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DAPL Construction Proceeds as Standing Rock Emergency Request Denied


DAPL Construction Proceeds as Standing Rock Emergency Request Denied

Nika Knight, staff writer

A U.S. federal judge on Monday rejected an emergency request from the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes that sought to halt construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.



Folks, until it is understood that the entire system is NOT post-colonial, but colonization on steroids, people will be confused.

By the way, "space colonization" (sic) - now so slickly "privatized", requires that the entire legacy since the 15th century be rigidly in place, even if that is done by organized crime. And a second aside, what do people think that private armies like blackwater are? Why do people think that the "families" have bought their way into "government" ?

The system has denied so much for so long that it forgets that just because it denies something DOES NOT MEAN that it does not exist! Voila! when nothing else of importance exists except the " ability" (sic) to buy power, how can you have ANYTHING other than narcissistic disorder syndromes??


Another hammering blow making ever clearer that this isn't a government of, by,
and for the people, but a government ignoring the will of the people.
We have no leverage over our elected officials and thus they can do anything they wish.
50 years of Votescam and hack-able voting computers have done this.


in san Francisco playwright larry myers
has penned "horizon hiccups/hemisphere hemorrhage"
in response to standing rock
play will preview in ca and nyc


With 3.7 billion $$$$$$$$$$ at stake this ruling is not surprising, but what is surprising is that according to this article, veterans are being harassed on their way to Standing Rock.

Mark Sanderson: " it makes no sense". Oh yes it does! The last thing the thugs that are the oil protectors and are nothing but fawning parasites for Energy Transfer Partners; wants.... is the veterans supporting the water protectors.

Thank you veterans!


Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., ruled "that as long as oil isn't flowing through the pipeline, there is no imminent harm to the Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Sioux tribes," reported the Associated Press."
* "This cocked revolver is pointed at your head, but until the trigger is pulled and the bullet actually travels down the barrel, there is no imminent harm to your head or threat to your life."
* And this shit is what passes for law and justice in the Fourth Reich?
* I think the time has come to trump Trump and his whole cabal of greedy billion and trillionaires. We the People need to take our country back, before these bastards destroy it and the rest of the world for short term profits!
* Time to take the gloves off, roll up our sleeves and get to work!


'He's the universal worker and he really is to blame' for selfishly not seeing the bigger picture beyond his own job.


It certainly is looking like this pipeline will be completed. They now have all the approvals needed and the fight in the courts is starting to run out of options. And, if that weren't enough Trump wants it built and he actually has money invested in it. Efforts to stop the Algonquin pipeline that would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New England also are not going well. And of course now Keystone XL is back in play.


Bingo--my thoughts exactly.


Talk about kicking someone when they are already down. This is so bloody, hatefully wrong.


Chase Iron Eyes - Standing Rock - update 2.9.17


The bullet from hell sends you to heaven! The non-violent war cry. At the other end of the spectrum is the "die-In" (for women and children) Saturdays @ noon for one hour. Details:
* citizenuntiedblog.wordpress.com — Citizens Un-tied


CHASE IRON EYES UPDATE ON ORDER TO EXPEDITE DAPL - Published on Feb 10, 2017 - Duration 4:24


Well it will be interesting to see what the courts do when the oil starts flowing - there will indeed be an "imminent threat" then ....


Previously we discussed the possibility of forming a Public Bank in Washington State. In this discussion of Seattle's divestiture from DAPL Kshama Sawant says the next step is to form a Public Bank.

I figured you'd want to know!

Socialist Councilwoman explains why Seattle dropped Wells Fargo over Dakota Access Pipeline
At 5:45 the discussion turns to "How to find a moral Bank" (lol)
At 8:10 Kshama says the next step is to push for a Public Bank.


The Federal Judge is a Foreign Agent he's not an American if anyone Claims they're a UNITED STATES CITIZEN under legal Definition of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN you can't be both research + CRIMINAL ACT OF 41ST CONGRESS 1871 your Birth certificate and ss# are proof your Property of the Bitch Queen and they're Faggot pope they Both Foreigners and holding our Native Resources in Kings Trust Law now that's a Slap in the Face to all Natives why do we have a department of the interior !! BECAUSE WE ARE NATIVE AND HAVE A CREATOR NOT A MAN CALLED JESUS !!


In order for a Judge to get paid he has to give up his National Citizenship then he has to register with the state Department as a Foreign Agent ! This gives him no Authority to hear any case in law or Equity or any Controversies !! The.11rh ,13th, and 14th Amendment's of the United States Constitution protects us everything's implied Consent


Kshama Sawant is for real. Getting the Seattle council to abandon Wells Fargo, financially, is great news! Kshama is a young Bernie Sanders. Would love her to become the first woman president in 2020.


What struck me most from that video segment was her explanation (starting at 2:15) of how the Seattle City Council came to vote (unanimously, no less) to divest from Wells Fargo.

She and the NoDAPL Movement flooded city hall, flooded the phones, and eventually forced the do-nothing Democrats on the council (which had refused to even consider the proposal for months) to listen to their demands.

Just shows what one strong voice on a city (or county) council in coooperation with a strong grass roots movement can do