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Dark Justice: Neil Gorsuch and His Secret Big-Money Backers


Dark Justice: Neil Gorsuch and His Secret Big-Money Backers

Arn Pearson

Judge Neil Gorsuch played a masterful game of hide-the-ball during his confirmation hearings, deftly dodging scores of questions from senators to reveal as little as possible about his judicial leanings and positions on any of the critical legal issues facing the nation.

“If I indicate my agreement or disagreement with a past precedent of the United States Supreme Court, I’m signaling to future litigants that I can’t be a fair judge,” Gorsuch responded when Senator Diane Feinstein tried to get a read on his views concerning Roe v. Wade.


"...and American voters should know too.'

American voters for decades have supported, 'Big Money' every single election by voting for a Democrat or a Republican.

Let's be perfectly honest. We are all adults. We know that money in politics is a corrupting influence. Yet, we as a nation continue to vote for corrupted politicians. We know both the Democrats and Republicans cannot be trusted to support 100% of the people of this country equally. For far too long they have supported the top 1% and thrown a few scraps to the rest of us.

Yet, we keep doing the same thing every two and four years expecting a different result.

Yep.That's the definition of insanity.

We are seeing the end result of decades of misplaced trust. I guess you could call it, Dark Justice.

I certainly hope you all are more careful with your money than you are with your votes.


Arn, you left out Phillip Anschultz as one of Gorsuch's richy rich backers.