clear:

  • Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict of the past.
  • It is the motivation behind all wars.
  • Wars are fought for interests not principles.
  • Nations unite with the enemies of their principles because it serves their interests.
  • Ultimately, power has brought every empire to the war it sought to avoid: its own demise.
  • But leaders throughout history have deluded themselves about this ultimate fate.
  • Today, they are blindly they are leading humanity towards nuclear annihilation.

For a small contribution to this debate (a free e-book and essay) search: never forget the ghosts or history - wordpress