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DAPL Divestment Campaign Builds to Counter Trump's Pipeline Support


DAPL Divestment Campaign Builds to Counter Trump's Pipeline Support

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the Trump administration making clear its intent to push forward the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) regardless of widespread opposition, campaigners are ramping up their call for the project's financial backers to pull their support.


That everything is sacred because everything has Life will fall on the deaf ears of this grossly materialistic dominant invader society is a foregone conclusion and why only tactics that involve attacks on their beloved money will get their attention. Solidarity and total, rolling, non cooperation! March 10--mark your calendar.


From Injustice boycott:


Ready to dives if...?

Wimpos. Snivilihg wimpos. Just do it.


"The investors and financiers will not move forward if the projects are deemed financially unfavorable,". That's a bs statement. Banks can or will dump all the money they want. All they have to do is go to government for a bailout. The financial crisis should be a prime example. Banks put out subprime mortgages, an unfavorable investment, to turn around and get tax dollars to cover their losses. What behavior has changed?


WATER IS A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY. The Army Corp of Engineers should never approve a pipeline near water.


To Whom It Concerns:
The availability of clean drinking water is a matter of national security and should be the priority protection focus by the Environmental Advisory Board of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. After reading the April 19, 2016 letter to Lieutenant General Thomas P. Bostick, Commanding General and Chief of Engineers, I am demanding the purging of the Environmental Advisory Board staff for failing to follow its own watershed scale approach to decision making. As a matter of national security no pipeline should ever be considered near a body of water in the United States of America or any other country. What are the ecosystem services and human benefits of a pipeline near a clean drinking water source? What are the partnerships developed with other federal agencies to coordinate the development and collection of necessary ecosystem services data and models when computing infrastructure necessary to maintain, distribute knowledge about our national security issue of clean drinking water? Do you have an Armageddon public welfare agenda? Water has been considered the “new gold” for many decades. Water is the most important natural resource the United States of America has. Please purge Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss, Chair Chief of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board for failing to communicate that water is a national security issue and no pipeline should be built near a body of water. The challenge seems too much for him. What is his mission?