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DAPL Company Hired War on Terror Contractors to Suppress Native Uprising


DAPL Company Hired War on Terror Contractors to Suppress Native Uprising

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The years-long, Indigenous-led fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) briefly captured the nation's attention last fall as images of peaceful resisters being sprayed with water canons and surrounded by police in tanks and other military-grade equipment were spread widely, fueling global outrage and a fierce protest movement against the oil pipeline.


“compare the anti-pipeline water protectors to jihadist fighters.”

There it is, every person or group the corporate state doesn’t like are now terrorists so bring in the mercenaries/soldiers of fortune. The gig is up.



Well, it appears that the Trumpire has its SS, its SA and its Ministry of Propaganda locked and loaded.

  • Welcome to the US Fourth Reich, folks. Remember, Bush’s concentration camps are still there, awaiting “guests.”
  • We the People seem to have a problem acting in a cohesive manner, so we get picked off a group at a time.
  • Remember what Franklin said at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. “We must all hang together or we shall most certainly hang separately.”


You are so right Po! Also, in the excerpt from the Tigerswan report, note that they refer to the protest site as “the battlefield”. We’re headed for serious trouble when the Authoritarians can hang the “terrorist” label on whoever disagrees with them.

Sad to think that so many believe that they are living in a “free and democratic” country!


Sadly, that is how it works. They’ve practiced for years on smaller foreign countries.

  1. Tell them what to do.
  2. If the leader represents his/her people, you have a coup.
  3. If you don’t have obedience by then, you condemn the nation as a terrorist nation and bomb and drone the people and their infrastructure. Anybody who fights back to defend his family or village is a “terrorist.” You kill him/her. If you kill a bunch of people, “Sorry, collateral damage, collect your pay at the window, graded by sex and age, and only if you can prove that they were not terrorists.” The result of that is more people fighting back, which means more “terrorists,” requiring even more military and mercenaries, to kill even more. The Oilagarchy cries all the way to the bank.
  4. We the People are beginning to wake up and protest, so just label us protesters terrorists, go to number one above and begin the process again.
  • Yuck!


And don’t forget, that gift to future fascists from Obama, the provision in the NDAA allowing indefinite detention without charge of U.S. citizens by U.S. military, and extradition.


Like I said four months ago, 1984 . . .   Here At Last!!!

That sounds just a little unconstitutional to me, but with the present Supreme Court (essentially forgotten in the current Drumpf / Flynn / Kushner / Russia brou-ha-ha) it’s unlikely to be declared so – if a case is ever brought against it.   Willkomen an den Vereinigte Korpocratie von Amerika!!


It has already survived a lawsuit against, and appeal.


Why am I not surprised?   SAD!!

(A lawsuit at what level?   Has the case gone to the Supreme Court??)


IIRC, The U.S. Constitution prohibits deploying the Army on U.S. soil — but of course Korporate Kontractors, equipped with even nastier weapons than the Army itself, are perfectly O-K . . .    Korpocratie Über Alles!!

* Energy Transfer Partners.  IIRC, their investors include the Koch Brothers, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.
   I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clintons and DWS are also shareholders.  And DeutscheBank.
   Democracy Chokes on T.E.A. with Kochs!


Now this reminds me of the Sixties! Back in the early days my generation were raised on water cannons being used against peaceful civil rights marchers and tear gas and billy clubs used against anti war marchers in turn.

No kiddies it sure as hell wasnt all peace and love, incense and hippie hair. That stuff came later actually. Look at Woodstock and most people did not have very long hair. They had hair but not like the long hair they had in the seventies. The Beatles ‘mop top hair’ arrived here in '64 and Woodstock was in 68. Myths and mists have become media memory.

But he’ll yeah, people began to ‘mix it up’ as the police dogs and water cannons, tear gas and charging police lines in riot gear became expected. They shot students in Kent State and Jackson State! SEE THOSE WORDS? The military shot students for protesting and angered the whole country! They didn’t just anger the students… they angered the parents of students and the teachers and professors! They angered a Free Country and like fascistic mentalities everywhere, they think they can bully Americans and frighten us into silence!

Did it work last time?

Peace and love baby! Far out.


Yeah, that slipped my mind, probably along with another load of unconstitutional actions by the Fourth Reich against its Citizens subjects serfs. I’m almost eighty and it is hard to remember such a mass of data. I am quite cognizant of the effects, however.

  • Up the People! Off the Oilagarchy! End the Trumpire!


The Duopoly learned its lesson from the Vietnam protests and the demise of Nixon, and have doubled down on making sure that it DOES work this time. The war in Afganistan drags on - and is about to be intensified. DAPL was just a practice run for the sub-human kontractors who will be employed by the Korpocracy to maintain the neo-“liberal” status quo.  If you think gerrymandering & voter suppression were bad in 2016, just wait 'til 2018 with an A.G. and a Supreme Court who will do NOTHING to prevent the RePooplican scum from stealing yet another election.  And another . . .   (Not that the Chicken-Shit DNC will provide any meaningful alternatives.)


If you have enough free $peech you an even have Americans beat down.


Well it is obvious that you have given up already and offer no hope or encouragement for change. Seems about time then that you spare us your fatalistic nonsense and stop posting to the comments section. Your words accomplish nothing but to help the other side. Why don’t you go away and let people organize themselves in peace. (Pun intended)


The dream of the very very few. The last step of the privatize everything corps will be the police and the military. Education is being privatized and made to conform and so please guard against the police and military to following suit.


Wereflea- I hear you. I understand your frustration. Just so you understand; many people, not only here, but in many enclaves around the entire country are wondering if it " sides " they should be thinking about. Like an eight-sided octagon, ok?
The article links a many-headed beast descending upon the protestors, with connections to the highest levels of our Federal law enforcement agencies. Among other agencies, and among state and county LE Depts; privately funded paladins, as well. And, an Administration who foments extrajudicial activities by groups and individuals usually associated with very dangerous elements found in organized crime. The Police &Security State can easily pick winners and losers. And, for the losers it can be deadly. Historically, they have seldom sided with progressives. Be aware of that.
The politicians cry out for tolerance ( well, most mentally stable ones do ) and listening to both sides of the issue. They talk about respecting free speech, and the like. They are asking people to have patience and remain calm.
The " other sides " have no patience for what they consider liberal lies and gov’t drivel. And, they are now feeling their oats, emboldened and dangerous.
It is natural to be cynical and it is sensible to know the depth of the murky water before diving in head first. Just sayin.


How ‘Un-American’ are we going to allow this country to become. These contractors should have all been arrested and thrown in jail for violating the native Americans rights.

Folks, our ancestors had to kill a lot of British to gain our independence. We may have to kill a lot of hired contractors if the elites continue to suppress our people and take our rights away.

If we want our children and grandchildren to live free of repression in our own country, we must prepare to engage those who would take our freedoms away.


Who are the real terrorists in this situation? The protestors or the oppressors? The answer is clearly staring us in the face.


John, everyday scores of people are realizing there is loss of freedoms and nothing representative of Democracy happening in Washington DC.

Have faith in our people. We will survive this regressive movement. There are many more of us that see this idiocy for what it is, than are blind to it.