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DAPL Tensions Heat Up as National Guard Deploys 'Observational' Missile Launchers


DAPL Tensions Heat Up as National Guard Deploys 'Observational' Missile Launchers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The National Guard has deployed missile launchers to a "critical" Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) site, while the pipeline's parent company seeks to quash an environmental review of the project—two developments that hint at the possibility of renewed tensions between DAPL's opponents and state authorities.


"Observational" my ass...
These weapons were designed for one sole purpose, to kill.
Unfortunately, psy-ops to intimidate initially seems benign, they will be deployed and used to murder whom ever is in the way of profit and greed.
Be aware and take precautions. See you soon.
In prayer and peace.:pray::v:
Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life​:sweat_drops:


WTF is goin on here?! "Observational" missile launchers, or any other type, have zero place anywhere near a civilian protest of a clear and present danger to the drinking water for so many people!
Is this to be another National Guard Kent State slaughter? Where are the grown-ups? Where is Constitutional law and protected free-speech in oil-corrupted North Dakota?

The same swine, Energy Transfer Partners, trying to ram-through the DAPL is also attempting to build a potentially catastrophic 162 mile pipeline running through the most sensitive wetland environment in Louisiana.


WTF...jack-booting storm troopers in riot gear next? Launching missiles on the REAL FIRST AMERICANS...rifles and .357 magnums for killing bears in rural schools...all-of-the above energy extraction on public lands...allowing states to decide whether to provide special education to children...privatizing public lands...jailing and sentencing women and doctors to death for seeking/performing abortions...casting more than 32 million people out into the darkness without ANY access health care...having military parades to showcase US military might just like those Putin puts on in Moscow...and the list of horrors goes on and on and on with SATAN at the helm of our rat-invested sinking ship.


WHAT THE GOD DAMN FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this what it comes to now?


Not to worry.
I am sure that they will only use rubber missiles.


"...and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air..."


Are we being punished for something we have forgotten to do?


We are being punished for the sins of others...too lazy to turn off their TV's and vet the prez-elect; too concerned with their own self-serving false universes of which they are the centers and all others are only there to spin around them; all too willing to compromise their morality, integrity, and personal dignity to cast their vote for Satan incarnate; dazzled by BS and bombast; and besotted with guns while festering with ignorance; and all p-o'd that they had to look at a Black man as President for eight long years; mad as hell that everyone was deemed to have the right to marry...and they sure as heck were not going to have to face a woman as president for four years.

Black Elk presciently and eloquently predicted this Haedes on Earth we are facing led by Satan (orange flaming) himself. No, we did not forget to do what is good for all life, motivated by loving-kindness...


Well said.


They waited until Trump is inaugurated. The pipe is a snake, a stationary snake. It is impossible to protect all of the snake. You need lawyers and you need to redress the Governorship who has the authority to remove the missile launchers. Regroup, reassess, redirect. They are not going to fire missiles at defenseless protestors but they want you to believe it. There is no such animal as an observational surface to air missile launcher. You have to find leverage to make the governor seek sanity and protect constitutional rights and unfortunately this may demand lawyers to seek an injunction to remove the missile threat.


Apparently the Calvary of old that massacred the Sioux has morphed into the National Guard. Something akin to the slave patrols of old morphing into the 21 century US cops. If and until we face and atone for our history this nation has no future.


You just never know when a Hostile American Eagle might attempt to join the protest.

Besides, those Missiles come with some Awesome Binoculars for "Observing" the Protestors.

[Snark Off]


Monty Python would mock them. Tell them their missile launcher is very nice but we already have one. There is only one rule with the American military; there are no rules.


Mni Wiconi
Water is Life!
Corporations are Death!


Rotsa Ruck!


Welcome to the Fourth Reich as it becomes unveiled to all.


And fire them " unintentionally ".


Attention : All Military Veterans and those Seeking to Protect our Liberty. Be At The Ready To Deploy To North Dakota At A Moments Notice.


Gee, that's reassuring. I guess I just imagined I saw gas, pepper spray, concussion grenades and water cannon in twenty degree weather on people who's only crime was to pray and sing before a barbed wire barricade.
* The military is just showing stage by stage what they have lined up, should we as a nation protest the Reich's policies.
* I am getting a distinct impression that the military and the police are taking their orders directly from ETP. I guess that is understandable when the government takes its orders from the corporations and wealthy who own it.
* Mni Wiconi!
* Water is Life!
* Corporations are Death::skull_crossbones: