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Dare for Democracy: Three Essential Steps

Dare for Democracy: Three Essential Steps

Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen

Many Americans remain in shock and outrage, unable to grasp how a man who told bald-faced lies, who ridiculed and defamed others, and who boasted of sexual assault could yet ascend to the presidency of the United States.

I’ve found a very useful way of looking at the complexity and potential of the necessary forms of resistance in this truly insightful essay by a young woman named Rivera Sun, titled, “Swarming.” Check it out:

Excellent article. Thanks for the link. She posits a completely different way of looking at ‘organizing’ that I will be contemplating for some time.

go on, give it a a click, if you want to.

(it’s only one minute and twenty-three seconds long)

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A fourth essential step is to give all the people their government back by governing from the grassroots:

Uhm, perhaps this is too generous to the elected Democrats: “All the while, Democrats failed to stand for a convincing alternative.” Obama has given Wall Street a convincing alternative to the GOP, except the GOP won and now Wall Street has newly grovelling puppets.

Meanwhile, Obama wars against Keith Ellison, as if Obama cannot do enough to prove his own anti-democratic credentials to, well, to whom? His next publisher?

Where are the elected Democrats now? We hear a tiny bit from Elizabeth Warren. Much more from Bernie. Otherwise, the party is pretty much mute. Except for Obama’s radical assault continuing against all truth tellers and democrats.

Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots did some remarkable work in 2011-2012, and many who discovered their political identities as participants continue injecting Occupy principles into the work of political organizing, resistance and direct action. If we are serious about dismantling the organized criminal class that currently controls the US government, many state governments, “both” political parties, unions and other political organizations, we’ll benefit from the skills, the strategies and the lessons learned Occupy movement people have to contribute. Among other things that recommend Occupy in particular is the fact of how viciously US state, local and municipal police forces across the country were ordered by officials to smash/suppress Occupy actions. Plutocrats, banksters, war machine corporations, fossil fuel cabals, chemical giants and pharmaceutical behemoths were brutal when they felt their interests were threatened by an reasonably effective, publicly articulated alternative movement.

Another avenue to consider, since Donald Trump heavily invests himself in media and opinion-shaping then it would seem likely to use this to the advantage of ‘we the people’.

Stated variously, by philosophers, civic leaders and men of conscience like Edmund Burke and JFK: "For evil men to accomplish their purpose, it is only necessary that good men do nothing.”

Another ‘lawful’ thing that can be done at this precipitous moment in time–because DJT is an avowed Twitter-pater–is to ask all your social media contacts to flood @realDonaldTrump, every day with concerns, demands, etc., and don’t ever stop!

Perhaps, if enough of us cause a non-stop deluge of our concerns he just might start rethinking his programs, just maybe.