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Dangling $100 Million in Federal Funds, Trump DOJ 'Coercing' Local Police to Target Immigrant Communities

Dangling $100 Million in Federal Funds, Trump DOJ 'Coercing' Local Police to Target Immigrant Communities

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Instead of instilling trust between communities and law enforcement, Trump is solidifying his ultimate goal: to create a divided and fearful country."


Many popo agencies will take the money, earn interest on it, and then have to shell it out to resolve potential lawsuits (out of court) that arise from unwarranted deaths and injury to minority citizens/documented minorities. (Why spend money to incarcerate/deport immigrants when it is much more economical to kill them and who in their family is going to take the dept to court???).

Or, they can do the circle jerk and buy any number of de-commissioned military vehicles/hardware from the DoD/US govt and use the unused funds for their “police bonding retreats.”

“The Trump administration is hell-bent on coercing local police to implement its racist agenda.” As long as immigrants keep invading and taking over our country and you people call us racist for trying to stop it (when immigrants is not a race), you will only convince more American voters to vote republican (I will be voting for the first time in 2020, and it will be republican).

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Sam, my first instinct was to ignore your post, but I hope that one day you will see just how mistaken you were on 11/21/17. Immigrants are not “invading and taking over our country”. Unless you are Native American your ancestors came here as immigrants, as did all of ours. And yes, Racism is a huge factor in the anti-immigration craziness, whether you realize it or not. Best of luck to you. You will need it if you make it a habit to vote Republican.

An important victory:


Actually, Sam is right. I’m a Hispanic American. Deporting ILLEGAL immigration is the right policy. It’s called following federal law. CFR Title 8, s.s. 1325- Aliens & nationality. Nothing racist about that. I vote Republican as well. Maybe you should rethink your lawless ways Nighthawk. Legal immigrants like my grandparents are welcome. ILLEGAL, not so much.

You’re wearing a tin hat, aren’t you?

Dividing the country by deporting illegal, I.e. criminal, aliens? Uhhh, wrong. It’s called following laws passed by.Congress, and signed by a former President. CFR Title 8, SA 1325 aliens & nationality.

Many laws that have been passed by Congress and signed by a former President have turned out to be immoral and/or Unconstitutional. Some of those have been overturned, most not. There are higher laws.