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Dark Day as Donald J. Trump Becomes 45th President of the United States


Dark Day as Donald J. Trump Becomes 45th President of the United States

Common Dreams staff

Amid growing protests and vows of resistance to his right-wing agenda, regressive vitriol, and overall #NotNormal nature of Donald J. Trump will be sworn into office on Friday as the 45th President of the United States.

In anticipation of a day that will likely embody the #NotNormal nature of his campaign and transition period, Commons Dreams will be providing live coverage of events in Washingtion, D.C. as well as updates and reactions from around the nation and the world as Trump's inauguration unfolds. Check back for updates.


As of 10 am, two hours before the swearing in, there is A LOT of empty standing room on The Mall between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Obama's crowd went all the way to the Lincoln Memorial, Trump's won't even fill the space to the WWII Memorial. So much for Yuuuge event!


Let us turn an appropriately dark rainy day to our unity of purpose - praise with great gladness the millions who gather in so many places to oppose and fight trump regime extremist corporatism/fascism/vulture capitalism and say NO! those who offer a false opposition!

While gearing-up to loudly and strongly, with great vigor and integrity of purpose, energized and dancing to the music of our generations, fight the worst in American politics and ruling-class greed/corruption, also praise and support the leadership of The Unofficial President of the US, Bernard Sanders and First Lady Jane...................Sweet Jane.



Wake me when it's over. I will not be watching.

This is the song I want to hear and maybe even try to believe it.


Why is it that watching this spectacle bring nothing so much to mind as The Hunger Games?


Inauguration day? More like the inauguration of the Fourth Reich! I will not allow myself to be insulted by watching this nightmare unfold.


Occupied America: Day One.


They had President Snow.

We now have President Snowflake.


As a public service, below is a complete 2017 calendar:

          USA     2017
 S    M    T   W    T    F   S
  1    2    3    4    5    6    7
  8    9   10  11  12  13  14
15  16  17   18  19


An inauguration speech filled with deceptive blether and simplistic jingoism along with portents of what is to come - even stealing a line directly from Sen Jay Billington Bulworth.

"We stand at the doorstep of a new millennium" - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/quotes

"By their actions shall ye know them"


WTF was with the big smiles on the faces of the Obamas at this utterly nauseating event?

I'll go with the second line of Google's definition of "inauguration": "a ceremony to mark the beginning of something"

Yes, today is a ceremony to officially sanction inverted totalitarianism replete with smiling Obamas and Clintons.

The being that is Donald Trump and his cabinet appointments makes this as clear as a glass of reverse osmosis water.

From Dan Froomkin at the Intercept:

"No matter what you may hear in the coming days from the mainstream press and other elite institutions, this is not normal. This is aberrational. This is crazy."

and from Jeffrey St. Clair:

“While most of liberal America is “occupying” the Inauguration, someone should seize the opportunity to Occupy the headquarters of the DNC. After all, no entity did more to insure the election of Donald Trump.” (see today's Counterpunch)



"Oh my God, what a fucking nightmare!" - Mona Lisa Vito


I'm wearing my mourning black today. Today is the day to mourn for the progressive strides this country made in the past, however few they were.


Now that today marks the day that Trump will be given the nuclear codes, your calendar should scare the hell out of everyone.


obligatory Lou Reed like.




And I was so looking forward to January 28 - the start of the Year of the Psychedelic_Chicken - SAD


Why wouldn't they be smiling. The wealth of the 1% will remain intact for another 4 years.


I know,that was a rhetorical question. Though I think the wealth of the 1 % will remain intact until human induced climate change/habitat destruction/ocean acidification ratchets up even further----- which is looking to be in the very near future as both poles melt and blue ocean event is on the horizon.

As we know, you can't eat, drink or get oxygen from money----I don't care how deep one's bunker is. And who would want that type of life?