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'Dark and Disturbing' DOJ Report Shows Big Pharma Knew of Opioid Abuse After Releasing Popular Painkiller

'Dark and Disturbing' DOJ Report Shows Big Pharma Knew of Opioid Abuse After Releasing Popular Painkiller

Julia Conley, staff writer

As lawsuits mount against the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma over its knowledge that one of its best-selling drugs was addictive and dangerous, a newly- uncovered Justice Department report shows that the multi-billion dollar corporation also knew that patients were abusing OxyContin shortly after the drug's release.

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Yes, by law corporations are required to act in the best interests of shareholders…period. Meaningful regulations that are enforced are the only means of shaping corporate behavior.

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Total agreement Dan and TomJ.

Anyone wishing to inform him/herself ot the Sackler familiy’s (Purdue Pharma) diabolical machinations in starting and promoting the opioid crisis in their incessant quest for profit, i.e., capitalism’s life blood should read this article.


I am addicted to oxycodone. Trying to reduce the dose has me in sustained withdrawal for the last 4 daze. Alternative therapies do not work, period. Because I am poor and disabled I cannot afford injections and the like, the co-pays are out of sight for me. I also have conditions that alternative’s can do nothing for, so, will they pay for my addiction and or therapies? NOT. I am between a rock and a hard place, so, should I file suit? YES, but who pays the lawyer? These human’s are pond scum in my book. Maybe that’s being too generous, yep, too nice and kind. How about the chewing gum stuck to the bottom of my left shoe? That’s just about right.


Agreement with the previous posts.

“…how profit motives in the pharmaceutical industry can corrupt.”

more accurately

“…how profit motives in every industry will always corrupt.”

This is what capitalism is.


Under this administration there will be no values placed before corporate profits, not human, environmental, or social. Except more war.


And it was common knowledge long ago.

I remember a couple decades ago in my town when a sleazy “pain clinic” opened in a seedy part of town. And the paper and web all lauded the efforts to manage pain humanely, stressing medication, medication, medication.

My cousin died of an overdose of Oxycontin years ago. These pharma companies are all run by the devil.

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It’s like the CIA set-up, the pill mills get busted and go to jail while the Sackler’s laugh all the way to the bank.

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It is brave to try this on your own but in many instances it requires help. If you were an inpatient you would no doubt get treatment. In my state anyway.

I would add there are also nutritional supports that help and herbal supports as well. Ginger is good if you can tolerate it well.

Thanks Fern, I’m doing it day by day all on my own, in the middle of the desert and a medical desert as well. It can be done. The key is believing in the power of the self and I do :-))) I fought off drinking in the 90’s, this is different though in that I am raked in pain 24/7. I will adjust. It is after all a way of personal growth to fight off the Dragon. :-)))

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Sure, I get it. Don’t forget there is also online support too. Just my 2 cents but good breathing, deep where you fill all of your lungs is good too. And, yoga for the third chakra. How your body utilizes energy.

Sure thing, you can do it. :slight_smile:

Because I cannot afford to do anything else, I have no other choices, I have to do it. I’m 60 miles way from any care with a 29 year old car that needs repairs and no money. I am trying very hard to do this in a positive manner. On line help? What, a joke?

Oh, I just meant talking with people doing the same thing. I read the blogs sometimes myself. I have a few friends and have worked with people dealing with this issue. One was a 93 year old retired pharmacist that liked to take joy rides in his wheelchair, but that is another story. You might have to make some changes. It is whatever that gives you strength and do the best you can.