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'Dark Moment for Press Freedom': Snowden Leads Global Chorus in Condemning Assange Arrest as Grave Assault on Journalism


'Dark Moment for Press Freedom': Snowden Leads Global Chorus in Condemning Assange Arrest as Grave Assault on Journalism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Edward Snowden joined the chorus of advocacy groups, reporters, and critics as the NSA whistleblower described the arrest of WikiLeaks founder and publisher Julian Assange Thursday morning as a "dark moment for press freedom" that could have grave implications for journalism across the globe.



I am going to take a moment or two to reflect on the fact that the issue of Net Neutrality is inexorably tied to this development in Assange’s case. This is a red-letter day in history. We really need to chew on and digest the events as they unfold. The dendrites of oppression are spreading at a hastening pace. Vigilance is mandatory. Peace.



Curiouser and curiouser:


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Edward Snowden leads the chorus - where are our politicians who should be condemning this action. This is a litmus test for me as far as which Dim candidate should be President.



His favorite candidate Trump, who he helped elect, did not save him from prosecution…



He didn’t help Trump get elected. He told the TRUTH.



Morally tangled? Seeking asylum in the embassy in order to escape extradition to the US has now been validated by current events. The Swedes, as subordinate to US wishes as the UK, never charged him with offences, and though invited to interview him at the Embassy they declined. Their choice. And ripping the veil of secrecy from American war crimes was heroic - unlike the equivocations of The Guardian as it sought to profit from association with Mr Assange while stabbing him in the back. The people with moral questions to answer are the traitors who have since mocked and smeared Mr Assange while lacking the courage to emulate his quest for the truth.



He sure seemed to have little time for the truth regarding Trump…



Be more specific, how did he lie for Trump - by publishing Hillary Clinton’s E-mails?



I’m hoping that Wikileaks has a lot of as yet unpublished stuff on the people who are trying to take him down. They probably do have some on Lenin Moreno, who is already in trouble in Ecuador.



The charges appear to be conspiracy in relation to trying to crack a password to obtain documents.. If the facts substantiate that case—and I am not saying they do—then that’s a very different and substantive thing than some of his defenders have been saying. He wasn’t merely a publisher, but an active participant in stealing documents. We’ll see.

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It is called “sanctions”. It works well when the world is full of ‘leaders’ with yellow streaks.

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Too angry to type anything coherent.
There needs to be repercussions for this, or fascism has truly won.



Labelling Assange a “journalist” is like calling Donald Trump a “scientist”. Assange and the right wing fake news exploiting the under regualted and corrupt social media platforms on the web is NLOT journalism…it is right wing propaganda.

So called social media platforms like Facebook and cloud companies like Google must be properly seen as “media companies” and regulated as such…their true “fake news” is brainwashing people. Regulating would hold them to basic journalistic standards or they would lose the license to practice journalism is found by the courts to violate such standards.

It is also time for so called cable news networks such as Fox and MSNBC to also be treated as news media networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR and other “broadcast media”. Fox spreads Republican propaganda under the perception they are legitimate news…they are not legitimate. If regulated as a network, they would risk losing their broadcast rights for spreading lies, propaganda, and factless stories.

Yes we need a free press…but that press also must be legitimate otherwise our poorly educated public is easy prey to fake news and propaganda.



Why are you angry? His indictment is not for publishing. He’s being arrested just like anyone else would be for trying to steal stuff. The question is whether or not the facts substantiate the case.



Pretty sad day for jurisprudence. I haven’t felt this scared since Cheney/Bush legalized torture and spying on everybody. The US is in free fall–ignoring or rewriting the law with impunity for the benefit of the ruling class, and void of any moral compass–so the Brits decide to jump off the cliff of decency, too, instead of doing the right thing and ignoring Trump. How did the US threaten Ecuador and bribe the UK? How petulant a child our government has become. Let’s remember that this is nothing but retribution for revealing to the world how the US conducts itself during war time. Goodbye Geneva Conventions.



The sky grows ever darker under neoliberal fascism. They are strapping on the jackboots in the US, UK, France, Israel, Brazil, Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, etc, etc. Global fascism brought to you by the corporate elite–and they already have everybody’s information. The new economic model of networked feudalism is already in place. Where are the “Libertarians”? Where are the “Democrats”? Oh, they sold out years ago. They are just cogs in the wheel.



If you’re a Clintonite, telling the truth and electing Trump are the same thing.
What they understand , and you apparently don’t, is that you have to lie to win in a democracy.



The role of the press is to seek out the story no matter what. I guess you were against the publishing of the “pentagon papers” as well. State secrets are merely a cover for immoral acts perpetrated by the government to protect war crimminals posing as defenders of democracy.

This story is certainly defining who are the neoliberals on this site.



Big Brother will send out press passes to those that qualify.