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Daniel Ellsberg: Petraeus Case Shows Hypocrisy of Whistleblower Crackdown


Daniel Ellsberg: Petraeus Case Shows Hypocrisy of Whistleblower Crackdown

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. government's "hand-slap" treatment of former CIA director David Petraeus, who in 2012 leaked classified military information to his biographer and mistress, Paula Broadwell, stands in stark contrast to the Obama administration's aggressive crackdown on whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Jeffrey Sterling, and John Kiriakou—and should be the turning point away from such policies.


The game is rigged.
Eventually, all of us, We the People, will be classified a “terrorist”…
and when the morally conscientious military persons won’t go to war and kill us, the "“corporate gov’t” will send drones.
So, how do we get the creative scientist to not build or maintain such equipment?


We are Already classified as terrorist.
Our freedom and rights have been stripped away.
We are under complete surveillance 24/7. The government
is telling us to go to hell… corporations are running this nation…
The .005 is writing and handing the legislation to the elected officials
and they are making it law.
Just wait till the new so-called free trade bill is put into law.
Global Corporate Empires wrong it for Global Corporate Empires so
they will have complete control over everything we say or do…

If you believe the republicans , Obama or the democrats are really going
to stop this destruction and BS… You had better thing again…


Vapid rhetoric: Whistleblower protection…pass all the “protective” laws you want because in practice they are completely worthless in all but VERY few instances. Whistleblowers pay the price, not the violators. The truth sayers lose their jobs, their futures, their homes, their retirement funds, and their will to live. The Petraeus case is no exception…he will walk away with a slap on his back from the good-old-boys and continue with his speechifying around the nation and globe. Ugh!


It seems strange that in these United States, we have a cabal of government lawyers who still
do not understand what is meant by “the rule of law”. I suggest a refresher legal course.


Fellate the beast and it shall (almost always) be eternally grateful.


Maybe it’s too late here or I’m just too tired but I can’t figure out the benefit of calling a non-stop hypocrite a hypocrite. Certainly the hypocrite isn’t going to change as they have been doing this for a really long time so probably know and don’t care about it. Others looking at the hypocrite all these years would seem to be immune to any recognition or had figured it out long ago. Studies have shown that people who harbor strong opinions are often impervious to fact-based evidence, and in fact (pun intended or unavoidable) they cling to their ideas even more strongly when faced with contrary facts so what’s the point, what am I missing here?.


For the rich and privileged the job of lawyers is finding ways around laws.

For the rest of humanity it’s torturing logic to impose laws.


They understand that the law of rulers is the one that gets enforced.

There is no rule of law. If there were every U.S. President would have been prosecuted for war crimes.


I’m afraid that bringing those scientists over to the side of wethepeople is an impossibility. Either one has a conscience or one doesn’t when chips like these are down. The answer is much less purty.


What in the bloody he** makes you think a beast (read that narcissist and/or sociopath) is capable of a characteristic like gratitude?


No, you’re not missing anything. The hypocrites are sociopaths and will get away with everything they can until their ox is gored. Wethepeople have been programmed and have become so inured to the travesties and violations that overall, for the majority, their spirit, like yours, is tired and possibly in that state right before the last inhalation and exhalation. And guess who all is banking on that phenomenon?


There are two classifications “justice.”

  1. Just us – which is for people like Petreaus; and
  2. Justice – which is for everyone else – such as Manning, Kiraou, Snowden (if he’s ever tried), and Sterling.