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'Dark Cloud' of ALEC Converges at Annual Corporate-Political Lovefest


'Dark Cloud' of ALEC Converges at Annual Corporate-Political Lovefest

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Fighting to protect dark money. Attacking federal efforts to rein in carbon pollution. Undermining local democracy.

These are just some of the "hot topics" on the agenda this week as conservative lawmakers, corporate lobbyists, and top GOP candidates from around the country gather in San Diego for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)'s annual meeting.


Now here’s one really secretive terrorist organisation the NSA could go after…
What’s that? All their budget was spent spying on you and me?


Isnt just conservatives. In my state they have many liberal Democrats that are just as happy to take their money and let them write the bills…


Scott Walker is slated to be a speaker, the misogynistic megalomaniacal marionette whose strings are pulled by the Koch brothers who also created ALEC. This gathering is simply a forum to circle the wagons and get everyone “on the same page” and all spouting the scripted rhetoric meant to undermine any modicum of “democracy” left in our nation. No level of Dante’s Inferno can hold a candle to the absolute cauldron of evil and rancor that this meeting of all manner of demonic minds spawns.

A-L-E-C: Abhorrently Lecherous Egregious Calumny.


I hope they enjoyed themselves because next they will be on the menu


from the article:
“These attacks are most likely coming from vested polluter interests (including some ALEC members who are actual regulated monopolies) that want to protect their profits.”

If I understand correctly, a “vested polluter interest” is not an individual but a legal entity/corporation. To refer to such a member entity as a “who”, particularly given the subject of the article, is a tacit endorsement of Citizens United, the grease on which ALEC has slid into its current position.
It reminds me of the carefully groomed economist’s trope of wanting “to grow the economy”. This phrasing has always struck me as something akin to astro turf claiming to be a naturally, millennially generated climaxed prairie land with full flora and fauna.


Then put the "f"ing corporation on the menu.


Thanks seatower. I need no more words-your eloquence is convincing.


Excellent and accurate description.