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DAPL Photographer Cleared of Charges After Drone Footage Proves His Case


DAPL Photographer Cleared of Charges After Drone Footage Proves His Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protester and photographer was cleared of all charges Thursday after he was accused of endangering a police plane with his drone.


I reluctantly follow the Bismark Tribune, only too stay abreast of the way they continually obfuscate and belittle, time and again, the subject of “Mni Wiconi” (Water is Life!). Way too much weasel “corp-speak” wording. From a “People Over Profits” perspective - that they don’t get, at all - I would place them in a long list of print mass media, that only relays corporate nonsense. Check 'em out!

I am very thankful that our judiciary has not crossed the “Rubicon!” Thanks for this wonderful ruling!


Dozens of police officers are seen in the photo. Any and all of them had the opportunity to tell the simple truth to the court, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the drone. It took the drone’s footage to clear the reporter.

For some reason the particular judge at this trial wasn’t furious about a mass police conspiracy against the court’s desire to always be truthful and fair. The whole of our citizen community becomes abused whenever we see this mass judicial malfeasance on the part of great numbers of police. When the U.S. becomes reduced to nothing more than a banana republic court system, a master only of evil, against any specific group of citizens, it becomes the same against all of us.


Well, folks, the only thing between a full-fledged police state and citizens are the courts. Let’s hope they continue doing their job. Over at the Intercept is a report about counterterrorism tactics being used. Link…


I find it fascinating that no charges were brought against the police for killing people with the water cannons by hyperthermia. Oh well, murder is what we do, defense is what police do.