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DAPL Opponents Refuse to Retreat in Face of Law Enforcement Crackdown


DAPL Opponents Refuse to Retreat in Face of Law Enforcement Crackdown

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

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Indigenous water protectors and their allies are prepared for a crackdown by law enforcement on Thursday, vowing to hold ground they reclaimed through eminent domain last weekend despite threats by Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) developer Energy Transfer Partners and local officials.


Bravo. These brave souls deserve our help and support. They are willing to go through all of this grief to protect the water for millions downstream. Those millions should be up there helping to stop this horrible pipeline. They need more people to come, safety in numbers.


We can see here a clear example of how the concept of the private ownership of land , contrasts with the idea of land held in common by a group of people.

The first is that which was promoted by the European Colonists and the latter a concept that the First Nations people adopted.

In the former a person or enitity that does not even reside in the area can do to that land anything s/he or it pleases under the premise it for that persons or entities sole use from which to extract profits. Whether it destroyed or contaminated or put to a use not beneficial to the society at large is immaterial. As property its sole purpose is to return a profit and that profit might well flow into the pockets of some banker in England or some investor in China or New York City. Those "owners" can then use the wealth they extracted from the same to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions.

In the latter the people live on or near the land itself and rely upon it for sustaining their own life or well being. They see that land more as something that sustains life itself rather than something that has as its sole purpose the increase in individual wealth of a small handful.

Private property is theft. It does not, as claimed by John Locke , promote freedom and liberty. It destroys and transforms entire societies into wage labor servitude. It extinguishes the rights of both a community to a livelihood not dependent on a handful of wealthy peoples , and the rights of Nature itself to co-exist in a given ecosystem as suggested by leaders such as Morales in Bolivia.


Apparently, the only way we will restore any semblance of justice for people and the planet will be by putting our lives on the line. The Protectors are showing the way. Dede is right - more people are needed, for this and for the many other travesties that are being perpetrated by the greedy few.

Many of us here have spoken of this, and many of us here are too old to withstand the harsh conditions that are now and will be encountered. We do have our small dollars, though. Perhaps collectively we could support younger people in the endeavor. We came up with plenty of money for Bernie, and that amount, even less, could support an all-out effort to take back our government. There may be an over-abundance of prisons in this country - but TPTB can't jail all of us. Am I naive? Is there another way? This state of affairs cannot continue much longer...


It is way past time for the United States (key word here is UNITED) to begin doing the honorable thing, which should have been done generations ago and acknowledging our indigenous peoples as equal citizens of this country and begin honoring the treaties that we made with them. By honoring the corporate elite instead we are proving to the entire world that we do not honor democracy. For all of the politicians, both federal and state, who are in the pockets of these corporations it is time to begin to pledge their fidelity to their constituents. If taxpayers are indeed paying for these vicious attacks and arrests. including strip searches and other degrading treatments it is time for the President and the Justice Department to step in and stand up for these citizens. It time for the Department of Environmental Protection to step up and do what they are supposed to do,; Protect the Environment for the sustainability of this planet. The money spent on this pipeline and the investors could, should and would be better off by investing in renewable energy.


Didi Banerji:
" I am here to die if I have to. I do not want to die but I will."

lets all hope it does not get this ugly. But you have to commend the Lakota Sioux for their obstreperous bravery.


This situation replicates the stakes in so many other disputes in the U.S., and around the world.
A group of persons receive a charter from their state or federal government to incorporate. Once they've done that, they are almost entirely immune (at least in the U.S.) from most all laws designed in theory to regulate their actions.


Obama is itching more than ever to get TPP signed between November 9 and January 19 so the corporate tribunals enabled by TPP can shut the tribes' protests down and take the heat so the politicians won't need to.


Question: Where is the Bureau of Indian Affairs? They claim that their raison d' etre is to protect indigenous peoples rights. What could be more important than protecting the Lakota Sioux's water rights?


Donald Trump is a big investor in Energy Transfer Partners. If this pipeline isn't built it seems reasonable to assume he could lose a substantial amount of money. If it is built he probably will make a bundle. I would guess he is following the situation although I don't believe he has ever mentioned it in public.


Help the Water Protectors. If you can join the people putting their bodies on the line in the Dakotas. If you can't please help Monterey County pass Measure Z. This citizens' initiative bans fracking and phases out toxic wastewater injection. Big OIl is outspending us 30 or 40 to one.


"lets all hope it does not get this ugly. But you have to commend the Lakota Sioux for their obstreperous bravery."

True. They are an example of moral strength to us all because we all may need to gather that up inside ourselves in the very near future.


Good point! If the B. I. A. stepped in to protect the Lakota Sioux's water rights it would set a precedence which could spiral out of control.


I don't know how accurate this is. Any other reports?




This DAPL must be shut down one way or another; otherwise, who's next? If it is defeated, we all win, if it is not defeated...we all lose.


Try to find out anything about this in the mainstream media. It is like what Dr. William F. Pepper, Esq - the attorney for James Earl Ray and author of "The Plot To Kill King" in which we find out that the same system doing this pipeline and oppression of the protestors were the ones who killed JFK, MLK and RFK, said:

“I’m really basically harmless, I think, to the power structure,” Pepper said in an interview.

“I don’t think I threaten them, really. The control of the media is so consolidated now they can keep someone like me under wraps, under cover, forever. This book will probably never be reviewed seriously by mainstream, the story will not be aired in mainstream – they control the media. It was bad in the ’60s but nowhere near as bad as now.”


Fulton sez: "(On) Wednesday, the Morton County sheriff's office ... announced that the use of dogs by private security guards against protesters last month was potentially illegal. The sheriff's office reportedly determined that 'dog handlers were not properly licensed to do security work in the state of North Dakota.' "

Ah. Loosing the dogs is no problem; want of a license is a problem. One must have one's credentials in order to 'properly' attack others.


This appears to be another jobs versus the environment battle. Labor supports this project because it creates jobs. For that reason I think Hillary Clinton is reluctant to say anything about this issue. She is trying to get as many working class people as possible to vote for her. She certainly does not want to alienate working class voters in a number of swing states. As the Democratic Party has now become the home of environmentalists getting working class support has become very difficult for the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is trying to do something about that but he is up against long odds as far as I can see. This issue illustrates what he is up against with his effort.


When we consider that mankind did not create the land or the web of Life it becomes quite clear how private ownership of land is an absurdity and when encoded in laws it is truly theft.

From Truthout:



Interesting points...however, how would you unwind what has been created? I can see where the ownership of all land should be in the control of local owners or the community. The sheriff's department should be protecting the locals not some outside interest. How do they get elected? This is similar to campaign funding. I think contributions should be allowed to be made by those who live in a specific district not vested outside interests.

When it comes down to it, this is another matter of sovereignty. Do the local people have sovereignty over what is within their community or is everything turned over to outsiders who have money to manipulate and distort? The same thing that is going on with the TPP or other trade agreements. The same thing when one nation has more weapons and military resources and they impose those upon others vs respecting the sovereign rights of a nation, community of for that matter - of an individual.