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'Dark Day for Internet Freedom': EU Approves Rules to Create Online Censorship Machine

'Dark Day for Internet Freedom': EU Approves Rules to Create Online Censorship Machine

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite widespread grassroots opposition, the European Parliament Tuesday approved sweeping copyright rules that critics warn will spawn an internet "censorship machine."

So yesterday the EU was a great thing because Trump and Bannon were in favor of Brexit. Today it is a bad thing as it tries to control the internet. Let’s take Trump and Bannon out of the equation and try to see the EU for what it really is. If you really look into this - it is not needed. If England and all of the other European countries had people that valued rights, principles and fairness and ran good governments that took good care of their own people then what could be the complaint of not having a EU. The EU might be a body where nations of Europe could go to discuss issues and form basis for co-operation but not have the legislative and regulatory powers it has. Let’s face it - the EU, Nafta, etc - are all power schemes that are about money and are very convenient for the global elite.

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I believe you just described the U.S.A.

Unfortunately your correct . However it is still waay better living here ,than when i lived in the USA.
Also ,The convenience of the Euro is fantastic , but the strangle hold it has over weaker countries like Greece, is dispicable.


Corporate control of the EU is in large part responsible for Brexit and efforts in other nations to exit the EU.

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You should look up Greg Palast’s interview with the creator of the euro Robert Mundell concerning the “convenience” of the euro. It also reveals much about EU and its intended function.

Changing the responsibility on to the user of copy written material to demonstrate they’ve got a license to use it from the copy write holder to police then entire internet seems like a good thing to me. YouTube and Facebook benefited for a long time from the unlicensed use of copy written material at the cost of the creator. I don’t have much sympathy for them.

If the giant tech companies really cared about creators ability to make money off their work they’d back up all their rhetoric about how Silicon Valley and free market based companies can do better than governments and create a better clearing house for rights management. But they won’t because it’s not in Google or Facebook’s interest to do that. There is no money in it for them.

Their crocodile tears about constraining creators is all bs. All they care about is enough fresh material to keep people coming back to see ads.

I do feel for creators, like ones I support on Patreon, who use copy written material in the spirit of fair use that is has an insufficient protection in Article 13 but I think that is more the fault of the tech companies than the (admittedly tech ignorant) legislature.

“[W]ell-intentioned” … for whom?

Let’s bring back the Stasi and let them interview the EU for a couple of months.