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'Dark Moment for Press Freedom': Snowden Leads Global Chorus in Condemning Assange Arrest as Grave Assault on Journalism

Take care of yourself Miranda.

She’s a spirituality person and very much into peace. I haven’t researched her exact policy positions, but I think another voice for peace in the debate would be really good.

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Mr. Assange is confusing to me. I can’t get a handle on his selective sense of right and wrong. I think he might have fallen in love with his own celebrity. But I am glad he is out of that embassy so that doctors can see to his health. As for this being a blow to press freedom, well maybe. I’m more concerned about the murder of journalists from Mexico to the Turkish embassy, the slow death of journalism here at the hands of corporations, and the regulatory capture by the Ajit Pais of the world.

Just suggesting be more precise with your terminology especially ‘fascist’ which has become a catch-all for anything being opposed while having no particular identification anymore. It is always better to know exactly what is that you are opposing so as to better combat it. Look up ‘inverted totalitarianism’ if not familiar with the concept.

Also note that the U.S. is more likely to devolve into something more akin to feudalism that any form of modern statism. The ‘Confederacy’ had feudal elements as does much of local government where the local Sheriff’s dept. is more likely to (and be able to) interfere with your ‘life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness’ than the President in Washington.

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Okay, I’m back up. I read it. It seemed like a hit piece at first, but I really appreciated the transcript of her responding to it all. I like the way she distinguished between Islamism and Islam. I don’t see that as Islamophobic at all, in fact she said that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. But Islamism is an extremist sect, just like there are extremist sects in my Christian faith who want to replace the Constitution with Old Testament Law- like in “The Hand Maid’s Tale.” They are called Reconstructionism.

Yes. I think that did well on that.

It was weird. It was a sudden crash, need to sleep, and when I woke up and checked my blood sugar it wasn’t too high or low, so I don’t know what caused it. I’m okay now.

As soon as someone explains why Assange /Wikileaks did not publish anything against Trump or RNC your statement will be true.

Now he is as much of a journalist as Trump is a scientist , to quote KC

Sonuva-- well, I’ll be damned. You are indeed correct. I’d revise my original post if I could. Thanks for the refresher. I prefer to have my facts straight.

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An interesting part of the Pentagon Papers discussion/questions before the
Supreme Court re the question of whether or not the Washington Post had
the right to publish them …

Our free press is dedicated to the people – the governed -
NOT to those who govern.

Judging it all – is it information that the public needs to make decisions?

I’m pointing out that Assange is not being indicted for publishing classified material, but for basically facilitating theft.

Basically, anyone who discovers a crime is supposed to report it.

ALL gag rules on US employees must be overturned – ended.

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Don’t know what you mean.

This is what she means:

“Basically, anyone who discovers a crime is supposed to report it.”

If you discover a crime and don’t report it, you can be found complicit after the fact.

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Gabbard gave a decent, but not perfect answer on Assange. I want to know if she thinks whistleblowers like Manning and Snowden are patriots or criminals? If she or any other candidate thinks they are criminals I have no use for them, period. Decent answer on Venezuela, she needs to denounce our overthrow efforts more vehemently.

Wow, Chris Matthews did a very reasonable job on this interview. Here’s hoping the MSM can start treating Tulsi better like this and maybe CD will follow (an embarrassing position for us to be behind MSNBC that’s for sure).


Too much is hidden behind that label of Top Secret. The US gov’t has been committing serious war crimes and getting away with it for far too long. Our “justice” system has been in shambles for way too long. I see what you are saying about the ‘current’ charges; but, as soon as Assange is in US hands, the pile on of charges is predicted to start. I guess we will have to take a wait and see chance to see if Constitutionally guaranteed journalism will continue to exist. I think that the best person to consult on this is Daniel Ellsberg.

I am not going to waste my time trying to explain how investigative journalism works, but since you are so concerned with law you may want to brush up on the Working Party On Arbitrary Detention, which is of far greater legal standing than any BS indictment.

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I would argue it began with the 2nd world war which is when America’s “leadership” began implementing Hitlers protocols, methodology and in many instances ideology.
After the creation of the CIA, America was on the fast track to extremist fascism (see operations Gladio, Mockingbird and Paper clip).

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There is no “someone explains” necessary. Wikileaks only has what they are given. You make laughable assertions as if they had a basis in reality. As if Assange were the master of all information, deciding what to release, and what to hold onto! As if Assange had access to all Trump / RNC information, and decided to withhold it! LOL, as they say.

You are making shit up and pretending it is important. But you know, you are not alone. There is a lot of that that goes on in human minds desperate for something to grab onto. Have fun!

Attempting to “crack” a password to enable perusal of a secure network secretly is only journalism in the movies. Maybe we should pass a law permitting such behavior, maybe nobody anywhere should have passwords, but that’s a different conversation.

Well, they tried to get Trump’s tax returns from one of his sons and it didn’t work out.